I Suppose I Could Collect Stamps; But doesn’t that Seem Too Mainstream For Me?

I might need to rename my blog because I mention teeth a lot around here; my current teeth, my kids baby teeth, my baby teeth. Busy Bee Talks Teeth. It has an odd ring to it.

A few weeks ago when Callie and I were heading to GA to meet/adopt Lillie, I dropped a box of butterfly chrysalis off to Lolo’s house; she lives an hour north of us. I couldn’t leave the chrysalis with Coach, because most days he leaves before the sun comes up and comes home after the sun goes down, and the butterflies need to be released while it’s sunny out. Lolo had a blast being a butterfly Mom. She released about 12-15 while I was away.

She had a few that didn’t quite make it, this sometimes happens. It’s nature and sometimes I loathe nature. After the first one died she asked if she should put it in her compost, bury it or throw it out.

I said, it doesn’t really matter what you do with them, but at home, I keep them in a bowl on the craft table.

Lolo: “WHAT? That might be more disturbing than saving baby teeth.”

Behold, my bowl of dead butterflies, right next to my House Hippo and our weird hand mould.

I find them all over the yard; they have such a short life span, it makes sense that I would find them here, dying in their oasis.

I asked her: What are you gonna do with your babies teeth one day? Just toss them in the trash?

Lolo, not missing a beat: Probably. OR I’ll grind them up and add them in a smoothie.

I had a good laugh at this because we still can’t get over women ingesting their own placenta after giving birth. Lordy, I hope that was just a phase. If you ate/drank your own placenta, please do not tell me, nor invite me over for dinner.

I digress. See how I can go from butterflies, to old teeth to eating body parts? It’s a problem.

After I started writing this post, I went to the my garage fridge to retrieve something to prepare for dinner. Lo and behold I found a white peacock butterfly; dead as a doornail on the floor, just waiting to join the others.

My home; Where They Come To Life and then Rest For Eternity. Dang, that sounds like an advertisement for my stories a soap opera.

Does anyone else collect things that might be umm, uh, unconventional?

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is that you do while we’re not together.


Libby~Lillie~Libby And Another Genius Idea I Didn’t Come Up With

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement regarding our adoption of Lillie. I’ve aptly nicknamed her Little Bit or Lillie Bell, and sometimes I sing that darn Libbys song, but change Libby to Lillie and she looks at me like I’m insane because I might be.

Are you old enough to remember the annoying as hell jingle?

When it says Libby’s Libbys Libby’s on the label label label

You will like it like like it on your table table table.

How come I can remember nonsense like that but can go blank trying to remember what 8 x 9 is?

Anyhoo, the point of this post is that if I could, I would deliver to each of you a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But when I say bouquet, I’d like for you to actually hear me as I pronounce it boo-ket. I’m all sorts of classy.

File this under WHY CAN’T I COME UP WITH CLEVER THINGS? Have you seen these? {Freshcut Paper, Pop-Up Flowers}

I found them in a gift shop and purchased one to send to my Uncles widow. She is stuck in her house and lonely. I just know they will cheer her up. It was 10$ and only takes only 3 stamps and you can drop it in with regular mail.

Paper flowers. *sigh* I thought it was the cutest and most clever thing I’ve seen in a while. And they’re made with recycled paper which is my favorite paper.

No water required and the flowers will never die; like my love for you and wine. I love you both. Mostly wine, but it would nice to share it with you. The wine. And a boo-ket of paper flowers.

Am I rambling? It’s hard to tell anymore.

You can order them online directly but I can only assume that Amazon has them too. Is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell? Bueller. Bueller? I thought it was super cute, but maybe I was just feeling hormonal or joyful. Again, who knows anymore.

Happy Humpday. I’m told that’s a thing.


Chilly, Boots & B**bs

We’ve had some really nice winter weather this week in Florida. 50’s at night, high 60’s during the day. ‘Tis a lovely time because we know it will soon be over and it’ll feel like our eyeballs are melting just walking to the mailbox to pick up all the junk mail. Time to dust off my cute boots and break out that cardigan that hasn’t seen the light of day in a year.

GA leaves as we only have palm fronds down here.

The Coach opened up all the doors and windows yesterday and 15 minutes later, I closed them all because I was cold.

Nothing really exciting to talk about today. Can you imagine?

But something funny that I finally noticed. Our friend Kelly took this photo of us on the front porch of our Georgia home many months ago. I made the pic my desktop screensaver many MONTHS AGO. It wasn’t until last week that I noticed I was being felt-up by the bear. Or the Coach. Or both.

Excuse me, but I had my mammogram in August thank.you.very.much.

I hope everyone is healthy and moderately happy today.