Willy Nilly

Joining Tanya this Friday; sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, happenings, etc.
1) Something I see daily around these parts are “Watch For Motorcycles” bumper stickers.
Tuesday morning I saw one on the way to the gym and I thought: You know who constantly pulls out in front of me?
I wonder if I have a sign on my car stating: If you are driving a motorcycle, feel free to pull out in front of me because it’s my favorite thing.
A few hours later after the gym and errands were run I was making my way home and you’ll never guess what happened.
A motorcycle pulled out in front of me all willy nilly. 
I had to put on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

So, yeah, watch for motorcycles
2) Someone special turns 21 on Sunday.
No It’s not me, but thanks for not assuming so. It’s the special person who made me a mother for the first time.

It was just a year ago that she turned 20. I’m a flippin’ mathematician!
She’s spending the weekend at  G’ma and G’pa’s lake house with her sister and a few friends. 
G’ma promised to fire up the blender and make the birthday girl her requested strawberry daiquiri. 
Then on Monday, I’m taking her to AA.

3) I’m going to a new stylist today for hilights and a cut. The young lady whose been doing my hair is all sorts of selfish….she’s on maternity leave!  A few months ago I went to someone else in her shop and was not happy with my results…wish me luck. “If my hair ain’t happy, I ain’t happy!”

4) The Sunshine state. Pfffttt…
Every.stinking.afternoon. The storms roll in from the Everglades and blast us on their way to the Gulf.

This is why the boxers don’t enjoy the summer.

5) Speaking of critters, last weekend while visiting with friends on our lanai, Coach again turned into Dr. Doolitle.
Maisy and Cocoa getting their daily doses of love.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with good peeps to love, sweet sissy critters and good hair….and take a tip from Suzanne-watch out for motorcycles!

*snicker snicker*

Around Roanoke

Willy Nilly

Today’s 5’s

1) I love using my IPod while doing cardio at my old people gym; fast/upbeat music moves me the most….I’ve found that Michael Jackson is a GREAT workout partner. 

When he says beat it, I do. 
When he says don’t stop, {till you get enough} I don’t. 
When he tells me to be Bad, well…. never mind.
2) I found these napkins last week and I thought they summed up my attitude perfectly.
Seriously, I’m that easy going.

3) Are you doing anything for the Fourth? I’ll be home with the sissies.

And you know who I’m talking about.  It’ll be Thunder shirts and Happy traveler pills for everyone.

Yes, they are patriotic Americans….but not fans of fireworks!

4) There has never ever in the history of all my wacky thoughts that I thought: 
Hey, let me put some stuffed animals in the back window of my car.

5) Last night I was sitting in the living room fartin’ around on my laptop and I saw something hopping by the front door.

The cutest bunny ever. Ok, they are all the cutest ever….now what should I name he/she?
Yes, I was thinking Harry Bunny was a good name as well!

Have a Willy Nilly weekend!

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