This, That and The Other Thing….

About our Boxer Adoption….geesh….I am beginning to wonder if the powers that be really want them to be rescued.

Our first application did not go through. I did not realize this until I contacted them 9 days later.

So I resent it in and recieved notice that they DID in fact get it and that I would be contacted in a day or two. That was Friday of last week.

Still NO word. I keep checking on the website to make sure the boy I have my heart set on is available. I know, I should not get attached to one in particular, but that is how I roll.

I have this deep feeling that once they do come check us out…our family, our house, that they are going to try to convince me to take more than one.

The best invention ever (besides the internet and ready to bake cookies) is the Grade Book website that links me to my girls class grades.

I can check them daily to see if they are turning in their work and what kind of grades they are pulling in. We don’t have to wait for report cards anymore….Also the teachers each have a site that shows what homework is due. Just crazy.

Oh, if they had this when I was in school????? My Dad would have nailed me to a desk….

I am completly annoyed by people who don’t bring their own bags to the grocery store. Really, this gets under my skin. I am not a mean person, but when I see someone coming out with like a hundred plastic bags I make a really mean face at them.

well, maybe I don’t make ugly faces outwardly, that would be mean.

I make a really mean face on the inside.