Feeling Sunny In A Dismal World. Also, Funny Family Pics.

Did you know that Christmas is in exactly 2 minutes? I’ve noticed a lot of you overly joyous and organized people started decorating for Christmas back in September October November. So.very.early

Boy have I changed… Did I ever tell you that when I was about 10 I pulled the Christmas tree out of the shed in our back yard, dragged it into the house and assembled it myself before Mark could call my Mom at work. I still remember it like it was yesterday: “MOM, SUZANNE PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE!” I was told that August was too early. What a blow that was.

Anyhoo, this year I kept seeing all my little elf friends decorating to the nines and I’m over here with my head under a blanket wishing the holiday away. I’m just not feeling it. It’s not that I’m sad. Or down. I’m just not feeling the spirit of Christmas this year. If not for my kids coming over around Christmas I wouldn’t decorate at all. But I’ve decided I’ll put up the big tree this weekend and call it Christmas. There will be no Griswold Christmas or Griswold shenanigans. With that being said, we did take Christmas card pics over our Thanksgiving visit, so those will be happening.

Christmas cards: I always send them and I LOVE receiving them. I always include an updated photo of the family and write a nice note about how our year has been. You know, the highlights. There is never mention of anything bad in my updates. Even the year my Mom passed away, it wasn’t dread and sadness; forever the Pollyanna finding the positive in every situation. I used to write funny stuff about how happy I was that the girls hadn’t been arrested, joined a gang or had a *face tattoo yet. (*I had to clarify the ‘face’ part of tattoo a few years ago)

I always find the SUNNY and POSITIVE and share those points. This year, me sharing the SUNNY AND POSITIVE feels harder. Not because I don’t have any good stuff to share, it’s quite the contrary, we’ve had a good year, (business is great, we’re all healthy, Lolo is getting married) and that is hard to fathom with what I see others going through.

I struggled doing my sunny Christmas cards because my life is good. *sigh* What is wrong with me? Can I ever be happy to just be happy? Damn, my childhood scarred the heck out of me. If only Beverly would have let me leave that tree up in August of 1977, perhaps things would be different….

Or maybe I just overthink things?

The crowd in the back shouts YA THINK?

So, I ordered my cards with my sunny and positive updates on them, so if you think I shouldn’t have, it’s too damn late.

Do you want to see some of our Family photo outtakes? Of course you do, you’re always here for the pictures.

Look at my boots! No, look at ME!

Well, well, look who made it into the family photo this year! He’s officially family and he can never leave because we are the mob and I know his secrets!

Wait a minute–I HAVE CUTE BOOTS too! *Suz doing her best flamingo impression*
We were getting some ‘behind’ pics of Lolo and Nathan & when we asked them to lean into each other, he took it to the extreme.

None of those will make it onto the card this year, but I might add this one of my new boots. I’m obsessed! They’re Vionics, so I can wear them with my sad, but special feet!

(fake snake!)

Do you send out cards? If so, do you use a family photo with an update on your year? I so wish this was similar to FB and you could all drop me a family photo in the comments; that would be so fun for me!


The Kitchen Pig, The Kitchen & The Dream Pantry

Do you love looking at kitchens online? Insta-kitchen? Houzz-kitchen? Blog-kitchens? My friend Kari shared in a recent post that she loved perusing kitchen photos online.

{My kitchen pig that we’ve had forever. I loved looking at that linked post and seeing how my delightful offspring would change the messages I would try to share with my family. I retired the kitchen message pig when we renovated our kitchen but I could not get rid of him and now he’s moved to the mountains. If you were wondering, he’s loving his new digs; way better than the closet he’s been residing in for the past 5 years.}

Kari threatened me with my life if I didn’t share some pics of our GA kitchen. You know, in days like this, I’m not taking any chances on threats because people are effing bananas. I was going to share some pics of our kitchen in real life, as it was a mess this past week. But yesterday morning it was just Linds and I so I had time to clean it up before we headed home. Plus when I return I’d like to come back to a clean house since I’m not an actual pig.

Pic from the day prior when Coach was doing something (brining and then Smoking?) to the fresh caught trout our neighbor brought over.

Since last week was Thanksgiving and now it’s over, I’m gonna start with what I’m NOT thankful for. See how quickly my moods can swing? HA! Speaking of swinging. The fridge. It has nice heavy doors and it’s lovely. BUT, that door on the right? It loves to swing WIDE open and SLAM into the oven handle. See the nice dent? It’s my favorite appliance dent thus far. This was a poor design choice. But really, I’m not complaining.

Well, maybe I am, but still trying to be effing thankful for that dented refrigerator.

Coach has been creating kitchens and baths for many years, so he’s got high standards, and should I mention expensive taste when it comes to his own kitchen? This kitchen wasn’t what we might have chosen if we were building, but it is very nice and it grabbed our attention as soon as we entered this house when we were real estate shoppers. Would we have chosen white cabinets in the mountains? Probably not, as I feel that a natural wood tone would be more ‘mountainy’ but nonetheless we’re happy campers.

We do love the pendant lights and of course, that sweet cow dog; she really enjoyed her GA time.

Hold on to your kitchen perusing britches, b*tches…the one thing that made me want to hand over ALL MY MONEY for this house: The Pantry

I strongly believe that if everyone had a pantry like this, there might be world peace. If everyone was organized, surely they’d be happy people too.

Do you remember that commercial What would You do for a Klondike bar? I’ll tell you, there are a lot of things I’d do for a pantry like this. And obviously, I did-done-do-them! *Suz, blushing profusely*

Are you a kitchen loving person or would you rather it happen like a lot of things in the past, behind closed doors?