The Lillie Diaries~Her First Vlog

In case you were wondering, Lillie has settled in nicely. I can say with 100% honesty that she is not the same dog I adopted almost 3 weeks ago. Gone is the scared, timid, angry little dog. She’s so happy, so content. She loves breakfast and dinner and has told everyone who will listen that I serve the best meals. She’s getting better at NOT peeing in the house, although she’s not perfect. I too have trouble at times, so I can’t fault her too much.

News Alert: I’m not a morning person and if you want to have a nice life day, you’d do best not wake me up before I’m ready. Lillie likes to sleep in. Thank you Baby Jesus. I have to wake her up (Callie too) in the morning and this is awesome. No annoying dogs patting my head ready for food and fun before I’ve had coffee means everyone lives.

She has a few favorite spots to rest her head and is getting along well with Callie for the most part; she does have a jealous side as some bitches do.

She’s a very good listener and I love that. We spend a lot of time outside and she loves getting into the hedges and searches for bunnies, squirrels, cats, opossum, etc….you know she does what a Rat Terrier is supposed to do. But when I tell her it’s time to come in, she obediently follows me inside.

She enjoys laying by the lanai windows and will occasionally let me know that security has been breached by a lizard. We are inundated by lizards on the pool lanai and occasionally inside the house. Finally, someone to help me rid the house of lizards.

Just in case you were worried that Lillie is working 24/7, she does get some downtime each evening.

One morning I was in the Coach’s office, he had the TV on and Lillie was sitting in my lap. We noticed she was paying attention to the TV, it was the horrid news, so perhaps she was wondering what shit show was happening today…and then the Coach said, “Hey, lets put on the nature channel for her.”

He flipped to a nature channel and it was on a show about marine life. Fish, swimming underwater, as they do. A flounder to be exact and the Lillie lost her freaking marbles. At a flounder. It made me wonder if in her last life she was a fisherman/woman.

She has the cutest overbite. Dang. I just mentioned TEETH. again.

So, now whenever we’re settled in at night on the couch, watching the boob tube and a dog, cat, bird, etc comes on the screen, you get the picture, she jumps off the couch and tries to reach the TV. Bless her heart, she’s so short and in this aspect too, I can relate.

I shared a few months ago that Lolo’s dog Max occasionally watches TV. He’s part Rat Terrier, so he only watches the TV part-time. I did the math.

On super Bowl Sunday, I wasn’t going to watch that horseshit, so I went in our room to watch something more important; the Puppy Bowl. Lillie approved of this programming; who needs the effing NFL? NO ONE. But we all need a bowl of puppies.

On Sunday night she loves to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos; she and I both enjoy a good chuckle, but for the life of us we DO wonder who chooses the winners? No one that ever wins is the ones that we laugh at. It’s a head-scratcher. What gives, America?

We both agreed that the Dad up there in that video is an asshat for almost killing his children and laughing about it. I’m shocked a truckload of cash wasn’t handed to him afterward.

You hear a lot about this younger generation and all their phone/tablet/laptop/TV time destroys their social and mental health, so I’m going to limit Lillies screen time to just the evenings….I don’t want her turning into a damn snowflake who can’t handle being outside in the sun chasing critters or conversing with humans.

Linds came by for a little while yesterday to retrieve something, so Lillie met one of her human sisters. She brought me flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries, which was so very sweet. Sorry Lolo, I can be bought, so she’s my favorite child this week.

Anyhoo…Linds could not get over how cute Lillie is and how much she reminds her of Max. I can’t wait to see how the two of them are together one day because they both like to be as CLOSE as possible to me and we now know one of them is a jealous bitch.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and were touched in the head by cupid.


She Vlogs again; I finally got what I wanted. Spoiler alert, it’s not a baby dolphin. This time

What day are we on for quarantine? 6, 7, 58? 

I’m so thankful for a large yard that I can wander around to get some fresh air; it makes me less sassy. Can you imagine? 

When I was a kid, both my Dad and his Dad were always (when not working) in the yard; planting, trimming, watering, growing stuff.

I always thought that was just what old people do. 

Happy Tuesday.
So, tacos tonight? 

{virtual} XOXO

Suz Vlogs; noisy neighbor, dirty hair, butterflies

Happy Saturday.
I never post on the weekends, but I feel like we all need some distractions at this time.
I’ve also never done a vlog.
This is unprecedented and pretty boring.
Also, I sound very nasally because lately, I am.

Yes, I talk to the butterflies and the bees; they don’t mind if I’m especially nasally this weekend.

I mentioned this week that Lindsay’s juice bar closed down. They had just received an order of produce so yesterday she and the other peeps had to clear everything out.

She brought over a ton of fresh produce last night, way more than we can ever use. I’m giving a handful to my friend down the street (a family of 6) and keeping just a bit for the two of us.
The rest is going to our friends in Fort Myers who cook and feed the homeless every weekend in a public park.

Don’t you love it when a negative can be turned into a positive? That’s some good science right there.

Dust off the video button on your smartphone and share part of your day to distract the rest of us. Pleeaaase!!!