Wyoming photo dump.

We only took 326 photos over four days and since I know you are busy I will share with you the best 325.

But first, you might like to know why we chose to visit Wyoming.
We have never been there.
Isn’t that reason enough??? I thought so. 

We threw around many trip ideas….mostly involving Europe. Between the four of us we could not decide on ONE area to visit…so I said: Hey, since our economy is so crappy…why not spend our hard earned cash in OUR COUNTRY??? And you know I mean Coach’s hard earned cash. Like I have said before, what is mine is ours and what’s His is mine. 

Anyhoo…we had two days of tours set up
 with a guide. This was a great choice for us since we were on a time restraint and the Coach’s driving makes me ill. Kidding. Not.

 We spent 13 hours with our guide on the first day. He was awesome….full of so much information I am surprised it was not dripping from his ears. 
We were able to see most of Yellowstone this first day. Our guide picked us up at our hotel at 6am. Yes, I know…vacation and we were up at the crack of..well, the crack of TOO early. 

Yellowstone was gorgeous. There was snow on the ground still…the girls were freaking out a bit because they have never seen snow. Don’t feel too bad for them…they live 7 miles from the beach…not everyone can grow up near the Gulf of Mexico.  

We learned all about geysers, painted pots, volcano’s, earthquakes and so many other things that I can’t remember. Our guide gave us the full story of the first travelers, Indian tribes and more. I even brought a little notebook…but forgot to document all of it!  

Some of the info that I do remember was so interesting…of course I can’t share it here with you cause then I would be YOUR guide and you can’t afford me. 

Old Faithful. I don’t want to whine too much, but old faithful was late if you ask me. By about 10 minutes. Who should I email my complaints to?
My favorite old barn photo~cool right?

On the second day of our tour we visited Grand Teton National Park. Oy…breathtaking. But again, at 6 am. This day our tour was over by noon.

 We found ourselves in the middle of a Bison herd. They were right next to our car…we stopped, rolled down the windows and just took them in with our eyes…they are really large and SEEM gentle. You know, with huge brown eyes. They were still shedding their winter coats. 
I have seen videos where they are not really gentle, they should be feared. They can run 30mph. Can you?? I can only run about .5mph. 
Just call me dead meat.

One thing I WILL share with you so we can all stop this buffalo nonsense….there are no buffalo in the states. They are all BISON. Buffalo are in Africa. 

What we were most interested in seeing in Wyoming was the wildlife….and we did.
We saw 2 moose. (meese)
4 bears; grizzly and black
pronghorn (look similar to antelope)
Elk, mule deer, Osprey, and lots of little critters that we don’t have in Florida. 

Like these little unita ground squirrels. They were everywhere….of course the girls wanted one as a pet too. Try getting that through security…might be easier than the baby bison though. 

I did not cry that we could not see any wolves or mountain lions….ok, I cried just a little. 

I have much more to share…but it feels like you are getting bored. I can feel these things you know.