This, That And The Other Thing: What’s On My Countertop?

I was throwing together a little last minute post about three items, then I realized that all three were on my kitchen counter, plus a bonus.

THIS: Flowers

Ranaculas might be my favorite flowers ever; sadly, you can’t get them all year long. I suppose that makes them even more special. They resemble peonies which are my other favorite and are similar to camellias which I also love.

I might have a ‘loving’ flowers problem.

THAT: The Sea Glass

River and Jeanette mentioned that they’ve found Red Sea glass. I was all “WHAT? RED?” I wondered if I had any red in my collection. (I can’t remember things any longer) I went through my old collection and no red to be found. *snap* But, I did find a piece of lavender. How cool is that? I have four pieces of coveted colors; three blue and one lavender. *Can you even see me UP here on my high horse*

Hey Nicole, I do keep the sea glass in a pretty jar. I actually had a small jar in the guest bathroom with sea glass, but since this trip to the Bahamas, I needed a bigger jar, so I went shopping in my own cabinets and found this empty one, then commingled all my sea glass together.


In the continued battle of lowering my cholesterol I started taking Cholestoff last year after reading good things about it. (I get it from Costco) The trouble with them, is I forget to take them. You’re supposed to take two of them twice a day with your worst meal. Finally, I realized if I just put them out in plain sight, in my face, right between the fridge and stove, protected by my kitchen pig, then I might remember.

They look like kidney beans.

Guess what? In my face works. I remember them almost all the time now!

THE OTHER, OTHER THING: The (almost) freebie that lasts

The first weekend in December The Coach and I attended a charity fundraiser. Since we sponsored the event, we were given some of the table decor which was two phalaenopsis. Nothing extraordinary, I have many of them in the yard growing in tree crotches. They sat on the counter in their plastic container, covered in tacky blue foil for a few days when I thought to find a large pot to put them in. Again, I shopped in my own cabinets. I didn’t even take them out of the plastic container, just plopped them in this white bowl and covered them with moss.

Ya’ll. It’s now February 21st and they have not dropped ONE flower. I give them a bit of water a few times a week. They’re so perfect and they almost look fake; apparently my Kitchen is The Place To Be.

Anything fun on your countertop this week?

This, that and the other thing. The Princess of darkness edition.

Dr. Death

Thank you all for your positive comments on my butterfly post from Monday. I love and appreciate your accolades.

I’m not kidding…

I really, really need your accolades.

My friend Kelly was asking me a while ago how many butterflies I release each year. I wasn’t sure, but now I’m keeping a spreadsheet because: time and pandemic.

I’ve released 73 in just under a month. A boatload of butters. 

Now, for my Debbie Downer moment.

I had to put on my Jack Kevorkian pants 5 times last week.

I euthanized five butters. Well, technically I think two took their own lives.

They could neither fly nor eat; what’s the point then? 

It happens; disease. Parasites.

BTW; Jack’s pants: So.darn.tight; he was a slim man.

How do you euthanize? Well, there are two methods that I know of. One I can’t fathom.

The method I use is I put them in my fridge for about five minutes to lower the body temperature, then in the freezer, they go.

Don’t ask me how many times someone has opened up the freezer with a butterfly surprise.


I said DON’T ask me. 

I forget they are in there and the next time I, Coach, or a guest goes into the freezer for something: Death.

THEY say that butterflies feel no pain. Hmmm. I don’t know if I believe THEY.

I’ve gotten better at this though. I used to get upset when I had to put one in my beloved appliance, but now it’s a fact of life.

This should probably make my enemies husband nervous.

Who am I kidding? WE know I don’t have enemies.


Let’s get married!

My calendar told me that I was supposed to go wedding dress shopping with Linds and Lolo today.


The nuptials are still planned for the Fall of 2021, but the venue and dress shopping has been postponed for a bit.

The future Mr & Mrs. Cutie Pie.

I think a backyard wedding would suffice. Can you picture the butterfly release?

That is if they’re not all in the freezer.



I really need to Marie Kondo my closet again; I’ve been putting it off.

BUT, I did start to Marie Kondo my boxes and boxes and boxes of old photos. I’ve arranged to have a good lot of them scanned and saved digitally. This is a big undertaking.


When you are the ONE who continues to live (out of parents, grandparents and siblings) you end up with ALL the photos. Which, I’m thankful for, but I need them in some sort of order for my kids so they won’t be overwhelmed by them like I am.


That’s all the death, despair and disappointments I have to share today.

If I say anymore we won’t have anything dreadful to talk about on Friday.

I’m kidding! Happy Humpday!




Smelling this and that

I’m a self-proclaimed reed diffuser junkie. And I’ve only found a handful of brands that are actually worth the $$ to use. One of my favorite brands is Pier One. I honestly think the store charges too much for most everything, but their reed diffusers actually HAVE scent and are long-lasting. This ( White pumpkinis a great scent for this time of year; it’s a nice sweet & subtle smell.

My newest (other)favorite smelly thing is Lume all-natural deodorant. 
How do I put this delicately…..Ummmmm…..I sweat like a man. 
A cute little construction type-working man, but a man just the same. 
I’m sure it’s because I’m super healthy and the bad stuff just needs to be expelled from my body. Yeah, let’s go with that. 

They have perhaps the best commercial-it’s quite entertaining. 

The past few years I’ve been more aware of the chemicals that I don’t really want to put on/in my body. And let’s just think about all the glands in our pits that are so close in relation to the larger glands on our chest. 

This is an all-natural deodorant that actually works. I love it so much. I still sweat, but I never stink and really, that’s the most important thing. I have the lavender and sage flavor and it smells really nice. Like me. 

Anything you’ve fallen in love with lately, I mean, aside from me? 

This, that and the other thing

I’m never quite sure if my blog post title should all be capitalized or just the first word? This is a grammar quandary for me.

1) The Coach and I had a nice, quiet July 4th. We had lunch at the boat marina, checked out some really BIG boats and spotted the resident Bald Eagle. Then we spent the evening listening to the neighborhood send 12 million bottle rockets into the sky. But hey, they started 4 days prior, so why slow down now? Do you know how terrifying fireworks are to pets? Very. Also, I learned they’re also frightening for butterflies…..I know. I just can’t stop it with the butterflies.

2) Our girls went on their big trip to Seattle and Portland; this was a gift from us for Christmas, but they just found the time to go.
While they were gone, we took care of our granddog Max. Max hasn’t heard of personal space.
The girls are home now and they loved their trip. They were more impressed with Seattle over Portland; said Seattle just have a really good vibe. I think I know where I need to go next….I love a place with a good vibe.

3) We had all the trees on our property trimmed this past week; hurricane prep. We have about 49 palm trees and 8-9 oak trees. Some of our oak trees have NEVER been trimmed or thinned out.
This is our favorite tree and now that it’s thinned out, I have MORE room for orchids in there. 🙂

It looked as though hurricane Irma made a reappearance until all was cleaned up.

Happy hump day!