Forget Pumpkin Spice, It’s Apple every.damn.thing & Earning Fall Fun{ds}

We spent a few days up in Nawth JaJaa and it was awesome; you should have been there. Cool and crisp air, nothing like the wet, drippy, hot air we have in SW Florida. Nothing. We had highs of 65-72 and I’m home now an it’s 95*. Not having boob sweat is one of my favorite pastimes.

My sidekick Kelly and I drove up and Coach and her husband Don flew up a day later because we decided we don’t want boys in the car. GIRLS CAR!! GIRLS CAR!! Just kidding. The guys had commitments and Kelly and I are committed to ditching all commitments for the rest of adulthood.

I wish.

It’s a 9 1/2 hour drive and for the most part, it’s a lovely drive. Ya’ll know about Atlanta though, right? Is it ever fun driving through there? But other than ATL, it’s easy. I do most of the driving when it’s the two of us. Did you remember that I did ALL the driving on our two week tour of ‘wrong side of the road, wrong side of the car’ New Zealand? Why do I insist on doing all the driving you ask? Because I’m the self proclaimed best driver in the world. Also, I might be a bit of a control freak. Kelly stated that I have really good driving stamina, which brought me to the realization that my driving stamina is much better than all of my other staminas.

~~Apple picking season might be my newest favorite season~~

Through a few small towns we found many, many apple orchard houses. I thought it sounded weird too: Apple Houses. The orchard uses the houses to sell all of their apple wares. ware or wares? Apple ware? Whatevs. They carried everything apple; little fried pies, apple slushies. tart apples. sweet apples, apple bread. apple cake. apple cider. apple butter, apple bottom jeans. boots with the fur. *excuse me while I get low, low, low, low, low*

I honestly didn’t even know there were apples growing in the mountains of GA or that this was their prime season; in the words of Gomer Pyle SURPISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Did you know there was such a thing as FRIED PIES? You probably did because I’m usually the last to know about such tasty things. We had a fried pie picnic right there in the parking lot; not greasy or yucky, but really really yummy. Surely eating fried pies while standing depletes some of the calories, no?

Don and Kelly had a Greenacres moment and thought about ditching their lovely East Coast home for the mountains, but then they realized their best friends have a mountain house, so why bother?

After our apple shenanigans we stopped at a sunflower farm. My husband, ever the entrepreneur was so amazed at this and could not stop talking about it. Suzanne, can you believe this? OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Was he obsessed over the field of sunflowers as far as the (old) eyes could see?

Was he mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the bumble bees who were attracted to the sunflowers? Was he bewildered by the beautiful sky shining down upon us on this perfectly picturesque day?

No. He was astonished that someone thought to grow a boat load of sunflowers in an open field and charge humans who merely wanted to walk in and look at them $5 a piece. Suzanne, do you realize how genius this is? They are making a killing!

Do I see a sunflower farm in my future? Possibly. Think of all the posi-BEE-lities.

Kelly and I could have spent a lot of time walking through here enjoying the beauty, but we both had full bladders and are NOT fans of using a public port-o-let. So this ended up being a ‘Griswold seeing the Grand Canyon’ kind of viewing. A few pictures and then back in the car we went.

I thought for sure I would have lots of time to read and write blogs while in GA, but we were busy all.the.time. We only explored one day and the rest of the time we were setting up the homestead. We’re making lots of progress though and I will share some pictures very, very soon. You’re gonna DIE when you see my dining room table. But, please don’t; good design is not worth dying over. Also, I have to share with you some weird choices the previous owners (who built the house) made. I’ll never fully understand the human psyche.

I’ll be catching up with all of you soon after I get caught up with my actual responsibilities. And you thought this was ALL I had to do. Also, I’m still working up my nerve to move my blog back to this week. My stomach drops every time I think about it, so I’m making some prayer requests to the internet-techie Gods.


The big news and it doesn’t smell like teen spirit in here at all.

The big news I’ve been wanting to share. And also, It’s ma birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s ma birthday.

Kidding. We don’t roll like that anymore. But, it IS my birthday.

THE NEWS: Did you guess that one of my girls was knocked up with-child? As much as I want a grandkid, I want it to be in a more traditional manner; call me crazy.

Did you think that we might have sold our business, home and fled to Costa Rica? That has been thought of; not too many riots there.

How about we sold our home, business, purchased a Winnebago and drove around the country Cousin Eddie style?

Merry Christmas, the shitters full.

As much as I would love to repeat that phrase to some unwilling family member as we park in their driveway, that is not exactly our style. yet.

Do you remember before the pandemic that the Coach and I loved traveling? Travel bugs. No moss was to grow under our feet. He’s such a smart cookie, he has our factory running so well with excellent management and some automation, he doesn’t have to be ‘hands-on” as he was the first 20 years, and all his hard work has paid off. That phrase really DOES have some meaning. Mind you, some little lady was keeping the home fires burning….you know, Ma Ingalls style. THAT’S ME, THAT’S ME!

Is the Coach Pa Ingalls ready for retirement? Not.quite.yet.

Once we realized we won’t be traveling as we had in the past, we decided to find a destination home that is OURS and we can get there easily, flee the heat of the summer and also connect with friends & family on holidays. Growing up in Florida, we’ve always known and dealt with the snow-birds; those northerners that flee the winters and crowd our streets/beaches in the winter, now we are going to be them. Kind of. Maybe.

{{I’ve tried 47 times since this morning to add in a few photos from the past week. Not.happening. I’m livid. But I’m still posting}}

{{After almost ripping out my fourteen hairs, I can get some pics loaded, but they are huge. Please don’t count my varicose veins…}}

As a little girl running around the trailer park, cousin Eddie style, I NEVER dreamed that this would be possible. We closed on the house last week and hitched our trailer to our truck and moved some items up there. See, I’m still having trailer moments. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, blah blah blah…

The house is lovely. There are some things that we want to change, but it’s really lovely. The best part? Well, there are TWO best parts.

Let’s go over the best BEST part first. My Aunt and Uncle, AT and UJ, live just over an hour away. But, but, wait, there’s MORE. They want to purchase a home IN THIS same HOOD. I know. It’s beyond wonderful. I lived with them for a few months when I was 12, and we lived in the same town when I was 12-15, but since then, we’ve lived in different states. I adore them so much, can you imagine how happy I will be if they are in the same hood? SO FREAKING HAPPY. I have limited family, and they are my best people…so having them close is beyond wonderful.

The other best part? The neighbors. We were there for 6 days, moving stuff in, getting set up, getting a feel for the place and so many people dropped by to say hello. To welcome us. I’ve never had that before. Georgia. Jawwwjaaaaa. I’m turning into a peach as we speak…



The back of our home faces East, so we are blessed with the most spectacular sunrises. Usually, I am against a sunrise because I’m a night owl, but I accidentally caught a few sunrises. Beautiful. Literally, worth waking up. 

I apologize for missing out on anyone’s blogs over the past few weeks. I was scurrying trying to furnish a house. WHO DOES THAT? Me? The trailer park girl, that’s who. We arrived back home on Tuesday night and Callie had me up FOUR times that night…so off to the vet we went in the morning.

I’m beat. But in that happy/beat feeling.

A visit to the real world.

And no, I’m not referring to that life changing reality show I used to watch instead of reading and gaining knowledge.

The Coach and I had a getaway this past weekend. We fled the hellfire heat of Florida for a few days. We ventured 10 hours north to the North Georgia (pronounced Jaaaw-Jaaa) mountains with my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim; who I lovingly refer to as Uncle Trisha and Aunt Jim. No, they’re not transitioning, we’re just silly.

My Aunt and Uncle rented a cute little cabin in the woods where we didn’t have contact with any other humans. I know what you’re thinking, this is how all horror movies start, but spoiler alert: we survived.

AT & UJ only live an hour or two from this area, but even for them, there is a nice temperature change from what they’re accustomed to in HOTLanta. And that is only ONE of the reasons they are thinking of moving to the mountains. The heat. The militia. The riots. You know, the regular things that giving, kind and law-abiding people have to worry about lately.

So, we spent our time visiting, shopping for houses, eating, laughing, house shopping, laughing. Regular stuff. It was SO nice to see them. They’ve always been my pseudo parents and even at 52, they are needed and appreciated in my life.

*Suz checks dictionary to make sure she’s using the term pseudo properly* WHAT THE HELL? I thought I knew what that meant, but apparently it’s a term used in PRISON for people who take on family roles. I want to clarify, that none of us have been in prison. Yet. And they are actually my Aunt and Uncle and not my bitches.

Let’s move on from the prison talk, shall we?

AT & UJ didn’t realize they brought their own personal home inspector with them.

Fun fact: We manufacture cabinetry-woodwork and fabricate stone countertops….It’s happened more times than not that we will be invited to someone’s home (party, gathering, funeral) and I will find the Coach opening up someone’s cabinet or drawer looking at the workmanship. It’s embarrassing, but he thinks nothing of it. He actually pulled the ENTIRE drawer out and was inspecting it before I snapped this photo. I can’t take him anywhere. In case you were wondering, the cabinetry was beautiful and met his high standards.

Meanwhile, Suz is outside inspecting flowers and the ginormous bumble bees.*swoon*

Do you remember last week when I shared that my friend Stacy who lives 8 houses down found a bear in her back yard? As if you’ve thought about anything other than that. Well, the bear thing was on my brain and before we arrived in the mountains and joined AT & UJ, AT texted me stating that a bear had crossed in front of them on the road; this excited me for some reason and I shared with my husband as he was driving. “Suzanne, we have bears ON our street.” Me: “But yeah, those are CITY bears, these are MOUNTAIN bears.”

I don’t know why he doesn’t get that.

Don’t you think of your special people while on the potty?

This cute bear was our TP holder in the cabin. I texted to my girl Stacy: “I think of you every time I pee.”

But, you know what? I forgot to send the picture of the bear holding the TP.

Are you laughing as hard I were when I realized this?

It’s ok. She probably thinks of me when she pees too. If we were in prison, she’d be my wife; we’re that close.

I’ve had some major glitches with my blog and it’s all my own doing. Like most of my problems, I bring them on myself. I’m trying to figure out how to connect my profile to this blog for when I comment. Right now, that isn’t working and I can’t seem to easily comment on blogger blogs.

I am good. I am kind. I am special, but I am NOT technologically intelligent.

Happy Friday my friends!