Sleeping Single….

…in a double bed.
Raise your hand if you remember that song.
So a few weeks ago I washed all the covers for our dogs’ beds.
They have two in the family room and two in the living room.
{See how I said they up there?!}
For some reason, I only put the covers back on three….and then on Monday, I finally broke down and put the cover on the fourth one in the living room.
Man, oh man…I had myself a good old fashioned {30 second}cry. 

Cocoa is doing better. A little less mopey….although, you can’t tell from THAT face. 
I’ve been taking her on walks every morning; something we’ve not done in a long time.

We’re all getting used to our new normal. Life goes on my friends.

Meanwhile, lets spread this ear worm.

Enjoy your day…. I”m off to plug in my hot rollers!


When life hands you lemons….
you put them in a beautiful vase, set them on the counter and say Oh, so pretty.
I slice one a day and add it to my water.


When life hands you lemons…..
you put them in a beautiful vase, set them on the counter and say a day later:
Damn, they came with &^%$#@! fruit flies!!!!!
Then you dump the beautiful vase full of lemons into your compost.

What is wrong with this picture?
Yep, NO !?$%$# fruit flies.

The one where she relives being a Daisy.

Once upon a time, both of my girls were sweet little girl scouts. Oh, how they loved scouting. Especially Lolo…since she had the best leader on the planet.
*Ahem~pointing fingers at myself*

Linds and Lolo @ Lindsay’s bridging ceremony from Daisy to Brownie.
 Several months ago, Linds was cleaning out her closet and came across her old scout vests/tunic. 
(I might add that cleaning her closet was not her idea and threats might have been involved.)
She came out of her room and declared that it still fit. 
I may have wet my yoga pants from laughter.

May have=fo’sho.

I’m thinking that shortly we should sort through her old baby clothes. Stay tuned for that episode of “Does it fit?” 

I feel crusty, oh so crusty.

I keep a pretty tight ship around these parts. A place for everything, everything in it’s place. Crapola is not allowed to collect in any part of the house. It helps me to sleep and stay somewhat sane knowing things are {mostly} in order.

Who said control freak? I heard that….

But you know, sometimes, something will slip by me. Something can sit in one place for so long, that it becomes part of the norm.

And in our pantry, this became the norm.

This pre made crusty crust sat in the pantry.

It became the home for the extra soy sauce packets and fortune cookies.
It housed those packets and fortune cookies for some time.
Recently, I noticed the soy sauce packets and the fortune cookies were becoming too bountiful. Too much.
I could not take it any longer. {I don’t even like take-out chinese food!}

So, I did what any somewhat sane neurotic person would do.
I threw the soy sauce and the fortune cookies across the kitchen towards the garbage can.

{Sadly, I could neither recycle or compost them.}

Whew, I felt better. The world was back in order.

Then I thought: “I don’t even like graham cracker crusts. Who even bought this?” 

I considered keeping it, just in case.
Then, I checked the use by date, just in case.
I gasped loudly.

Yes, that says Better if used before October 10, 2008!

Apparently, my neurosis is slipping…cause this baby sat for more years than I like to admit.
As it turns out, this was near the time that I started blogging too.

A coincidence?

Me thinks NO.

The birthday photos

I am sure you are all wondering this very same thing: “Where are the photos from Lindsay’s birthday?”
Wonder no further.
Do you know how hard it is to find a ‘clear’ spot to take a photo inside your house two days after Christmas? 
It is really hard. We had Christmas spillage and birthday mixed in in every room of this humble abode.  

These aren’t the best, but I’ll keep them anyway. The Coach wasn’t home yet, so he missed out on this photo session. 
“This is the way you are supposed to pose Mom.”
I still can’t manage the BIG smile like my girls. I’m working on it though.
Lindsay’s birthday dinner was at Carrabba’s. (her fave) She had two girlfriends and my Fil and Mil joined us. 
 Even though, she chose to go somewhere else for dessert, we had them bring something with a candle in it. You can’t get older without something showing up with a candle and the obligatory singing of that song. 

Then we were off to the jankiest dairy queen in the state for birthday ice cream.
If you ever want to wait 45 minutes for mediocre ice cream, in a really bad part of town, let me know.  
I was waiting for a drive by shooting to occur. That would have made for a memorable scrapbook page. 
Not the best photo, the lighting in the DQ is horrid. Don’t plan any family photos here, ok? Well, unless your family consists of gang members, then come on in. 

*Someone is going to TRY and get her driver’s license today…I don’t want to jinx it by making a big deal about it*

{{Updated…we she decided to wait another week or two on the driving test}}