Technical difficulties ::: the story of my life

I’ve been having some issues with the blog site. All brought on by myself. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m gonna try and not beat myself up too much because I’m a lover and not a fighter.

I will continue to work on it, but we are heading out of town for a little change of scenery. Even though I LOVE my scenery, I need to look at something else aside from my yard, laundry piles and this laptop that I’ve been seeing too much of.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Don’t beat yourself up either, we have social media for that.


Things I don’t want to see or hear or have people do.

Much like the sun damage from my youth, I need to get some things off my chest.

Prepare yourself for ComplainaPalooza 2020

Airport or restaurant check-ins on Facebook. 
Some peeps JUST post the check-in as their status. 
No one cares. Literally, NO ONE CARES.

I understand posting a pic of yourself with your people at a restaurant, or the airport because you’re excited about a trip, that is acceptable. (to me, but this is my blog, so my rules). 

DO not check-in. Not one person cares.

Honestly, I could go on all day about my FB complaints, but it’s futile. I just avoid FB when peeps annoy me.  For example, when someone shares 147 pictures from their afternoon at Chic Fil A having lunch with a friend. 

Has anyone heard of sharing just the highlights? 

Phrases that have run their course: 
*Current situation
*The struggle is real
*Said no one ever

One that has bothered me since the day I was born; I think I came out of my Mother’s lady 
kitchen being bothered about this one.
When you’re on the phone and you are giving someone your phone number or 
credit card number and as you are verbalizing said numbers (if you even pause for a 
second) they say OK, but they say OK WHILE YOU’RE TRYING TO MOVE 
ONTO THE REST OF THE DIGITS and then they don’t get the correct digits 
because they are saying OK while you’re trying to give them the digits. 

And exclamation points.
I mean, exclamation points!!! 
On texts, emails or notes written on homemade vellum paper delivered via 
messenger pigeons. 
We’re swimming in the sea of exclamation points. Are we really that excited? Are we angry? 
Are we cheerleaders? 
And it’s not just Millenials; I’ve corresponded with people in their 70’s. 
Why is everyone so darn excited when I thought most of the country was depressed.
Wait, maybe that’s just all the RX commercials I see. 

Ads on blogs. 
They slow the page load to the speed of smell. 
I understand you’re trying to make a few bucks; generally, a blog with ads is not one that
I’m going to enjoy so as soon as I see ads, I’m out. 

*Drops mic and heads to the laundry pile*

I’m sure you’re thinking now, wow, that Suz seems so nice and pleasant, and today she’s full 
of crap complaints.
Well, you’re right. 
But, once I purge my complaints, it’s all good in the hood. 

I’m Susie Sunshine once again, at your service. 

C’mon. YOU know you’ve got something to get off your chest; purging is good for the soul. 

Another milestone for me and WTF Blogger?

I noticed a huge drop in comments on my blog recently and it kind of perplexed me, made me sad, and a little angry. Yeah, I get angry sometimes. 😉

I’ve been visiting and commenting on a lot of blogs and then I realized that my comments really weren’t being published, saved or read.
Blogger and Google are trying to break up and we’re in the middle of this messiness.

I didn’t even know I was using google while blogging, but apparently, most of us are.
I went back and adjusted my settings to only use my Blogger profile but was still having issues.
I’ve read and tried a thousand different ways to change my settings, but found out that it’s just NOT my settings. It’s YOUR settings too.

If your Blogger settings are set for ONLY GOOGLE comments to be added, a lot of people can’t leave a comment. I have mine set to ANYONE can leave comments. (Blogger weeds out the spam for me)

If your blog only accepts GOOGLE accounts for comments, I wasn’t able to leave a comment.
Zip, None, Nada.

I did find that adjusting my settings in Safari did help though. I had to weed through a LOT of information to find this and *crossing my fingers* it will work forever.

On my Mac Laptop, I had to go into
Safari- Preferences- Privacy, then UNCLICK Prevent Cross-Site tracking

Don’t ask me what that means, but it seems to be working at the moment. Or maybe Google decided to stay in the marriage.

As for the milestone, I had my first colonoscopy this week. I have a really funny story to tell and NO, I didn’t shart in a public place. This time.

Ta Ta for now!