Instead of feeling stabby, I’m trying to be happy

I had an entire post written, ready to share but after reading it over, it was sounding pretty down. Sad. Disgruntled. Blah. So, I scrapped it and decided to only share things that make me laugh, smile or happy in some minuscule way.

Chin up, buttercup


I’m still receiving flowers from The Bougs every two weeks; this was a birthday gift from the Coach. The yellow roses arrived on Tuesday of this week; they’re glorious and there were so many that I divided them up into three vases around the house. Coach’s Mom stayed here last weekend while we were away and she purchased some tulips; seeing them in my Mom’s milk glass vase is a treat.

To quote my Grandma: “All these flowers, did someone die?”

The letterboard

A while ago one of my favorite bloggers (Kari!) shared some really cute letter- board ideas and I knew that I needed one asap.

Just a little kitchen counter inspiration from my Teal kitchen pig.

ALL the butterflies

A friend asked me a few months ago how many butterflies I raise and release; I hadn’t a clue, but I started an excel sheet on April 19th. Since then I’ve released 142.

142! I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that I release that many, so I’m glad I started counting.

If you do the math, which is exhausting because I just did it, that adds up to over 900 butterflies in a year.

Feeling overly proud of myself now; is there a Gold Medal for butterfly-ing?

Ok, I’m gonna stop here while I’m still on top; Should I wait by the mailbox for my Medal?

Anyone have something good from this week you’d like to share?

New underwear? A pay raise? You put on pants without falling down?

Bee well my friends. XOXO

TGIF; The one where everyone is being safe.

Happy Friday!
Oh, wait, every day is essentially Friday. 
I meant to blog earlier this week, but I was too busy. 
I’ve been to the mall, the beach, the nail salon, the hair salon, I spent an afternoon at the casino, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker and then I went to a rave one night; it was a blast. 
You know better. My azz has been at the only safe place on the planet. 
My in-laws live in Lake Okeechobee (they just got their very first case of the virus yesterday) and my funny MIL sent this pic to us of her manatee mailbox. 
She sewed a face mask for it and stated that she was ‘prepared’. How stinking cute? 
My in-laws have manatees in the backyard (canal) and a manatee mailbox in the front yard; I love it as it’s very fitting for this little town. 
The Coach and I have been eating very well. I made a big pot of collard greens this week along with pork tenderloin medallions. I always feel fancy when I cook medallions; much better than saying I prepared nuggets.  I should have taken a pic before we devoured our dinner. 
If only we had smell-o-vision in the ole blogosphere; but then, y’all would banging on my door and I’d have to ignore you because social distancing. 

I also made a meat sauce in my instant pot and we had it over ravioli. The coach thought he might have died and gone to heaven. It was that good.
Tonight (Thursday) we’re having steak, sweet peppers and portobello mushrooms on the grill.

We won’t starve.
We also won’t lose any weight.
We also won’t complain about anything because we’re fortunate.

The girls and I have been staying in touch and we have even done three-way face time a few times; I didn’t even know you could do that!

Who wore it best? Real-life or our avatar emojis? Just kidding. Real-life is always better.

So far everyone is faring well.
Our business is ‘essential’ so that’s still happening.

I don’t think I’ll ever become bored.
There are some things I’d like to go and do, but everything can wait.

I am a bit bummed about not being with our people for Easter.
Can we? If we are a party of five?
Hey, that should be the name of a tv show.

How are you? It’s been all about me on this post and I didn’t ask about you.
Weekend plans?
Are you getting out and soaking up some Vitamin D each day? 

What do you think your Easter will look like? 

Big virtual hugs to all of you reading this.