Can a cat swallow a canary?

If you ever get the chance, you should be me.
At least you should be me this past weekend….it was all good in the hood. I didn’t even have to leave my house after Friday afternoon!

Thankfully, I was able to get the correct orange cat into the carrier and to the vet on Friday. This Harley is a crazy *ss cat. Well, they are all crazy, but he is on the weird side of crazy.

First of all, if you have a cat, you know the worst part of taking the cat to the vet is the traveling part.  …THE CRYING in the car is loud and endless…wahhh wahhh wahhh.mroow mroow mrooooow…. so annoying.
Finally, I stopped crying and I tried to act like a grown up.
Hard. very very hard.

I warned them at the reception desk:  “I’m not gonna lie, he looks cute and sweet, but he DOES bite.”

They all looked scared, but they deal with crazy pets all the time.

And when we got into the exam room…they let him out of his cage, myself and the two vet techs stepped back,  prepared for a rustle,  a tussle, a crazy cat tango resulting in a few bloody nubs.

And what did my crazy *ss cat do?

He posed on the countertop for 40 minutes.  40 freakin’ minutes!!!!
10 minutes of prep with the tech’s, followed by quiet time waiting for the Dr. and time while the Dr. was there.


Bastid. Made me look like an overreactive drama queen.

When the Dr. looked at his boo boo paw, she said: “Weird”

Um, really, did you learn that term at veterinarian school? Was it during your first year, or your 6th?

{Who knew? I could be a VET TOO!!}

We determined that he most likely stepped in pool chemicals…..a burn of sorts.

She asked if I would like to give him an antibiotic pill daily for 14 days {when she was saying this, I was dying inside picturing me trying to get him to swallow a pill without murdering me} OR she could give him an injection.

Guess what he got?
I ain’t no dummy.

I am also putting a bit of hydrogen peroxide on it a few times daily too.

The Dr. said taking a relaxant prior to the hydrogen peroxide swab would help.
And BOY does it.
Of course, I’ve been taking numerous naps because of that relaxant.

I’ve got more to share…but I’ve errands to run.
And by errands, I mean napping.

Happy monday!!!

Ok, I’m really not going to nap. I DO have errands to run. Hopefully I will get some blog reading in later today too…I am SO behind.


22 thoughts on “Can a cat swallow a canary?

  1. My cat bawls like a baby all the way to the vet and then she's totally silent on the way home. Weird. I guess I could take her for a long drive after a vet visit just to mess with her. LOL My vet has figured out how to handle my cat…as little as possible. She goes nuts sometimes. So I'm glad you had a poser instead of a terror while you were there. : )


  2. I love this. Too funny…mostly because it's so true. For real fun, I recommend driving from Michigan to Florida with 4 cats in the car. Non stop wailing and meowing. After about the first fulfilled hour, my husband said, \”we totally should have gotten drugs.\” I started to reply with my speech about not wanting to give the cats medicine when he stopped me and said, \”not drugs for the cats…\”


  3. I loved this post – and could so relate to the cat stuff (not the pool chemicals part, due to no pool here). But don't you love it when they make a liar out of you? Like when you take your car to the shop and it won't make the noise for the mechanic that it's been making for the past 2 weeks. But I digress…So glad it's not something serious and that she was able to give you (& Harley!) something to make it better.xoxox


  4. I can't believe that cat sitting there making you look like you're crazy and overly dramatic. Too funny!And yes, I should try to be you one day. Except I'd have to dim the light real low so The Coach wouldn't figure out that it's me.Surprise!m.


  5. I can't believe she asked if you wanted to give the cat a pill for 14 days. It's hard enough to force one heartguard pill a month down our dogs throat…


  6. It sounds like our trips to the vet and recovery at home – – – but you tell it so much better! We have had crazy cats do the same thing as yours, too – – – – give them all a warning and the cat makes a liar out of you. And still – – – we love those felines. Don't know about you but we have NO mice at our house!


  7. Anonymous

    You have me laughing! I have found one thing worse than taking a cat to the vet. Taking 3 cats to Larry while we were moving! I'm surprised a helicopter did not film our trip from above!Glad the boo boo is not real serious.


  8. One of my cats sits on the seat all the way to the vet…the other meows so loudly that I need to turn the radio up. Your cat on teh other hand is soooo cute…and well behaved :)Happy Monday!


  9. when given the choice, i always choose the shot. cat, kids.. it just makes life (mine) easier. glad your weekend was quiet :)looking forward to our fun later today!!


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