Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, And This Is Always Weird.

Thank you all for your advice and concern on my tiredness last week. I love that I have such a caring and kind group of humans on my side. I didn’t want to believe that my hair supplement Nutrafol was the culprit as I’d been taking it for a few months and the tiredness started more recently, but since I’ve been taking it at night instead of morning, I’m not dragging quite as much during the daylight hours.

Honestly, it was easier to grasp that I was dying than to think of giving up on my hair. 😩

Speaking of things happening while I’m in bed…this happened about a month ago.

I was outside laying on the ground looking at the amazing sky; it was full of clouds that were in a wispy line formation; very soft. My MIL Judy and a child were with me. Was It Lolo or Linds? I’m not sure. Soon, while looking at the clouds, we see a large dog going by, so far up and away from us but I could tell it was a dog and he had wooden wings attached to his body and he was carrying a woman and a child. We marveled at this for a few minutes. Then further away we saw an airplane and even though we didn’t say it out loud, we all hoped the airplane and the dog plane didn’t collide. 

I was laying next to someone on a bed having a discussion, was it Judy? Yes, I think it was again Judy. She remarked that her friend (who we watched through the window, getting into a work truck) had to wake up each day at 6:30 because his therapist said that if you sleep later than 6:30, you’re a bum. I said appallingly: I like to sleep until at least 7:30; what does that make me? I’m not a bum, I just like to sleep in the morning; morning is when I get my best sleep! 

Next we are inside a home having a discussion. Judy mentions that her favorite hotel is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I say: Yes, it’s like the Pacific North West; I love that place too. Judy chimes in that she’s always wanted a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch and I vow right there to get her one for her birthday in July. I was reaching for my phone to order the watch when Peanut woke me up. 


Do you remember that movie The Neverending Story? This is the dog that I saw in the sky. I’ve not watched that movie in at least 20+ years.

I had to brighten Judy’s (My MIL) morning, so I texted the dream to her.

Perhaps she’s right about the dog part. I’m still sad about losing Lillie.

I immediately looked to see if I could get Judy the watch that she asked for in my dream; alas, they don’t make a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch, which is bizarre because if I’m dreaming of them, there must be some sort of demand.


Al this to say, there’s a lot of activity happening between the hours of 11:00 p.m and 7:30 a.m and I’m not a bum.

Anyone else on Team Vivid Dreams? I have a dream journal and let me tell you, if you read it you’d think I was destined for the Loony Bin.


If You Have To Say It Out Loud, It’s Probably Not True.

When my girls were in Middle school I carpooled with a Mom who lived around the corner; her kids (twins) were one or two grades above Linds and one year below Lolo. As much as I loved their mom, the twins were a bit obnoxious. They loved to brag about the size of their home, how much it could sell for, their new clothes, new phones etc…I just can’t with braggers, even if they’ve barely hit puberty, but being the mature adult, I bit my tongue a lot.

I recall one day when picking them up from school, the daughter was scrolling her texts said to me: “You probably don’t know this, but I’m really popular.”

The words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself:

Well, if you have to say it out Loud, it’s probably not true.

Obviously, I’d had enough with her sassy ass. I could hear Lindsay in the backseat giggling at my remark, and since then, that’s been a One Liner with Linds and I.

Recently, the Coach and I attended an event/dinner/awards at our local university. In attendance, and sitting at our table was a former athlete who is only two years older than our Lolo. Anyhoo, this young lady is beautiful, smart, very sweet, appeared very accomplished and personable.

But as much as I admired her for those things, and she did seem interested in the other people around her, I also knew in the first 21 minutes of introduction that she (and her husband, who is my age) have several Chiropractic practices, a Ferrari, a large house, plenty of travel opportunities that require much luggage and her Chanel purse needs its own chair.

Woah Sister, save some stuff for later!

The Coach and I discussed it on the way home and had a good snicker. Not the candy bar, a giggle, although I could use a snicker bar because I’m not myself when I’m hungry.

Anyhoo. It made me wonder, if I had all those ‘things’ at 32, would I feel the need to boast about them? No. I would not. And today, at the ripe old age of what I am, I’m kind of the opposite. I prefer to play down the ‘stuff’ and focus on what really matters: My Stellar Personality.

Not to brag, but I’m damn popular. In this house. Most of the time. Really, mostly at dinner time, but you know.

Anyone run into a not.so.humble bragger lately? Were you as unimpressed as I?


What’s New? Peanut’s Boyfriend, Stressing About Non Life-Altering Decisions And Looking For A BOGO Discount On Spaying; Which Is A Life Altering Decision.

We had a lovely weekend on the East Coast seeing our good friends Don and Kelly. Two of our songwriter friends were at a another friends’ house, two doors down playing a party for 50 of her nearest and dearest. It was a good time for the humans, and even better for Peanut.

Peanut had a blast playing with her friend Louie. It was 24 hours of non-stop foreplay; for Peanut, not me. All the nibbling, chasing, rolling around, cuddling, etc..for our entire visit.

She was completely exhausted for the next 24 hours after we departed and since Louie is snipped, we didn’t end our weekend needing a Plan B.

I’m really not that stressed, just busy. But who else wakes up at 3am and contemplates every decision you’ve ever made and the ones you still need to make?

What is consuming me lately? Thanks for asking.

~I’ve got to make lots of decisions on the redo of our beach condo; thank you Hurricane Ian, I had it just how I wanted it aside from one thing which of course I will share with you. Floor tile, countertops, furniture. New windows? Do we want to do wood shutters again? I’ve spent about 79 hours trying to decide on the couch/chairs for the living area. Do I want the slipcovered couch with chaise or do I want the upholstered couch with the return bumper?

Do you also wonder these things? I sure hope so.

I’m fretting over the couch situation because as pretty as the last couch was, it wasn’t comfortable and I complained about it at least 79 times in the four years we had it. I found it to be stiff and shallow; don’t we all know someone one like that? The funny thing is, we’ve had lots of guests there as well as renters and not one other person complained about the couch. Goldilocks who?

RIP stiff, shallow couch and lovely deep, comfy swivel chairs.

We will do most of the condo exactly as it was, but a few things we’re going to change up, you know, so I can stress about new choices.

I know it’s only 1400 square feet, but it’s consuming me.

Please, Baby Jesus do not let us have another hurricane with storm surge until I’m in heaven eating rocky road ice cream on the daily!

~I scheduled Peanut for her hysterectomy, but now I think I have to adjust it because Louie is coming over for another playdate and there’s no ‘keeping her calm’ when her man is in town.

~Also, and maybe the biggest thing, I need to schedule a hysterectomy for myself. *sigh* I’ve known I needed to to this since November, but I’ve been putting it off. I know I’ll be ok, but I’m still avoiding the necessary. I’ve not written about it because I know some people are freaked out by ‘health talk’ and I don’t want to be the one to freak someone out. Well, today anyway. But, the mechanical parts of my lady kitchen no longer serve me and they’re causing slight issues now, and hopefully by removing them, I won’t have bigger issues later. (My Mom had a hysterectomy at 40, was left with one ovary; which became cancerous and took her from us.)

**Edited to add-I am post-menopausal, so my hormones have already left the building.

So, how did you enjoy my rant that started with Dogs making out, moving onto couch talk and ending with my upcoming major surgery? Can you imagine how things ‘swing’ inside my head if this is only a blog post.

Have any of my friends had her interior Lady Parts removed and can share any good advice. I mean, aside from avoiding it altogether? (Mark, don’t worry about answering 😜)


I’d Like To Get My Day Back, Apparently My Love Is Worth Fighting For and Synchronized What?

I had such high hopes for Saturday.

Our Christmas Tree is supposed to reside where the three Sansevierias live.

Ahhhh, the weekend, time get all our shit in order!

Our first assignment was figuring out what replacement appliances we wanted for our hurricane ravaged Condo and get them ordered. My biggest dilemma was replacing the washing machine; the dryer survived because it’s a stackable unit, but I considered upgrading from GE (wasn’t overly enthused with it) to an Electrolux set. (I LOVE my Electrolux washer that we have at the big house) After much research, I still couldn’t make up my mind and ended up just getting the same model that we had. Meanwhile, as I was entrenched in the rabbit hole for ONE item, the Coach found and ordered the dishwasher, microwave drawer, range, fridge and fridge drawers for the bar area. He’s obviously impervious to rabbit holes.

We intended to bring ALL the Christmas stuff from the big garage into the house, then we’d plant some ixoras I had bought earlier in the week, spread 10 bails of pine straw and 50 bags of mulch, all before 4:15 because we had VIP tickets to a concert. (38 Special, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley)

I woke up ready to tackle the world, and sadly all I tackled was conceding to the same washing machine because by 11:00 a.m I was back in bed with a headache, sinus pain and achey bones. I laid around the rest of the day unhappy and fretting about bed sores.

An entire day wasted!

Fortunately, I was feeling much better on Sunday and all the Saturday things happened, aside from the concert because musicians are selfish.


We’ve hit a milestone here at Casa De La Busy Bee.

But first: Bitches be tripping.

The dogs are mostly getting along, but we do have a ‘possessive problem’ with Peanut; meaning she is possessive of Coach and I when it comes to Lillie.

This is how it happens: I or the Coach are on the couch (or bed) sitting with Peanut, Lillie approaches to get on the couch (or bed) and Peanut loses her shit and attacks. Lillie attacks back. If Lillie is the first dog on the couch or bed and Peanut joins us, it’s all hunky dory, so it’s apparent who the problem child is.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more frightening than two crazed dogs baring teeth, barking, snaring and ready to kill each other over your love. Well, I guess two Large Crazed dogs might be worse.

*Before I finished writing this, I was putting the tree skirt under the tree, Peanut was investigating my every move, Lillie approached and chaos ensued.

Here is Lillie letting everyone know she is A Gift and Peanut is in timeout.

Anyhoo, back to the Milestone

Much like women who live together for any amount of time, you start to have synced cycles. (either that or we’re just bitchy at all the the same time)

There is also a phenomenon known as Synchronized Pooping. I might be the only person who knows about this until now, but I’m declaring it a thing right here, so it’s now official.

I used to marvel at this Magic Trick with Cocoa and Ozzie, then Cocoa and Callie, then Callie and Lillie and on Monday morning, I witnessed Lillie and Peanut pooping in unison; it’s like they were putting on a well practiced ballet for me.

Are you gonna break up with me because I didn’t document this magical event with a photo or video?

Have you had anyone (humans or pets) fight over your attention?

What about Simultaneous Pooping. Have I opened your eyes to something new & magical?


Your friend Suz, who might be injured at the hands paws of those who adore her, so I’m wishing you a magical Christmas now while I still have all my digits.