It’s Not A Holiday Until Someone Becomes {slightly} Injured

We had a small, but lovely Thanksgiving. Linds flew to GA on Wednesday and we enjoyed quality time together. Before she had arrived she did some trail research; our neighborhood has a plethora of trails; primitive, paved, easy, moderate, strenuous.

Fifteen minutes after we arrived at the house, Linds: Mama, can we go on a short hike? I found one that looks good and it will be easy; maybe forty five minutes.

I checked my watch and realized I had NOTHING planned, so off we went.

I’ve not been proficient at finding the starting points of trails other than the one that I drive by every time we come or go from the house. The one she found was further away, surely I could find it.

Since this was to be a short hike, we decided to bring Lillie. We hopped in the car and headed to where we thought the starting point was for this particular hike with the end destination being a smallish waterfall.

It took us about 40 minutes to realize, that we started too far away.

Living and learning.

It was chilly and a bit overcast, but not terrible weather, even for a couple of Florida girls.

We walked. And walked. And walked. We realized we really didn’t know what we were doing when we started this hike. The “falls” that we were in search of, were alluding us. But, an hour and half INTO our walk, finally we saw signs for the falls. Of course, we passed a PARKING LOT very near where the falls* were located.


It was pretty funny actually, and we were giggling at our not knowing what the heck we were doing. {I had no actual fears of being lost, we were in the ‘hood, with directional signs and cell service}

We found several sweet spots for a rest if we cared to. Linds took a breather here and I snapped a photo. Isn’t she a doll?

Lillie. Oh, Lillie LOVED walking and forged ahead of us the entire time, never slowing down. So, as I was snapping a pic of my adorable daughter with my cell phone, Lillie decided she was tired of standing around and took off, while I was holding her leash with one hand, my cell phone with the other. Picture me trying to step OVER tree roots, wet leaves, a little mud and keep up with my little doggie.

I lost my footing and did a, well, it was quite a spectacular maneuver. Have you ever made a Three Point Turn in your car?

I completed a Three Point Fall.







It was hilarious. My cellphone survived. My parts survived. I could not stop laughing. Linds could not stop laughing once she realized I was ok.

Honestly, I wish there had been video evidence of my onto the wet earth, just so I can see if it looked as crazy as it felt.

About 10 minutes later we found the Falls*.

We were having such a good time, we thought about going further, but by this point we only had an hour and a half until sunset and it took us that long to make it this far.

On our way back, my daughter Grace managed to roll not one, but both ankles about 15 minutes apart. The second one, had there not been a tree for her to grab onto, might have seen her careening down a steep decline that wound’t have been pretty. Not sure that Lillie and I could have carried her back.

Two and a half hours.

Five miles.

Not such a quick jaunt in the woods.

Oh, and when we were back at the house, Linds was looking at trail/waterfall photos online and realized that what we THOUGHT was the fall that we found, indeed was NOT the fall that we were looking for.

We need a re-do.

So, that was our first adventure over Thanksgiving.

There is another FALL that happened and it was a bit more severe. And it was caught on video. Should I share? Does it amuse you to see your friends fall?

I’ve be a busy bee and hoping to catch up with you all soon.


From The Bottom Of My Heart And Living With Busey

Thank you all so much for your kindness. Your comments mean more to me than you can imagine.

Callie warming her old bones by the fire.

I have a funny story to tell you.

Back in the day, I always cut the Coach’s hair; like from the time we met in 1985 until 2015. The only reason I stopped cutting his hair in 2015 is because I spent a lot of time in Georgia taking care of my Mom when she was sick. Luckily, he found a great barber and we both loved how Barber Dave cut his hair; I declared he should stick with Dave. I retired my shears.

A few weeks ago, before we left for GA the coach was super busy and didn’t get over to see Barber Dave. We figured he’d find a barber in GA before Thanksgiving. Then when I mentioned how long his hair was getting, he confessed that he was afraid to find a new barber because the few times he had to use someone other than Dave it wasn’t a good outcome.

Therefore his hair was just was growing. And growing.

He and I were running errands the other day and stopped at a place to have some lunch. The Coach sat down at the table and removed his ball cap. (his mother taught him well)

Me with a sour face: You look like Gary Busey.

This Is How Gary Busey Lost All Of His Money
Pic borrowed from here

My sometimes clueless husband said: Thank you.

Me: That is NOT a compliment.

We decided then and there to stop at a store after lunch and purchase some hair sheers so I could take care of Gary’s hair.

On the drive to the store he asked: Would you ever sleep with Gary Busey?

Me: Oh, I already have, so yeah.

Coach: Really?

Me: yeah, we were both really tipsy one night and it just happened.

He shook his head and giggled.

Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for you. And Gary. And barbers.


Mildred and Chris

I swear, my blog won’t always be about death after this post.

Near the end of September I was feeling heavy and asked for you, my dear blog friends to say some prayers for my friends Mildred and Chris.

I’d met Chris through blogging in 2009; she wrote about her life, just as I did. We connected over our love of boxers and our enjoyment of absolute silliness. After a few years, she quit blogging, but we were Facebook friends. She was a sweet woman who had many health challenges over the years, but she always had this lovely outlook on life; she really lived each moment and rarely wallowed over her ailments. She loved to send me cute butterfly or bee photos or some funny jokes via messenger. I was sad to learn that her body was failing her via one of her sons, and then she passed away a week later. Chris was in her early 60’s.

I can only hope that there is a heaven where Chris will be surround by boxer puppies & rescue cats and that her body is healthy and strong.

My sweet friend Mildred had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months ago. She went into this with a positive attitude, jumping through all the damn insurance hoops to start chemo. Sadly, the chemo was taking a toll on not only her, but her family who she is the sole caretaker of.

My heart broke for her. Still though, she kept her sunny outlook although she had wished for more time to do all the things she wanted to do.

She opted for home hospice to make it easier on her family, and then last Monday the pain was too much and she opted to go to a hospice facility. Her husband emailed me on Saturday morning letting me know she had passed away.

{the Busy Bee girls with Mildred 2010}

It was a mere 11 years ago that we finally met up in person ; we’d already been blog friends for several years. While the girls and I were visiting my Mom in GA the four of us took a 40 minute ride over to see Mildred and her husband. We had such a great visit; Mildred took us to an interesting art boutique for some shopping therapy, then we picked up lunch and ate together at their home. Ironically, that very art boutique has now added a wine/music venue and I’ve been there several times as it’s very close to our GA house. Thank you Mildred for that introduction.

Mildred and John moved away from the GA area several years ago, so that was our one and only in-person visit. We snail-mailed and emailed often and she was SO darn excited for Lolo’s wedding. I was happy to email her some ‘not ready to share with the pubic’ photos a few weeks ago. Even the day before she left for hospice, she was emailing me and saying how much she loved my family and was so happy and proud of our daughters. (Mildred did not have any children herself)

Mildred was the sweetest soul and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She always left the sweetest comments and sometimes she would think of something after the fact and email me whatever she thought of, sometimes it was something silly that she didn’t think the entire internet needed to know.

I can only hope that there is a heaven for Mildred where she will reconnect with her parents whom she adored, be surrounded by happy dachshunds and that she can eat endless desserts without gaining a pound.

Life truly is fleeting.

If I’m not back later this week, it’s been fun.

If I’m back later, I might have something silly to talk (or complain) about.

Did any of you realize that you could find lovely friends through blogging? I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

Thank you for being here with me; my friends who live in my computer actually live in my heart too.


Your friend Suz