The one where I complain about overly excited people!!

A few posts back I was complaining (shocker) about the overuse of exclamation points. I believe I might have scared (or scarred) a few of you thinking that you overuse them too.
You don’t.
I’m sure this post will make me sound b*tchy, but please don’t hate me. 

And I had to add them to the title too because I’m wearing my sassy pants today.

This is what I was talking about, I copied these from the Facebook:

Happy Birthday Becky!!!! The big 21!!!
I just still can’t believe my baby is 21!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!! 
You are such a beautiful young woman, 
You are kind, helpful, so very caring to everyone!! I’m so very proud to be your Mom! All your accomplishments, all your hard work, so much ahead for you!! I can’t believe you are almost a senior in College!! Love you!!!

I miss my Harley! Only gone 6 months but I think of her every day!

She may have saved our lives! 
RIP Harley!

If you had to purchase exclamation points, these peeps would be BROKE. 

There is a time and a place for everything though:

Punctuation saves lives: there’s a meaningful difference between ‘Duck’ and ‘Duck!’

But, much like the little boy who cried wolf:

“There is really only one rule when it comes to the exclamation mark: don’t use it. This is an exaggeration of course! In fact, rare usage is the point: the Chicago Manual of Style says the exclamation mark ‘should be used sparingly to be effective.’”

Did you know that September 24th is National Punctuation Day? 
Me neither, we should celebrate with a margarita though. 

That’s it for my complaints today. 

Wait, I take it back, I’m gonna complain about myself. 
Yesterday marked FOUR weeks that I started with my flu symptoms. 
The cough hasn’t left me. It slowed down a bit, but it refuses to vacate my body.
Guess how I was feeling yesterday? 
I coughed/choked most of the night. Am I having a relapse? Is it the common cold? 
Dr. Suz also wonders if it’s a sinus infection. 
Don’t even mention the C-word that I’m sick of hearing. *dusting off my shank*

I’m sure I’ll live, but I’m ready to feel healthy again. 
I mean, I’m ready to feel healthy AGAIN!!

I’m far from being an English major. More like a grammar minor? 
Nevermind, I’m over 21. 
Does it bother you when I change fonts? Or when I use italics? How about when I refer to Facebook as The Facebook? 
I used to be guilty of using too many ellipses…
Now….I’m trying to wean myself from them…
…’s difficult because they are so addicting…

Anything you feel the need to get off your chest today?  
I’m also talking to YOU way in the back who never comments; I know you have something to say. 

TGIF; choking and mothering

This video sums up motherhood accurately. 

True story, I was watching this video, took a sip of water and then proceeded to get ‘choked up’ by the sentimental-ness of it all and proceeded to REALLY choke for a good minute.
*sigh* My flu cough is hanging on for dear life.
Mind you, the Coach, nor the dogs got up to check on me.

I touched on it a while ago, that I’ve been updating and de-cluttering the girls playroom so the Coach could have a home office. It’s almost finished and I was in there yesterday removing non-sentimental items such as Lolo’s 247 books on psychology, criminal minds, ethics, crime, and criminal justice and that sort of stuff. (she has a house, she can hoard those books there)

Don’t you love it when you take a trip down memory lane and then get all tripped up on the memories?

My heartstrings were tugged just by dusting the book collection and remembering ALL the nights of reading together. I would start in one room reading to one girl, the coach in the other room reading to the other, then we would swap. Sometimes, when Grandparents or friends were visiting, they also had ‘reading’ time in the girls’ rooms.
I started reading to the girls when they were 6 months old. Every.single.night until perhaps 7th or 8th grade.
When they got older, sometimes we would read magazines, catalogs, anything really. It wasn’t so much the reading part, it was the ‘togetherness at the end of-the-day part.’

Then I remembered how many times we put together the Monarch puzzle (and others); this was way before I even thought about raising butterflies as I was busy raising humans. I wish I knew how many times it was put together and taken apart only to put back together…..eleventythousand times? 

I found a started journal (I’ve found many of these over the years) and this one, in particular, cracked me up; A page in Lolo’s Harry Potter Journal. 

24 hours and 9 minutes wearing PJs.
I sent a screenshot to our family text and she replied: “Oh, I’ve definitely beaten that by now” 

Motherhood IS such a blessing. I can’t imagine my life other than being a mother to my two amazing young women; but like I said earlier this week, I wish I had been less anal-retentive and MORE relaxed.
I suppose that is the gift you get when you become a grandparent; the ‘I don’t get upset about anything’ mode.

Happy Friday Y’all. 
We’ve no big plans aside from the Coach coaching some college softball, seeing a few college basketball games together with friends and Suz hopefully working in her garden/caterpillars/butterfly stuff and the never-ending laundry, etc.
We actually had two days of winter this week; it’s awesome to turn off the a/c for a few days.
I’ve still not turned on the heat in 2020, actually, I don’t think I put it on in 2019 because Florida.

Whatcha’ doing this fine weekend? 

Dodging a big bug bullet

This happened two weeks ago before the flu found me and before the water leak in the guest room.*sigh*

We’ve been slowly converting the kid’s old playroom to Coach’s home office. (he could have shared my huge office with me, but nevermind, we need our space)
This led me to start out on a decluttering tare; you know how the age-old fable of “If you give a mouse a cookie”….
I started cleaning out the playroom closet, which led to moving things from the big linen closet to the smaller linen closet and to items being donated. (wait, is it tare or tear?)
Which led me to move some items from the under-counter cabinets in the kitchen to the big linen closet.
And that’s when I found them.
I picked up my two nesting collectible Longaberger baskets that were handed down to me from my MIL when she downsized her home about 5 years ago.

Pic of the larger basket, now living outside while being monitored

I haven’t used the baskets in about 2 years, but they were special to me as I’d longed to be able to purchase them myself back in 2003 when my friend had a Longaberger home party. (we were poor, but we were proud )
My heart sunk when I saw the dust in the bottom of the big bowl that was coming from the bottom of the smaller bowl.
My heart sunk further when I saw the two little white bugs eating away.
My brain saw $$.
My brain remembered the new roof we put on last year
And the new a/c unit.
And the new hot water heater.
And all the new landscaping and trees.

I remembered all the work we had to do to empty our rental condo last year before it was treated for termites.
I texted my exterminator with a video of the bugs and he confirmed that they were termites.
I shuddered. My skin crawled.
He gave my number to a specialist and they called me within a few hours that night and scheduled an investigation for the next day.
My young and sweet termite specialist did a thorough look all through the house, attic and the property then deemed us to be very lucky. He said: When I saw the video of the termites, I was afraid for you because I thought your home would be infested. 
Turns out the termites were ONLY in that one basket.
Did you know that termite eggs can stay dormant for many, many years? 
You’ll never sleep again, will you?
I asked my MIL  (Hi Sue!) if they ever had termites in the old house, and the answer was no.
But, I can only assume that they had possibly the start of termites and didn’t know they were there, then the house was sold.
I’m still freaked out a bit by it all. Mostly because if I hadn’t been on a cleaning tear/tare, I might not have picked up/looked at the baskets for another few years. By then, they might have eaten the entire wood cabinet.
I loved that beautiful bug basket.