I saw some of my people and witnessed what should be a bucket list event.

We went out of town this past weekend; it felt so decadent. One of our dearest friends had her 5oth birthday and 12 of us surprised her at a little B & B in a sleepy little beach town on the East Coast.

We’d been planning this since February while watching the world tumble around us hoping we’d still be able to pull it off. WE DID IT.

This particular county had just moved to phase 2 on Friday; the timing couldn’t have been better. There were still a lot of stipulations and rules, but we worked around it all.

Saturday morning we walked over to the beach for a look; the weather was not glorious; very gloomy and overcast, but who cares when you’re out of the house and with friends AT THE BEACH?

We took a little walk down the beach and noticed all the turtle tracks going up and down from the ocean…hmmm…it took us a minute to remember that it was turtle nesting season. Then we started noticing all the protected nests. Can’t get much past us…

They almost looks like tire tracks, right?

Saturday night we set up a picnic at the beach; it was so awesome. Good food, good wine, good friends. We started at 6:30 and just about the time we’re finishing up, it was pitch black outside.

Since it’s turtle nesting season, there are NO lights on or near the beach. If you have lights inland, the newly hatched baby turtles will become disoriented and head in the wrong direction and not survive.

When loading our goodies back into our bags, boxes and buggies, we noticed in the dark a few large objects coming our way from the ocean. STOP THE PRESSES: mama turtles were heading our way to lay their eggs. We sort of froze not knowing what to do. One Mama just stopped about 15 feet from us and started digging. The other one put on her blinker and turned right after she saw us.

It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. THEY WERE GIANT; probably 275 lbs. The mama was so close to us, now I know what a midwife feels like.

The next day on our drive home I researched loggerhead turtles and I’m not ashamed to admit that now I’m an expert. They live 47-67 years, they are omnivorous and spend ALL of their life in the water aside from laying eggs.

Not my video, but it’s interesting if you feel like learning something today.

I was thinking of asking for a baby turtle for my next birthday, but realized that our pool might somewhat boring. So, I’m still holding out hope for a baby dolphin.

But, I’m for sure adding Loggerhead Turtle Midwife to my resume.

Flowers, obsessions and where in the world is my family?

I’m still being spoiled by flowers being delivered every two weeks from The Bougs; my birthday gift continues to give. (seriously, one of the best gifts ever given by my thoughtful husband, and there has been plenty)
These arrived two weeks ago today. They made me think of cotton candy, which made me think of going to the fair, which made me want a corn dog and a dental cleaning.

This is what is left today and I have another batch of goodness coming via fed ex today. Not bad for two weeks, huh? 

Speaking of flowery stuff. For Christmas, my sweet MIL and I put this together. It was her idea and creativity, she just let me get my fingers in the dirt as well. We were going to hang it in a tree but decided to let it rest on an old plant stand and we set it in my butterfly garden.  The plants are not just potted in/on the top of the basket, they’re packed all around the sides. Like my waistline, It will fill in more and more as time goes on.

C’mon in, the doors open. 
It started as one of these coco coir lined baskets.  I love it so much that it’s a borderline obsession; I tend to it daily, pulling off dead flowers, making sure it’s getting watered evenly and that it pretty much feels good about itself. 
You know how it’s nice to have the whole-fam-damily together in one place? Or at least in one county? The Busy Bee family is all sorts of spread out and it feels weird to me. 
Lolo is at school in VA,  (which I’m getting used to now) 
Linds is in New Zealand, (2 more weeks left of her four-week trip) and the 
Coach has fled to the Abaco’s Islands in the Bahamas for a quick trip. 
I’m feeling a bit of wanderlust in me too….think I’ll head to Target today. Damnit, I’ll not be left out. 

You can ring my bell anytime.

On our last night in Mexico, they held a beautiful dinner and awards presentation in the Zen area of the resort; jungle-ish as opposed to beach-ish. The Coach and I were so impressed by the event planners’ set-up. Yesterday, this had been an open grassy area where we took a picture of the entire group of attendees via drone.
Then on this night, it was a gorgeous setting with a huge tent, lights, fabulously decorated tables; we were both thinking “wedding for Lolo”. 

Although, it’s more ‘over the top’ than she wants; we loved the ethereal feel with all the greenery, white stemmed flowers and floating lights and candles everywhere.

Shadow much? 

They had these ‘ring bell for champagne’ signs in the cocktail area before you entered the dining area. I was all ‘ring for what? I don’t even like champagne, but I do enjoy an activity’!

HOW flipping clever is that? There were champagne angels behind the wall that handed out glasses after you rang the bell.
I need this, but for wine
and in my family room.
Of course, I’d have to replace the bell too often because of wear and tear.

It was a great end of our long weekend. Until next time Mexico!