Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, And This Is Always Weird.

Thank you all for your advice and concern on my tiredness last week. I love that I have such a caring and kind group of humans on my side. I didn’t want to believe that my hair supplement Nutrafol was the culprit as I’d been taking it for a few months and the tiredness started more recently, but since I’ve been taking it at night instead of morning, I’m not dragging quite as much during the daylight hours.

Honestly, it was easier to grasp that I was dying than to think of giving up on my hair. 😩

Speaking of things happening while I’m in bed…this happened about a month ago.

I was outside laying on the ground looking at the amazing sky; it was full of clouds that were in a wispy line formation; very soft. My MIL Judy and a child were with me. Was It Lolo or Linds? I’m not sure. Soon, while looking at the clouds, we see a large dog going by, so far up and away from us but I could tell it was a dog and he had wooden wings attached to his body and he was carrying a woman and a child. We marveled at this for a few minutes. Then further away we saw an airplane and even though we didn’t say it out loud, we all hoped the airplane and the dog plane didn’t collide. 

I was laying next to someone on a bed having a discussion, was it Judy? Yes, I think it was again Judy. She remarked that her friend (who we watched through the window, getting into a work truck) had to wake up each day at 6:30 because his therapist said that if you sleep later than 6:30, you’re a bum. I said appallingly: I like to sleep until at least 7:30; what does that make me? I’m not a bum, I just like to sleep in the morning; morning is when I get my best sleep! 

Next we are inside a home having a discussion. Judy mentions that her favorite hotel is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I say: Yes, it’s like the Pacific North West; I love that place too. Judy chimes in that she’s always wanted a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch and I vow right there to get her one for her birthday in July. I was reaching for my phone to order the watch when Peanut woke me up. 


Do you remember that movie The Neverending Story? This is the dog that I saw in the sky. I’ve not watched that movie in at least 20+ years.

I had to brighten Judy’s (My MIL) morning, so I texted the dream to her.

Perhaps she’s right about the dog part. I’m still sad about losing Lillie.

I immediately looked to see if I could get Judy the watch that she asked for in my dream; alas, they don’t make a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch, which is bizarre because if I’m dreaming of them, there must be some sort of demand.


Al this to say, there’s a lot of activity happening between the hours of 11:00 p.m and 7:30 a.m and I’m not a bum.

Anyone else on Team Vivid Dreams? I have a dream journal and let me tell you, if you read it you’d think I was destined for the Loony Bin.


I’m Back, But That Doesn’t Always Mean I Know Where I Am And Building My Case For The Future.

We departed our home once again; this time to Georgia for nine days. NINE. Can you even keep up with me? Do you even want to? I’m finding it difficult. In between our trip to Charleston and Georgia, we spent a long weekend at our rental condo since it was now empty.

I swear, I wake up in the middle of the night and a lot of the time, I’m perplexed by my surroundings. Am I at a hotel? Home? Where the Eff am I?

Anyhoo, whenever we go away, I think to myself: I’ll be able to post here and there. I’ll be able to keep up with some of you.

Lies. All lies. Some of you have a lot to say it’s hard to keep up. You know who you are.

We are home again and now I’ll spend the next 47 days trying to catch up.

It’s getting wet in here

Just before we left, on a rainy Sunday we experienced something new in our kitchen. It was a full fledged Water Feature via our stove exhaust. I’m not talking about drips, it was a waterfall.

I just shook my head as I’ve kind of had it up to-HERE- with this house and the maintenance. (We had a complete new roof in 2019)

This was after a bit of drying/cleaning up.

The roofers wouldn’t be able to get to us until Wednesday; on Monday I noticed this approaching from the east and feared the worst.


All is well after a temporary patch job but this just adds to the Case I’m Building in regards to downsizing. There’s been a few discussions on who is moving and it doesn’t appear to be the both of us.



Lolo and Linds, don’t call me, I promise we’re NOT splitting.

But if we did, who would you want to live with?

Oh, wait, you don’t even live here. But I know you would choose ME because I’m the fun one!

Did I miss anything big? Like, were you lucky enough to install a waterfall into the middle of your kitchen?


I’ve Got Feelings Yes I Do, I’ve Got Feelings All.Over.The.Place.

While I was in GA I had some melancholy moments. My mood was occasionally dreary, my tears were plentiful and right at the surface, just waiting for one.little.thing to open the flood gates.

Why? It’s not exactly one thing, more of a combination. I feel the weight of my friends who are struggling; I feel helpless. Some instances (memories) of my childhood were brought to my attention recently by someone who knew me when I was a little bit of a thing and they took me down a deep hole of WTH? My Aunt and I had a clarification of an incident that happened when I was 15 that took us both by surprise. Also my whoremoans hormones might be showing off. Luckily my Aunt Trisha isn’t phased by my crying and can often join in with me. Then we have a good laugh, especially when it comes to my upbringing and how I persevered. She was also a witness to some of it, although not there consistently enough because of living distances.

I did take the time to write a slew of things down, thinking I might share at one point. Getting it down on paper laptop did feel cathartic.

Onward and upward, you’ve got a lot going on Suz!

A few cute things to share with you, some are mine, some are from the Internet Gods.

This might have been my Aunt Trishas face at one point.

To be clear and NOT make anyone worry, not of my concern is of my daughters or my main squeeze. We good.

Even my Fed Ex guy felt like I was checked out. He’s more intuitive than I thought.

One of these things is not like the other.

These two always brighten my day. Can you also appreciate a being who doesn’t care if they fit in or not, they’re still there for the party?

Here they are on our 10 hour drive home.

Thank the Good Lord I didn’t see any bodies flying out of vehicles this time.

If you really want to know what makes me chuckle? It’s stuff like this:

I still laugh even after reading it 15 29 times.

I can hardly get enough of the Happy Guy Happy Dog videos. If you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out on free JOY.

I watch them over and over. At first, I was thinking:

This song is SO annoying.

After watching 10 videos:

This song is so catchy!

When the dogs and I arrived home we were greeted with a home upgrade. We now have beach front property! The pool/lanai update has begun.

Lillie is wondering where all the lizards are that she loves to chase.

Mum. wher da yumi fast tings?

This Too Shall Pass.

My mood is lightening and the sun will shine again. Probably directly into my eyes, but you know.


Your friend Suz who occasionally isn’t that damn chipper.