I’m all about that Dog, that Dog.

I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere….if anyone even noticed. 
An update of sorts. 
We’re up to our eyeballs in dog care. Ozzie is still hanging in there….but he’s become extremely needy. As in, we are up at all hours of the night with the eating and the bathrooming. He’s on several medications that both make him hungry and thirsty…which means more bathrooming. 
I can’t remember if I wrote that he has both an enlarged heart and two large tumors/masses in his brain; his time is limited. 
 The Coach and I leave notes on who has done what at what time. 
We’ve added green beans and broccoli to his food and snacks; very filling without too many calories. Turns out both dogs love their greens…as do the cats! Who knew?
We are both very thankful that I’m not committed outside the house most days…that would not work for Ozzie’s situation. Right now, I’m not able to leave the house for more than 2 hours at a time.
Needless to say, getting up at all hours of the night does not make for pleasant Suz. 
 I’m certainly not looking for sympathy here, nor do I want to make anyone sad….this is what you do when you’ve made a commitment to an animal. 
I am So thankful that we have the resources to take good care of him and I’m also thankful it’s not my child who is sick; that would be much worse. Also, if I made my child pee and poop in the yard, well then my neighbors would most likely complain. 
 The Coach and I spent a (much needed) long weekend in Vegas and the girls had to be on dog duty. 
Trying to make sure someone was here at all times was hard with both of their work/school schedules. 
The Coach made a spreadsheet to cover all bases; one day I had my house/pet sitter come by for four hours when the girls were not available.
It takes a village!
I hope all of you are doing well and are getting lots of uninterrupted sleep!!!

I had a dream.

Do you remember your dreams?
Mine have always been bizarre; if you can believe that.
A few years ago {2007} I decided to start writing down my dreams in the morning before I forgot them.
I was pretty consistent on keeping this journal. Well if you call journaling them for ‘several days a week for almost one entire month’ consistent.
Yesterday, I pulled that baby out and added a dream from Saturday night.
Then I went back and re-read some of my old dreams. Then I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more.
I shared them with the family.

The Coach said to the girls: “When you have children one day, don’t share that journal with your kids…they will think your Mother is insane.”
The Coach also mentioned something about using this journal for court documentation one day….whatever.
I did find that a lot of my dreams were about messiness; people being messy and me not being able to control their messes. Or clutter. Or me misplacing items, like clothes and cars. Or me being late. And not ready. I hate to be late and not ready. And of course, the reptiles; snakes, giant lizards, dolphins who turn into sharks etc. And every few days I have the ‘hairy legs’ dream; where the hair on my legs is so long….it’s embarrassing.
And of course, there is the ‘locker dream’.
YOU have that one too right? You are at school and you can’t remember your locker combo? And then you realize you aren’t wearing pants.
It’s hard to be me.
Please share. Must I wallow alone here in my weird dream world?