A Visit To The Confessional

I am dipping my toes into dark waters, getting my feet wet in the pool of my memories. And just so you know, it ain’t always pretty. Please don’t worry about me though, I have on my floaties.

(yes, I know ain’t ain’t a word, but I like it anyway)

Click HERE to read my thoughts at The Women’s Colony, in the ‘Confessional.’

By the way, if you have never visited The Women’s Colony, you are missing out on some good stuff. The ‘cabana’ area in particular cracks me up.

It’s all about the moolah.

I drove past the dollar store the other day and saw a sign in the window that caught my eye. It said:

No $100 bills accepted.

Of course, this made me wonder: “what if I went in there and bought 100 items, would they NOT accept my 100 dollar bill?”

I was tempted to go get a 100 dollar bill and try this out, but really, I am not much of a fan of the dollar store.

Sure, I have shopped there before. My kids love it. My Mom and Aunt love it, but it leaves me always thinking the same thing when I am in there: “I bet I could purchase some of this stuff elsewhere for 99 cents, maybe even 98 cents….”

I loathe getting ripped off, don’t you?