Getting the band back together and getting the guest room back together

We are not freaking out here, our family isn’t freaking out and our friends aren’t freaking out.
I asked the Coach this weekend: Are we in denial? Are we the weird ones?

But, we’re not in denial that this is happening, and we aren’t losing our marbles either; I’m staying home as much as possible because I still have a cough and I really don’t want to frighten anyone.
I’ve stopped watching the news and I’m about done with the Facebook; too much bad information is worse than no information.

The silver lining is that Lolo’s classes in VA/D.C are canceled and have moved to online courses for a while. SO, she loaded up Mattis on Friday and drove 5 hours south, spent the night with her future mother-in-law and then drove the next day (over 10 hours) and made it home Saturday night.

When I say home, I mean HER home with Nathan, not our family home where she was nurtured, loved & adored, then grew up and left us. They live just over an hour north of us. Did I share that Nathan is now a detective and he’s also part of the bomb squad? Yeah, I’m not thrilled, but I am proud; he’s a good egg.

So we scheduled a family dinner at their place for Sunday night. How sweet to have her in the same state and that Linds was off work on Sunday too. We picked up Linds on the way to Lolo’s and had a great visit. Lolo made chicken pot pies; they were delish and something I’ve never made myself.
Good old comfort food. I brought a carrot cake which in conversations surrounding the upcoming wedding and Lolo learning about old-timey wedding traditions we renamed it The Fertility Cake. 
Since we all ate some, there will be more busy bee family babies soon.
I’m gonna be a Mom and a Grandma!

We finally have some men here working on the leaking/wall/mold issue in Lolo’s old bedroom. You might recall that I noticed the wall of mold just as I started my relationship with the flu 5 weeks ago.   This was the same week that Callie’s health was heading south; so it was a really good time.  {she’s actually doing fine by the way}

A nice view of my garage

Aside from the drywall and baseboards, we’ll have to replace some of the carpet (mold!) and then paint. I’m not a fan of carpet at all, and this room and Lindsay’s old room are the only ones that have carpet in them as we updated these rooms top to bottom four years ago; we were in a time crunch, and carpeting was the most timely flooring to put in. *sigh*
Now I need to find a carpet seamer guy. Hey Mr. Carpet man, come seam my carpet. 

Thankfully the guys put up a piece of temporary drywall to keep critters out. We already always have more lizards in the house than people, not hoping to have an opossum as well.

It’ll all be back to normal. One day. 

Homeownership is always full of fun surprises!
I’m really not complaining, it could always be worse. Right? 

Our upcoming event/trip to Napa has been postponed. But it’s all in the name of public safety so I’ll not complain one bit.

How’s are my people doing? Freaking out? Is everyone’s family healthy? 

The one where I visit a Doctor in a closet and I need a tongue transplant.

So, I broke down and finally went to the Dr. yesterday. I really didn’t want it to get to that point because, and I hope I’m not telling you something you don’t know, but all the sick people are at the Doctors office.

My regular Dr stopped taking our insurance, so right now I really don’t have a regular.
But I am regular in contrast to the lady I will meet up with in line at CVS.

My friend told me about the Minute Clinic. Have you heard of these? Just a little closet office inside CVS and you’re seen by a nurse practitioner. I mean, I wouldn’t go there if I fell off the roof while pressure washing and had a bone jutting out of my skin, but for my issue it was sufficient.

I was sure I had a sinus infection and of course, I was right. Sadly, they wouldn’t pay ME for the diagnosis, I still had to pay THEM. ‘Merica
Anyhoo, I’m on antibiotics, some saline spray, and Flonase. I’m certain I’ll be feeling like my normal sassy self in a hot minute.

The day before I had a bunch of errands to run starting with picking up a package at UPS, then Target.
I went into the UPS place and the lady fetched my package for me. Then I had to sign paperwork and this entire time, I needed to cough. I was holding in my cough. Kind of like holding your pee, but you know in my throat.
Finally, package in hand, papers signed and I almost made it to the door when my body wouldn’t hold in the cough one more second.


I’m not kidding when I say a lady 4 feet behind me let out a gasp so big, that I know tons of old UPS germs made a beeline for her respiratory system.
Calm down, people.

After I didn’t infect the patrons of the UPS store, I headed to Target for my typical shopping run that I do every 10-14 days. On my list were some various items and apparently a hot ticket item.
No, it wasn’t for Tickle Me Elmo.

*cue the dramatic background music*
              TOILET PAPER

Do you think they had any TP at Target? 

Nope. Nada.
Not a square to spare.

I sent a family text complaining about the toilet paper and Linds let on that she is always stocked up and she would share, but only a square.
My people.

The next day after my visit with the minute clinic Dr inside the CVS closet, I purchased a six-pack of bud toilet paper like a normal human.
There was a lady behind me that had at least 48 rolls of TP.
My tongue was bleeding from me biting it because I wanted to ask if she needed a referral to a gastro specialist or did she want me to help her find the Imodium to assist with her apparent issue,
but on this day apparently, I had self-control.
Having self-control really takes a bite out of my fun.

I’m still very confused by it all and it’s the last thing I would think of hoarding. 
Food? Sure.
Medicine? Yeah.
Wine? Absofreakinglutely.
Toilet paper? Not even on my radar.

If anyone could clarify, please let me know.

Bueller?  Bueller? 

Last night as I was almost finished with dinner (the chores!)
I said to the Coach, can I still have ice cream if I don’t finish my chicken? (I told you I’m 12)
Oh, nevermind, we don’t have any ice cream.
His response: I’ll take you out for ice cream, but you have to stay in the car so you don’t scare anyone.
My people.  

I decided I didn’t really want ice cream, although the prospect of having it delivered to the car was appealing.

I already shared two nonsensical posts this week and I was thinking that was enough, but this one’s for you, Kari.
*holds bud light up in the air*
Wait, I don’t drink beer.

Wishing everyone a healthy weekend doing something fun and by fun, I don’t mean hoarding paper products.

Bee sweet.
Bee healthy.
Bee a good human.