Many Thanks! What Are We Tearing Up Next? I’m A Lifesaver.

I had a very nice birthday weekend; thanks for all the well wishes. I started my 54th birthday morning with a cartwheel.

*She’s still got it!*

But she’s probably losing it.


Several years ago I noticed the tile on the backside of our hot tub was cracking. I mean, we all crack at some point, so why not do it where no one really notices? I had asked my pool maintenance people about it a few times but they never followed through. Finally, I decided that not only did that part need to be replaced/updated, lets do all of the spa tile and the pool waterline tile too. The pool is almost 19 years old and just like our hair styles, it needs updating. 

I called a few pool renovation companies back in February to help us update the spa and waterline tile. Turns out, we also need to redo the pebblecrete surface throughout the entire pool and spa. 

Do you call it a spa or a hot tub? I use both interchangeably. 

The pool from around 7 years ago.

Never is there a time where a project doesn’t roll into 3 or 4 more.

When you redo the pool surface, you also need to update the drains to meet the ever changing codes for safety. The cage, while it still serves its purpose (to keep the bugs and critters out) is really overkill with the amount of aluminum; you can get away with less poles and better views with 2021 engineering. The pavers? They are in good shape, but they don’t match any of the pool tile selections that we liked. The house color doesn’t match the new decking material we selected, so painting will commence in the not-so-distant future.

And if you’re updating the deck pavers, you have to remove the outdoor kitchen as it SITS on said pavers.

Th hardest thing for me to chose was the waterline/spa tile. I walked into the showroom with one criteria:

I don’t want blue tile; everyone has blue tile!

Also Suz:

I told you I was losing it.

A few friends will be taking a good portion of our pavers to reuse for projects at their homes.

The pool cage was taken down last Thursday and all the aluminum will be recycled. I love to update things, but also NOT add too much to the landfill.

Lillie: WTH Mom?

Friday morning I was walking by the glass doors and noticed something scooting across the naked pool area: A baby box turtle. Wait, did you happen to hear me squealing? HE IS SO CUTE!

It took all the strength I had to set him free in the yard. I pray he doesn’t come back onto the lanai because he isn’t a swimmer. I’ll forever worry about him.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Thelma & Louise, Plus A Possible Mob Connection

One bonus on the tearing out of floors and countertops in my craft/laundry/office is that I was able to upgrade my washer and dryer. My pair was still working (will go to Lolo and Nathan) but I was ready to move from the little undercounter 24″ wide to full sized. It was over a year ago that I did all my research and decided what machines I wanted; but of course I didn’t actually try to purchase them until a few weeks ago when I had a commitment on the floor situation.

I should have known there would be a delay on getting them, but as I sometimes do, I was living in my own little blonde bubble and didn’t think about the pandemic and how it affected every.damn.thing. I searched for my new machines all over the place, there were none available and NO dates of future availability.

I was about to restart my search and go with a different brand when I expressed to the Coach that we couldn’t get the ‘dream machines’. He said HOLD MY BEER Let me make a call, I have a guy.

And just like that I had my dream machines a week and a half later.

Is there an Appliance Mob? If so, he might be connected.

Meet Thelma & Louise. I hope they never decide to drive off a cliff. My new countertops will go over and around them. Or something like that. I’m told it will all look lovely and you don’t question the Mob.

Y’all it was all I could do to conceal my drool joy when the installers were bringing them in. If you think they look pretty, just imagine how well they work; the efficiency is mind blowing.

The cabinet painting will start sometime next week.

And at some point I’ll reveal what top I decided on for the craft table. Some of you will be happy. Some of you will be very angry at me will not. I said: What if I don’t like it? Can I exchange it for another in a year or two? He replied that he’ll save the old red one for me. Smart ass Mobster.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

In a last minute change order Coach decided to rip out all the baseboards and door trim in the back of the house to match the updated stuff up front. So last weekend he and our neighbors’ son did just that and we had someone here on Friday installing new trim.

And while we’re at it, let’s redo two closets with new doors and closet systems.


I look forward to the day when I don’t have workers in the house, however I am thankful they are here when I need them.

Anyone else in love with their appliances or having a home facelift?


We Interrupt This Blog Because Design Advice Is Needed

I know ya’ll want to be involved in my life decisions. Right?

………Y’all, I just did a ‘backing up the bus’ (thanks Ernie) and went into a long ass tirade explaining all our flooring woes, which went into discussing our addition and then full renovation. I think it’s more information than anyone wants to read. Delete.Delete.

So, this room. You can see the progress on the new tile flooring. We’re going to have the cabinets painted white. The countertops along the back and desk area are going to be a light/white quartz. I’m going to have a tile backsplash (first time for that in here!) I’m getting a full sized washer/dryer set and the walls will be painted.(color to be determined)

Here is a better pic of the craft room in it’s glory with my desk area tucked in between two large windows.

My dilemma. My craft table top. The base will stay the brown color that I painted it many moons ago. But the wood top is too red now. It’s a simple plywood top that we stained. My new choices are 1) walnut top (nice deep brown) or 2) a quartz top. It can be the same as the new countertop color or I can choose a different color.

What a nice dilemma I have, right?

The Coach has already ordered the walnut for the top because that is what I thought I wanted right off the bat, but now I’m wondering.

I’m not worried about scratching a wood top as this table IS to be used and abused, so don’t factor in upkeep. Just think aesthetics.

Inside pic of our kitchen cabinets; Coach says the walnut will be just like the inside of our cabinets; same color.

Below is a pic of the quartz (Calcutta gold, it’s white with faint tan veining) to be used on countertops and the backsplash tiles are going to be at sink/fridge area to the end of laundry area. (not to be used at desk/office area) These are the partially finished floors (not grouted yet) And remember ALL those cabinets will be painted white. Not beige. White.

Thoughts on a table top? Wood or Quartz? I welcome your opinions.