How Many Accessories Is Too Many?

I’ve got to share with you about our insanely busy past weekend, but I must gather my thoughts AND my wits. How do I share something that is all my husbands doing, that stressed me out to no end, but was a very kind deed and wonderful in the end?

While I work on that…

This video popped up in my memories from one year ago last week; the day of Lolo’s swearing-in ceremony.

How does a human walk, run, sit, pee or even think whilst wearing SO much apparatus?

Who knows, but she is the cutest!

Some days I wish I could have her back as that overactive chubby toddler that on occasion made me lose my mind.

Cork board in our mudroom: note the Texas Ranger pin that she got as a toddler when we lived in TX. Maybe she’s in this field because Coach and I gave our toddler sharp objects like pins? Nahh

Happy Tuesday my friends! Have you seen a cuter Po-Po?

Anyone have it in them to still accessorize when they go out? I’ve been pretty lazy about it lately…


We Did This While They Did That And Everyone Enjoyed Themselves

The Coach and I arrived home on Wednesday from Georgia; we had a lovely ten days there. TEN DAYS. Well, I had a lovelier time; the Coach worked most of the time because he feels the need to keep me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.


He knows he’s the one who has created this monster.

He even drove to Nashville for two days to coach a softball tournament while we were away.

This visit might have been the first time I actually relaxed while we were up there and I think it’s because we had no guests this time. Generally we have a houseful and even though all of our family and friends are self-sufficient, it can feel daunting to have people around all the time. I like my Suzanne time.

I finished a puzzle and started another. Read a book. Watched some movies. Walked the ‘hood. Snuggled with Lillie. Enjoyed the views. Spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle. Drank Dog Joint juice. Saw lots of birds and I might have pee’d a little upon seeing a Zebra Swallowtail as I’ve never seen one in person.

It’s the little things ya’ll! Well unless you’re peeing yourself, that’s kind of a big deal.

I didn’t want to bring Callie on this trip because she’s been so wobbly and I thought the stairs and steep driveway might be an issue.

Foreshadowing: The stairs are an issue for me too.

My sweet as heck Mother In Law came to our house and stayed with Callie for the entire ten days. Sue drove two hours, leaving her husband and her dogs to come stay with our dog.

How lucky am I? Very.

Sue had her bestie stay with her and they had a blast and said it was like being at a resort, minus a cabana boy. Now I know what to get her for Mother’s Day! Never mind that we had men working on the pool deck for six of those ten days…it didn’t matter to them at all, they sat under the chickee hut chatting and having drinks while the men worked away. {Will the pool deck ever be done? Who knows?}

Sue and Penny having cocktails by the pool after Coach, Lillie and I arrived home. #BestHouseSittersEver

When they departed on Thursday morning they asked when I might want to ‘get away’ again. Don’t tempt me ladies!

Anyhoo, all is good in my ‘hood.

I had a ‘funny thing Suz did’ post to share today, but since I just shared with you this past Monday that I drank Callies joint juice, I’ve decided to only share ONE stupid thing I did a week on the blog. You know, that way you won’t feel like I’m a danger to myself. Or you.

Raise your hand if you also have an amazing mother in law in your life or if you aspire to be one. Share away!


This And That; Find A Grave & Find A Giggle

I don’t know where I stumbled upon this but I thought it was fascinating. Find A Grave is a website that allows you to search for a grave. Anywhere. Well, it’s only for marked graves, if you bury a body in the woods, you’d better use a GPS tracker.

I found out where both my Paternal Grandparent’s Mausoleums are located (this was a mystery prior) and I could see a photo of my brother’s gravesite. Of course, I can actually drive there to see it too when I’m in GA, but it was cool nonetheless.

I was tickled to see the butterfly figurine on it; I think my Cuz Patrick left it there.

Speaking of death because who doesn’t. I was on the phone with Lolo this week and she mentioned that Nathan would be late getting home because he had to go give a Death Notice.

Me: Oh, that must really suck. Do you have to do that too?

Lolo: Oh yeah, plenty of times. I’ve learned not to pussy-foot around, you have to be clear and concise with people. If the EMT is there, they are supposed to do it, but then they just stand there with a blank face and say nothing, So I have to do it. Sissies.

{Is it just me or does Law Enforcement get to have all the fun?}

This gave me a flashback to the day my brother Mark passed away. My Dad and I were living in Florida, Mark and Mom were in GA. Mom called me really early one morning and said that Mark had been in the hospital and he had a heart attack. (He had been sick with AIDS for 2 years) We knew he wasn’t going to survive AIDS, but still it was a shock. I called my Dad and said: Mark had a heart attack.

In my 21 year old brain, that meant that he was gone.

Later that day I went to my Dad’s house and said we need to get our plans in order, so we can get up to GA and help mom with the funeral plans.

Dad: WHAT?!

Turns out, he went the whole day, NOT knowing that Mark had passed away because I didn’t say it. I assumed he knew.


As he typically did, my father went batshit crazy and started raging. Because we all know that helps.


I’m so happy I didn’t marry my father; I’ve heard that’s a thing.

And just so I don’t leave you with death on your mind…

That will always make me laugh. Always.

Anyone else make a huge faux pas when sharing bad news? Spill away.

If not, did that meme make you laugh as hard as it did me?