4 X 4 Meme

I was tagged for this by Big Hair Envy .

This is one of the easiest tags to do….I really like easy stuff.

Here are the rules:
1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

this is a funny one…because of course there is a story with it.
This is the summer of 2007. Our first summer we vacationed at Bear Lake Reserve in N.C.
Coach, myself and our 2 girls and the girls each brought a friend w/ them.

Because we are like, totally the coolest parents evah….

We decided to canoe one day at the lake. Our big idea: Canoe out to the “rock Island.”
Sure, it does not look that far. But of course objects in mirror are further away than they.…oh, that is something different. Sorry.

Coach, he ended up w/ the 2 athletes in his canoe. plus, he is a man. A man w/ muscles.
I have Lindsay (dancer) and her friend in the canoe. And me. Lacking muscles.
It took us 3x longer to make it to the rock island…mostly because we took the zig zag scenic route. I was so exhausted and frustrated by the time we got to the rock. I remember just hitting the side of the rock w/ our canoe, getting out and handing coach my paddles and I let him pull the canoe up to the top of the island.

It ended up being a great time, just a fun day for the kids. We found a rope swing on the other side of the island too…..But I will never forget the zig zagging across that lake….
This was, of course before we learned that there were lots of water snakes too. that would have made my anxiety level just a tad higher..

I always have a hard time choosing who to tag….
I will pick the last 4 peeps who commented on my last post:

The engine of the family

Clippy Mat


Rusin Roundup

7 unusual things about moi.

I ducked, I hid, yet I was still tagged “IT” by my wonderful “real” friend Happy Wife Happy Life . I suppose I am getting slower and slower these days….

7 Unusual tidbits about me:

  1. I am truly angry that Styrofoam is still being produced. I get very upset when I see people throwing it out, knowing myself that if will be on the planet forever. You know how the PETA people throw red dye on real fur coats…I am trying to come up with a clever way to stop the use of Styrofoam. I don’t really think this is unusual though….
  2. If I had the means, I would seriously love to redecorate my house every year. From furniture to flooring. Obviously, that can’t be done. So I just move stuff around from time to time. It keeps the family on their toes….Well, maybe I would leave our bedroom alone…I finally love it.
  3. I already worry about my girls going away to college without me. They are 15 and 12. Probably not unusual either….
  4. I can’t stand it when people say: “Me and So and So.” My Dad always corrected us and I always feel the urge to do it also and say: “no, it is: So and So and I”. I realize both are used, but it still bugs me.
  5. I am seriously considering NOT having a Christmas party this year because I can’t stand my hairstyle. I know that sounds really trivial and vain, but really it stresses me out.
  6. I could eat thanksgiving dinner at least 2x a week and never tire of it.
  7. I have lived in Florida for most of my life and just this past weekend ate gator tail for the first time. I was surprised that it tastes just like chicken. The hardest part was wrestling him to get his tail.

    Fried Gator and lobster dip? On the same table…… it seems very unnatural.

I am not going to tag anyone in particular…we are all so busy these days.

Did anyone besides me realize that today is DECEMBER 1st???

Feel free to tag yourself and share some tidbits. 😉


I am a borrower today. I borrowed this idea from Jen at Unglazed. She borrowed it from someone, who most likely borrowed it from someone else….I thought it was cute.

5 Things you will never hear me say:

*No to a glass of wine.

*I think I’ll get up really early and exercise.

*I don’t like mexican food.

*I can’t be bothered with recycling.

*I love to cook.

And I borrowed this from Big Hair Envy . I have seen this idea around, but did not partake until I saw her do it first. I am like that, scared, but I will follow my peers…..and yes, this did get me into trouble back in the day.

The instructions are:

Post the fourth picture in your fourth folder.

I was a bit scared as to what I would end up with, but hey, not so bad. At least I was not in the picture.

July 4th 2004. A family reunion in South Carolina. My nefew, my BIL and Coach. They took a break from playing a game of HORSE to pose. Coach was not even coy with trying to hide the fact that HE was actually the first man to become pregnant.

We don’t know who the baby mama is .

Feel free to do your own!!