If You Have To Say It Out Loud, It’s Probably Not True.

When my girls were in Middle school I carpooled with a Mom who lived around the corner; her kids (twins) were one or two grades above Linds and one year below Lolo. As much as I loved their mom, the twins were a bit obnoxious. They loved to brag about the size of their home, how much it could sell for, their new clothes, new phones etc…I just can’t with braggers, even if they’ve barely hit puberty, but being the mature adult, I bit my tongue a lot.

I recall one day when picking them up from school, the daughter was scrolling her texts said to me: “You probably don’t know this, but I’m really popular.”

The words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself:

Well, if you have to say it out Loud, it’s probably not true.

Obviously, I’d had enough with her sassy ass. I could hear Lindsay in the backseat giggling at my remark, and since then, that’s been a One Liner with Linds and I.

Recently, the Coach and I attended an event/dinner/awards at our local university. In attendance, and sitting at our table was a former athlete who is only two years older than our Lolo. Anyhoo, this young lady is beautiful, smart, very sweet, appeared very accomplished and personable.

But as much as I admired her for those things, and she did seem interested in the other people around her, I also knew in the first 21 minutes of introduction that she (and her husband, who is my age) have several Chiropractic practices, a Ferrari, a large house, plenty of travel opportunities that require much luggage and her Chanel purse needs its own chair.

Woah Sister, save some stuff for later!

The Coach and I discussed it on the way home and had a good snicker. Not the candy bar, a giggle, although I could use a snicker bar because I’m not myself when I’m hungry.

Anyhoo. It made me wonder, if I had all those ‘things’ at 32, would I feel the need to boast about them? No. I would not. And today, at the ripe old age of what I am, I’m kind of the opposite. I prefer to play down the ‘stuff’ and focus on what really matters: My Stellar Personality.

Not to brag, but I’m damn popular. In this house. Most of the time. Really, mostly at dinner time, but you know.

Anyone run into a not.so.humble bragger lately? Were you as unimpressed as I?


Denver, Live Aid, Retro Christmas

I finally started listening to Christmas music this week even though I’ve not put up our tree. It’s a two man job getting the Christmas Paraphernalia out of the garage storage and my man has been so *extra busy; maybe this weekend it will happen. I’ve thought about NOT putting it up and when everyone arrives on Christmas Eve, just have them do it. How’s that for a gift?

*I don’t think that I’ve shared that Coach is not only re-doing our condo from Hurricane Ian, he’s taken on NINE units in our small condo complex. NINE units from top to bottom! Yes, he’s insane and I told him so. Turns out working with FEMA is actually worse than dealing with the County with permits/inspectors.

Anyhoo, the song Do They Know It’s Christmas came on and it reminded me of a story I’d heard recently. I listen to the podcast MObituaries with Mo Rocca (have you listened? It’s a great podcast) and he did an episode on John Denver. I’ve always loved John’s music and it was so interesting to me to learn how he was once very controversial to some people, (unwarranted, by the way- Rocky Mountain High was NOT about weed!) and how he was doing humanitarian work before it was fashionable to do so. He was feeding the hungry, but, he was snubbed from the BandAid movement and it hurt him terribly. See, even grown men have their feelings hurt…not just me.

I remember watching the Live Aid Concert; not only because it was a great cause and great song, but because ALL MY BOYFRIENDS WERE THERE TOGETHER!

Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Bono, Sting, George Michael (don’t act like you didn’t have a gay boyfriend!) Adam Ant and David Bowie.

This was just a month before I met The Coach, so I would’ve given all my meals to feed the hungry if it meant I could be there in person. I mean, if they didn’t see me in person, how could all of them propose to me? Wait, what am I talking about?! At the time my daily food requirements consisted of toast dipped in coffee for breakfast, a snickers bar and diet coke for lunch and probably a pop tart for dinner. That’s not a humanitarian effort.

Speaking of Christmas songs, I think I shared this last year. Or the year prior? This is my favorite Christmas song; I adore Kacey Musgraves; her voice is angelic.

And just for shits and giggles, a few vintage Christmas photos of Mark and Suz; remember, he’s the cute one. (that was a great Christmas post!)

Have you finished decorating? Do you remember Live Aid?

Did you also want to marry one of my boyfriends? If so, we would be Sister Wives today.