Christmas Crunch, Lack Of Evidence, Making Big Commitments On A Whim.

Christmas. Every.single.year it sneaks up on me. I should confer with my calendar more often. We arrived home after almost 3 weeks in Georgia last Wednesday with a to-do list that was more than I wanted to do.

Honestly, if we didn’t host the whole family on Christmas Eve, I might not have decorated at all. I’m not feeling Scrooge-ish, as I’m currently listening to Christmas Tunes and I watched the last half of It’s A Wonderful Life the other night. It’s just so much work, the decorating part. Linds was kind enough to come over Saturday night and get me going with the tree’s and really, that was all I needed get my azz in gear.

I was waiting to order Christmas cards because we generally take Family Pics around Thanksgiving, but we were missing Lolo and Nathan. We just had that BEAUTIFUL wedding with family photos, which would be lovely to share on our cards, sadly, the photographer hasn’t gotten all the pics back to us. I only have a handful of snapshots from the night; with only 3 choices that include Coach. So I made a collage type card out of some snapshots. This year, I opted to go with Costco as they are much cheaper and I’m guessing they’ll be faster than Shutterfly who took forever last year.

The only pics I have of the Coach from the wedding. And none to be seen with he and I together.

Gary Busey cleaned up as the Father Of The Bride


I need to work on the FALLING post that 77% of you want to see, {sadists!} but I’m having a hard time making a post with actual meaning and not off the cuff.


I was walking into Publix the other day and they had lovely fresh wreaths for sale.

Oh, I should get two of those for our front doors!

Then I remembered what our front doors currently look like:

Our house is being painted. *sigh* I’m happy about that, but goodness, the pool work isn’t finished and then we started this. Everything is an absolute mess outside.

A few months ago Coach asked me to make some color choices for the house after we realized the new decking made our house color look super old and outdated. I chose 3 and the painters put up some small samples.

{Our old, beige, gold-ish color next to the three samples that I chose off the internet}

We didn’t think much about the painting part, life happened, we left for GA and then had to make a commitment on paint color because paint was becoming scarce and our painters had an opening. It’s not just the house; it’s Coach’s two outbuildings-garages, the retaining walls, front entrance gate wall.

Y’all I chose a color while NOT actually seeing the color in a large area. I might need to have my head examined.

How are you guys doing Christmas-wise. Are you sending out cards and do you like it when people share family photos?


Your friend Suz who could use a therapist recommendation.

Trying to Bee Thankful & Cheerful, Let’s Bee Walkers And Not Fallers, Plus Fall!

My last post. *sigh* Still feeling forlorn. I wrote it when I was more angry than sad, if that makes any sense. Knowing and loving someone before they’re born, you feel it in your core. I’m beside myself.

The Coach and I traveled to GA with our two favorite four legged misfits.

I accidentally tried to kill Callie with a long walk the other day. It was only 25 minutes, but man, the HILLS. She was stumbling and falling; her back legs were giving out and her front legs were also quitting on her on our way back home. I would have called the Coach to come pick us up, but he left to run an errand. I apologized to her 27 times and said ‘we’re almost home’ about 36 times on our way back. Once home, she proceeded to sleep for 2 hours straight and I vowed to never take her that far again. As youthful as she might appear, 14 for a big dog means she’s a bonafide senior citizen.

Guess what is still hanging! Our version of the Hanging Chad; that stubborn, stubborn broken branch.

We were about a week too late for peak fall color, but it’s still lovely.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I never had a short dog until Lillie. Even though Callie’s bowl is tall, she manages to get her head in there to see if her elderly friend missed a kibble or two.

The weather has been mostly pleasant, but cold because you know, it’s WINTER. Which is different than our typical Florida weather.

I’m a fan of enjoying my cup of coffee as close to the fire in the morning as possible, well, that is unless *someone* brings it to me in bed which is my most favorite thing ever. I really think we need a screen of some sort though. {it’s gas and those are fake logs, but not as annoying as the old fake doors}

A few days after we found out about losing Kelly, Linds asked me how I was feeling. Me: Still sad. But she pointed out that at least since I was in the mountains, it was a good place to be sad.

She’s correct.

Speaking of Linds, she had her phone swiped while out with two of her girlfriends last weekend. She felt horrible and kind of dumb for letting it happen, but it turns out that three people had their phone swiped from the same location. How crappy is that?The good news is that she survived without a communication device for four days. For a Millennial, I think that’s the equivalent to Tom Hanks in Castaway. Right?

I hope all my friends who read this are doing well; thank you for your good thoughts.


It’s All Fun And Games Until—‘Near Death’–Elevator Anxiety

We went to St. Simons Island, GA, for my Cuz Christopher’s wedding twelve years ago.

{Vintage pic of my heart}

My Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim rented this extra-large, deluxe beach house for the entire family to stay in for the wedding weekend. It was a stunning property and home; right on the water, infinity pool, large gathering areas inside and out. The main house had four floors, and the guest house that had two more bedrooms and living areas to boot.

Our family of four had the top floor of the main house (4th floor). It was fabulous. A massive room with 2 queen beds, a sitting area, a balcony overlooking the water, a small kitchenette, and access to the elevator.

{My Mom had such a great weekend-we were all so happy to be together}

I vaguely recall us all arriving around the same time, some from Florida and some from GA and unloading all the vehicles. Trish and Jim had planned several big gatherings at the house for the weekend; breakfasts, lunches, the rehearsal dinner, etc.… so they came with a lot of baggage. 

We utilized the elevator to take items from the basement level, where the parking area was to the kitchen and beyond. 

It was one of those residential elevators that appeared to be a regular interior door until you opened it up; the door would only open if the elevator was called to your floor and available.

Of course, back then, Suz was a bigger fan of stairs because—fat burning. And my knees were in tip-top shape.

The weekend was just perfect; the whole fam-damily was there, plus old friends who were like family; it was such a festive celebration.

I remember the day before we departed, a big group of us were in the kitchen, and we could vaguely hear someone yelling and banging around.

We laughed and thought, who the heck is making all that racket? Well, a few minutes later, we realized it was my Mom, and she was trapped in the elevator; her room was on the third floor, and her knees were shot, so she used the elevator often. But this time, she couldn’t get the door to open.

My Uncle was able to get her out after about 10 minutes, she was panicked, and she also had a full bladder; we kind of poo-pooed her panic-ridden face. 

I regret that terribly.

Fast forward to the last day on the Island, and my family was packing up all our crap on the fourth floor. I decided to make it easy and load ALL our stuff onto the elevator and take it down in one trip. I called the elevator, started placing suitcases in front of the closed door. When the light let me know the elevator was here, I casually opened the door, turned back and started grabbing bags, then turned towards the elevator with them in hand to step INTO the elevator when I realized the elevator was NOT on my floor. 

All I could see was the empty shaft, the elevator car was in the basement. My heart dropped.

I was ——–this close——–to just stepping into blackness.

Thinking about it again right now, how I didn’t shat my party pants is beyond me.

I’ve always had a slight fear of heights, but I added fear of elevators to my list after this escapade. 

A few years later we were in Vegas with a large group of friends and we were staying on the 30th floor. There was not ONE time that I stepped into the elevator that I didn’t look closely at the floor and step in with trepidation. Everyone giggled at my nervous antics, but the hell with them. 

It was that same year that my Mom had read in the newspaper about an older couple who lived on St. Simons Island (or the vicinity) that had an elevator. They became trapped, with no phone, and subsequently passed away there.


I still think of that couple when I think of elevators. 

When my Aunt and Uncle were looking at homes recently, a few popped up with elevators. ME; THE HELL WITH ELEVATORS!

Anyone else have an irrational a fear of elevators? I also have a little ‘something’ with escalators, but I shouldn’t show all my crazy in one day.

Your friend Suz who might not be able to entertain you with her blog had she taken that ONE step.