Surprise! No Tea For You Because Your Mom Is A Professional Liar.

In April Linds and I started discussing/planning a bridal shower for Lolo. Our plan was to have a “Tea party” luncheon. And unlike most of the time, I desired to host it anywhere other than our house. We searched high and low for a place, striking out left and right, but we finally found the PERFECT place. Linds checked it out in person while I was away, the price was right, the venue was cute and it would be perfect little tea party for about 12 ladies. They only had a few dates open in September and ONE of those dates lined up with Lolo’s crazy ass work schedule.

I was **THIS** close to signing the contract and Nathan’s mom had her **finger** on the PURCHASE button for an airline flight when LOLO’S DAMN WORK SCHEDULE FLIP FLOPPED.

ME: This wouldn’t happen if she were a dental hygienist!

We were back to the drawing board and I was frustrated; getting this far took a few months.


I decided, along with Nathans Mom that we would do a CO-ED shower since no one had been able to visit with Nathan while he was away over 8 months. Of course, I would be hosting it at our home because we have the space.


Do you know what I thought the hardest part about a surprise party would be? All the damn lying.

It’s not polite to brag, but it turns out, I’m a proficient liar. I mean, the lies were flowing out of my mouth to get the two of them at our house at a specific time.

Lolo thought I was taking her and Linds to an Afternoon Tea. (and after Wednesday’s post, so did all of you) Nathan thought he was going to the shooting range with Coach. They are terrible detectives because it was lies. ALL LIES.

“You can’t come earlier because our friend is here from out of town to assist us with our Life Insurance”- “The tea will be later than normal, but it will still be fun”-“Have the Andrew come too so we can meet him and he can go to the range with the guys”-“We will go to dinner after the tea”

Every time I opened up my mouth, a lie popped out.

Even when they pulled up to the house for our fake Tea Party and there were cars in the driveway, Lolo thought this might be a surprise “welcome home” party for Nathan.

They entered the house astonished. Then they both cried a bit at seeing Nathan’s Mom as they’ve not been together in over a year.

I told Lolo: This is a shower for you both.

WHAT? She was so damn surprised.

Later after visiting with some family I said you need to sit down and open gifts. WHAT? We get gifts NOW and at the wedding? Her mind was blown.

Nathan finally got to meet the infamous Lillie.

One other reason we decided to do a Co-Ed party was that Nathan’s brother Andrew who is a Captain in the Army was able to pop into town for the weekend. They’ve not seen each other in years. Andrew was to be Nathan’s Best Man, but he will be deployed for a year a few weeks before the actual wedding, which is such a bummer.

Again, if HE were a Dental Hygienist, this wouldn’t be an issue.

It was so lovely having some friends and family together celebrating these two!

It was months of planning, lying and stressing over making it all happen. I was so relieved when it was over. *sigh*

Sadly, the Coach eyeballs me suspiciously every time I open my mouth because I was SO darn good at lying. I swear, I was just playing a part.

*pats myself on the back and takes a bow*

Has anyone else been able to pull the wool over some unsuspecting souls lately?

Signed, Suz. A really good liar when it is necessary for the Surprise and Fun element.


Here Comes The {Always Wants To Be A} Bride

The reason for THIS post is because I was working on a more timely post about a surprise we pulled off recently and I thought sharing this older story would add a little insight to the current story.

When my girls were little, I met a lady named Jeannie through my dear friend Stacy. Jeannie and her Mom created a Tea Party business. Basically they showed up to your home with a trunk full of dress-up clothes, shoes and accessories. They brought a few folding tables & chairs, some finger sandwiches, a pot of tea (lemonade) & tea cups.

The kids were able to choose an outfit, have a little ‘runway’ show and then we sat down for Tea and maybe a story or two followed with a game of “Telephone”. Jeannie took the kids pics with a polaroid and they decorated a frame. Then cake and candles. Easy Peasy.

This was the perfect setup for a little girls’ birthday party. We did this three times between my two girls. Each time we had the Tea Party, Lolo grabbed the big over-the-top puffy-shouldered-white dress that resembled a wedding gown. It didn’t matter if it was Lindsay’s birthday or not. Lolo wanted that damn wedding dress and somehow, she got it even if someone else coveted the dress.

I think at that point in their childhood Linds was more passive and Lolo a bit more aggressive. Or It wasn’t really that important to Linds at the time to have the big puffy-over-the-top-gown with the matching veil.

Cut to a few weeks ago when I invited my girls to an afternoon Tea.

Hmmmm….So apparently Lindsay was holding it in all these years. She wanted the damn white gown all along.

There will be a cute conclusion to this prelude.

Has anyone held a Tea Party lately? Did you remember to keep your pinkies UP?


The One Where She Insists On Getting Older

Hashtag 28

Are you supposed to write hashtag or just #.

Hip, I am not.

When I started this blog Lolo was 15 and just about to make me nutty. Nuttier. Luckily, that only lasted a few years and she’s currently one of my most favorite humans. She turns the big 2 8 today which feels surreal since I was just hashtag 2 8 a few weeks ago.

She is good to the core with a kind and giving heart. Lovely inside and out with an amazing smile and eyes that can light up a room. Her quick wit and amazing intelligence always blow this Mama away.

She was the toddler that drove me mad with her high energy; oh how I was not prepared for that.

She was the little girl who loved to collect/play with bugs, pick up random objects, (bottle caps, rocks, screws) place them in her pocket so I could later find them in the dryer.

She was a pro travel softball player (5yrs-20yrs) and we’ve been to (just about) every softball field in the state of Florida and then some.

As much as she loved being outside getting dirty, she also loved doing her nails, wearing dresses and fussing with her hair.

Some of her past pets were a snake and a few lizards and she’s obsessed with her husky Mattis and of course her SuperMutt Max Max. She can’t pass up a dog or cat that she doesn’t think is the cutest thing ever with her vocal: Awwwww. Never mind if that critter has one eye, half a leg, covered in mange, foaming at the mouth ready to eat you, she will say: Awwwww it’s so cute…..

She’s the perfect anomaly of girlie and strong.

She’s just perfect in every way.

She has a big milestone this year: marriage. And she thinks law enforcement takes patience and wit?

Do you have any sage 28th-year or almost married advice for her? She and Linds are avid readers of this ole blog and enjoy all of your comments.

Happy birthday Lolo!