I Won’t Be Guilty Of Overwhelming My Innards & Just How Many Kids Do You Have?

Are we ever tired of looking at butterfly photos? The correct answer is no. Female Black Swallowtail; She looks like a work of art to me.

I’m a supplement whore

I take the bulk of my vitamins and supplements in the morning. However, I’m not one to ingest them all in one big gulp {gag} like someone who is very close to me does.

I take one to two at at time over a 30-45 minute period. How my brain works: Taking all of my vitamins at once might confuse my body, so I spread the process out over the early part of the day.

This next part really has nothing to do with that, but:

I noted after a conversation with Lolo a few months ago, that she might have something similar going on in her brain. She didn’t mail ALL of her Save The Date wedding notices at once, but instead spread them out to about a dozen a day over a 3-4 day time frame. I can only assume she didn’t want to overwhelm the post office.

OR she just didn’t address them all at once. I didn’t ask.

BTW: Several of her ‘save the dates’ never made it to their destination. Post office be damned.

Which makes me wonder if my vitamins are actually making it to where they need to be or if they’re in limbo; perhaps hanging out in my esophagus or trapped behind a lung, confused as hell.

The Bumper Sticker(s)

Recently, I was behind a car that had two cute bumper stickers; I’ve blogged before about how I don’t fully comprehend the allure of bumper stickers, but these were giggle worthy. 

One sticker said: Grocery Gettin’ Loser Cruiser. 

It took me a minute, but then I gathered that this person had a life similar to many of us; their biggest outings were to the grocery store.

And the other bumper sticker read: Honk if a kid falls out. 

That one was pure gold.

I really wanted to catch up with her at a light and let her know she made my day, sadly the traffic didn’t care about me trying to give compliments and effed up my opportunity.

Well, that’s all the head scratching entertainment I have for you this week. I’m not even going to bitch about mention the gas hoarders and the fact that they almost ruined my road trip yesterday from FL to GA .

Anyone else worried about confusing their insides? Bueller. Bueller?


Everyone Has A Job

I don’t want to brag, but all of my people are gainfully employed. Well, almost everyone.

I might talk complain about Lolo going back into law enforcement quite a bit, but Lindsay has also made a huge leap this year and thank the good Lord it doesn’t involve wearing body armor.

A few months ago she was in a quandary regarding her employment. She loved her job managing/tending bar at a Kava Bar, but the owners were asshats and her position was lacking structure/consistency.

Today she’s in a totally different work field; there’s a rumor that her Mom and Sister might have pushed her a bit to move out of her comfort zone.

She is now the First Face anyone sees when they enter into our Manufacturing Facility.

And what a lovely face it is.

She’s an account manager, working in our administrative department and she’s doing a bang up job. Her supervisor (who does not share her DNA) and other employees rave about how sweet, bright & respectful she is. She’s 100% more efficient than the person she replaced; she’s detail oriented and takes a lot of pride in her position.

She mentioned to me one day: Why wouldn’t I work my ass off here, this place paid for everything in my life.

She has a valid point.

It’s ok, I’ve got a job.

This phrase might have started 10 years ago when the Coach wanted to purchase or do something that I thought was expensive, he would always say: “It’s ok, I’ve GOT a job, I can pay for it.”

It started to become his go-to phrase. And he DOES have a job and he has worked his azz off to build our company over the past 24 years to become as successful as it is.

Once the kids were in school, it was always my intention to go back to work; possibly in a position at our company, but then we both realized it was much better for me to tend to the house, the kids and the critters. This gave me endless possibilities to be there for the girls and I volunteered for the PTA and the girls teachers and I was an active Girl Scout leader for many years. Ya’ll I was a Busy Bee. So, while I technically DID NOT have a job that warranted a paycheck, I held many positions.

For the past 6 years I’ve been the Official Office Party Planner and I write a monthly newsletter for our (75) employees. So, I’m earning my keep, still without a paycheck but it’s ok, I’m in charge of the household funds, so I know where all the money is hidden.

A phrase as old as time.

I speak with my girls on the phone at least once a week, probably more. And we text all.the.time.

When on the phone though, one will mention to me something that sounds innocent: “yeah, I’m on my way home from work“.

Suz: “Oh, bragging about having a job again are you“?

This always cracks us up and the girls almost always say the same thing: “Mom, you have lots of jobs and stay busier than most people”.

It’s so nice that they’ve never seen me as only a stay at home Mom. My work is appreciated, even now.

Anyhoo, all that to say we’re super proud of our Lindsay for stepping out and trying something she kind of resisted, but is SO very good at doing. It reminds me of when she was eight and I signed her up for Hip Hop dance classes; when the day came to start she was petrified, crying and said NO, she wasn’t going. I gave her a push and she ended up dancing (and loving it) from then until she was 18. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the direction that makes us uncomfortable.


Revisiting The Baby Book

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d revisit a story about Bev; I shared this on the blog shortly after she passed away. I know she was laughing her heavenly azz off.

My Mother was a very special kind of Mom.  She was the kind that loved us immensely, but also thought we could figure things out ourselves; you know, the opposite of today’s helicopter parenting ways.

  • She was the Mom who worked long/late hours as a waitress after my parents divorced.
  • She was the Mom that laughed a lot, but also the kind that yelled when her kids were slobs. And we were.
  • She was the Mom that didn’t really teach her kids how to NOT be slobs, but expected us to know this.
  • She was the Mom that filled out every page of the baby book given to her when her babies were born.

Wait. WHAT? I meant to say is she was the kind that filled out every page of the baby book given to her when her FIRST child was born; you remember him, Mark the most beautiful child on the planet.

       Here is the first of many pages filled out  in Mark’s book.

                       There is a family tree for Mark. 

Here is Suzanne’s first page of vital information. 

 Here is a family tree for Suzanne to cherish for the rest of her life.

You can’t read invisible ink either?

Actually when I found this completely blank book after she’d passed away in 2015, I had a really good laugh.  

The fact that she’d kept the book for 48 years was astonishing. 48 YEARS. I know she was laughing with me. 

Hey, she was busy for those entire 48 years; it’s not like she wasn’t gonna get to it.  Right?   

Although, I was pretty excited to see that I did get mentioned in Mark’s book for his Fifth Christmas. 


New sister is Suzanne.

Beverly, I wasn’t THAT new; I was 3 months old and I did have a name.  Gosh I wish she were here when I found this; we could’ve laughed about this one forever.

I miss you Bev!

{The poll was a flop, I couldn’t get it to work properly, so it’s GONE}

And in case you’re wondering, I finished the baby books for both of my girls. What can I say? I was an overachiever when it came to Mothering.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothering Friends; whether you are mothering humans, critters, or friends. Taking care of other’s makes the world a better place.