2021 Can Return The Unwanted Gifts, My New Bestie And I’m Starting To Feel Like A Chatty Cathy.

Happy Friday to all 8 of you!

Baby, it’s hot outside.

My heart breaks for all of you who are going through winter hell right now. Pretty shitty of you 2021. NO power? NO water? That’s horrid. I spoke to my girlfriend who lives in North Texas and they were without power for over 40 hours. She said it was 45 degrees INSIDE their home and they slept in ski clothes. That does not sound pleasant at all. I certainly wish we could send some warmth and sunshine to everyone affected. As I type this (Thursday afternoon) it’s 85*. I took the dogs out to the sundeck for a bit to catch some Vitamin D and enjoy the breeze and butterflies who were swarming us.

I’ve dealt with no power/water from hurricanes, but we were never COLD at the same time. I’m sending good vibes, positive mojo and prayers out there for all affected because I just can’t imagine.

Transition to Lillie and my needy ass self.

Do I blog talk too much?

Thinking of taking a break. Not for me. FOR YOU. I feel like you might be over of my being repetitive about dogs, butterflies, Georgia, and my disdain for olives. Goodness. Just typing that word and I can smell ’em. Oh and teeth. Here I go again…

I have this image of me taking a long blog break, I come back, start to type something and then I have to say: Oh, I can’t share that with you because “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

Friends might have been my most favorite (light hearted) sitcom ever.

But before I jump ship, your life would not be complete without knowing this: The Coach and I can NOT get over Lillie’s apparent overbite. She shows us her teeth even when she’s not threatening to eat us. We giggle about it all the time. And that led me to wonder: Does SHE actually have an overbite or is she afflicted with very small lips? OR is she smiling at us? Maybe she’s JUST one of those weird people who smiles all the time.

WHO KNOWS? This is The Question for 2021.

It’s both the weirdest and cutest thing ever. She reminds me of this guy:

Also, I’m completely smitten with her, you could say borderline obsessed.

Totally didn’t need to type borderline.

Did you notice I referred to her as a ‘people’ up there?

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. (~Forrest Gump!)

The Coach is coaching ALL weekend, so if you need me I’ll be working in the yard, brushing Lillie’s teeth OR stretching her lips.

Whats on the agenda for the weekend? Do we even call it a weekend anymore?


Thank You Baby Jesus and Sajib. Also, I’m Doing My First Poll & It’s Not Even The Dance Type.

Poll, Pole? I suppose, there is a difference.

You guys, you almost lost me and I’d hate to think how that might affect your lives.

I kid. But, not really. I was at my wits end and almost scrapped it all, flushed it down the drain, threw it out with the garbage, tossed it into my past. My blog that is.

After much going back and forth with the WordPress people and me completely screwing up my blog trying to fix it, my newest favorite person Sajib, saved the day. Please note his job title:

Where do you go to get a degree in happiness engineering? Sign.me.up.

I’m back in the business of not making money.

I am NEVER ever moving my blog again. NEVER.

Even the best of friends can disagree

A little backstory: My girlfriend Kelly and I are in general, twins, soul sisters. We have the same outlook on life, politics, life in general. We laugh at the same things. We enjoy the same movies/TV. We eat the same way; we can almost always split a meal because we enjoy the exact same foods. We enjoy the exact same wine. We tend to wear the same type of clothing, although, she’s a skinny Minnie and I am not any longer considered a skinny anything. We’ve showed up places wearing almost the same clothing more times than I can count over the last 30 years.

Kelly and Don have been integral with setting up the mountain house; Don hung all the TV’s, helped Coach set up wifi, Sonos, cameras, etc…Kelly is my decorator du jour because we essentially have the same taste. To be clear, we essentially have the same excellent taste, just ask us.

BUT, one thing we did not agree with was the fact that she thought I needed and iron and ironing board for the mountain house. I don’t think anyone will ever use it. I have not pulled out my ironing board in a few years. I do have a steamer, but even that hasn’t seen the light of day in at least 10 months.

Some of my favorite people do polls on their blog (Ally Bean & Kari) and I really enjoy them. Well, Kari had one regarding farts this past week, so, it’s a *crapshoot* regarding the topic.

*I made myself LOL

So, I’m getting on the poll board. Please share your thoughts so I can tell Kelly she’s a lunatic.

And speaking of irons, because who doesn’t

My Mom was a waitress most of her life and her polyester uniforms always needed to be ironed. She (or I) generally ironed them in our kitchen area on an ironing board. BUT, sometimes, she ironed them in her bedroom. On.her.bed.

This one time (not at band camp) she forgot to turn off the iron. Mom, Mark and I were out and when we returned to our apartment, it was smoky and smelly as hell. Way worse than Kari’s farts. I still remember the firemen dragging the mattress down our carpeted stairs and out the front door. Burnt fibers from the bed and our melted green carpet everywhere. Ummm.., have you ever smelled burnt rubber? Pretty damn bad. When I went to school the next day, everyone asked me why I smelled so weird; as if 7th grade could have been any worse. We couldn’t sleep in our apartment for many nights and all clothing and linens inside had to be laundered. My Mom was horrified at what had happened. *sigh*

To wrap this up:

My blog is working properly.

Even soul sisters can find something to disagree about.

I’ve added my first poll and I need to know your thoughts.

Don’t iron on your bed. Or, just don’t iron.

I’ve made a terrible, terrible techie mistake. But perhaps one day you can call me The Tiger Queen.

I had a mini-breakdown last week; actually, I have had several over the past month or so. I should learn that when things are going well in my technology life, just leave them that way. The story of my frustration is a long one, I don’t want to bore you with ALL the details, but I’ve learned a hard lesson.

*bangs head against wall*

design desk display eyewear
Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

A little timeline of my blogging career. Wait, is it a career if instead of making money, you might actually spend money?

  • 2008 I signed up for Blogger (daybydaywithsuz.blogspot.com)
  • 2019 Purchased my own domain while still using the blogger platform (busybeesuz.com)
  • April 2020-Feeling ballsy, or perhaps it was the pandemic, I moved over to WordPress.com because I was sick of bloggers bullshit. Also, sick of everything because pandemic. (temp blog: Suzblogshere.wordpress.com, until I could move my domain over) I was loving WordPress.com. Ease of adding in photos, videos, gifs. IT was a glorious time in my blogging life. Glorious.
  • August 2020-I might have lost my mind because I was so happy with WordPress.com and The ONLY thing I couldn’t get it do to was to copy protect my photos and I thought that might be a good thing. I thought I’d go even bigger (or home) and get myself involved in the WordPress.org (I can add a plugin to protect my pics) which is a bigger deal because it needs a host; I chose Bluehost as my host because I’d read they were great; they were helpful; they were easy. (WordPress.com and blogger ARE their own hosts) I moved my domain there and immediately hated it. It was hard y’all. Within a day I called and said I wanted to cancel my bluehost account. Guess what? They aren’t easy. They aren’t nice. Since I’d already moved my domain twice, I could not move it again for 60 days. So, I’ve been in hosting jail. The beds here suck.
  • My get out of jail card is on October 6th. So I’ll try to switch my domain back sometime on that day or shortly after back to my WordPress.com site. I’m scared. I have a bit of PTSD with all the moving of domains, profiles, emails, etc….PRAY FOR ME.
  • If I disappear altogether, you’ll know why.

Now, onto pretty and pleasant things that don’t make me bang my head against a wall.

I just realized I’ve not shared anything butterfly related in a while. Have you lost sleep? I’ve been all about ‘my bones, chicken tenders, pelicans, hating olives, and possibly turning into a Georgia peach, sucky blog’ lately.

While in GA (you’re a peach Suzanne!) Kelly and I noticed what we suspected were Giant Swallowtails from a distance, but upon closer inspection they were Tiger Swallowtails. And they were aplenty. Did you hear us squeal?

Guess what butterfly I DO NOT have in my yard at home? TIGER SWALLOWTAILS! I was so excited I might have pee’d a little, which really isn’t that unusual.

Sadly, they don’t have butterflies year round like I do here because the weather actually changes in GA, which really is the reason I want to go there, so I’ll have to suck it up buttercup. Aren’t they lovely? If I raise Tiger Swallowtails, I can change my name to the Tiger King.

Wait, maybe Tiger Queen would be better because bad hair, bad piercings, the weird relationships….ughh.

So, has anyone felt like throwing their computer out the window lately?

**Deep breaths Suzanne, deep breaths**

Happy Friday y’all. Or in my world, you’ll probably not see this until Tuesday. See YOU next Tuesday. I just made myself giggle.