The One Where You Dance Like Everyone IS Watching. You Know, The First One.

Lolo was over a few weekends ago and we discussed songs for their first dance. Wait, DID I TELL YOU THERE IS GOING TO BE A WEDDING?

Oh, I did? 49 times? really? *snicker snicker*

Photos by Ailyn La Torre Photography

She’s struggling come up with a first dance song for them and since Nathan has jumped ship for the Marines, his input is mute. I worry that she/they are so untraditional that if one is not chosen, it will be scrapped from the event and I’ll be over in a corner crying.

Wait: Lets backtrack for a moment, shall we? I mentioned that they are untraditional, but really, not in that weird way that some people are. She’s a bit more feminist about things and they’re more spiritual than religious. I was at their home about 6 months ago; we were talking about something and I noticed on the dining room table Lolo had hand embroidered table napkins. (we love cloth napkins in this family) What did she embroider on them? Characters from Star Wars because who doesn’t. You know, CP30, Darth and the like. I noted how cute they were and I know how much they both love Star Wars because deep down inside they are just the sweetest nerds. They both stood there and with a serious face Lolo said:

Oh, we’ve decided that I will walk down the aisle to the theme song from Star Wars.


They both laughed and said they were kidding. I swear, I thought they were serious. And did you notice how I took this as a “IT’S an ABOUT ME” thing?

Back to choosing a song. I love this song by Train: Marry Me. Whenever I hear it I think: “this would be the perfect song for their first dance” and whenever I mention it to Lolo she says NO; too obvious Mom.

I told the Coach a few months ago the same thing: This would be the perfect first dance for Lolo and Nathan, but they don’t like it. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t they do what I want? He laughed and said NO.


“You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. “

While she was here Lolo and I did come up with some nice non-traditional songs that are not obvious she’s gonna think about.

Now, lets really make this about me. And he.

The Coach and I were married in 1991. I was 23, he was 25. I believe I chose the song and he showed up. What did we have our first dance to as husband and wife?

I’ll give you four choices and if you pick the right one I’ll mail you a plaque handwritten in calligraphy stating that you are the Official Smartest Guesser On The Planet. Or at least on this blog.

Some songs are just a classic and never go out of style and some, well, some are just forgettable.

Please share your best guess and if YOU were/are married, share your first dance song.


The One Where I {should} Finally Get A Network TV Show

Tuesday evening I was in the backyard with the pups and they were doing what pups do and I was doing what I do; checking out my plants, caterpillars and having gentle conversations with butterflies passing me by. (I feel the need to tell each one how beautiful they are; I can’t help it) I noticed an old, withered monarch sitting in the grass. They don’t usually hang out in the grass, so I picked her up and put her on a salvia bloom safely out of Lillies mouth reach. I immediately recognized her as I’ve seen her flitting about my various garden areas over the past few days; she was recognizable by her one partial and almost see-through wings. She has seen some days and lots of weather. Monarchs here generally live 2-6 weeks and I’d say she’s seen close to six weeks from the looks of her.

I decided she might need a little help in the food department and who can turn down a juicy tangerine? No one, that’s who.

You can see her proboscis reaching out for nectar; this is the little tube they ingest their food from. I squeezed the tangerine to make more juice for her; this is the equivalent of a bartender filling up my wine glass. MORE, please.

Honestly, we don’t hear that many planes over our house so I can only assume that was the Discovery Channel or Nat Geo coming in close for a story.

*Still waiting for them to make an offer I can’t refuse contact*

I saw her a few times on Wednesday as well; still flying, eating, acting as she should.

On Thursday morning we found her again in the grass and moved her onto a plant for some nutrients. She’s missing a bit more of her wing but seems to be in good spirits. I mean, if she was in bad spirits she was disguising it. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few days was that the males were still coming in hot for her. Just goes to show you, Cougars also have a commodity in nature.


I’ve thought about bringing her in and placing her in a mesh cage to keep her safe and happily fed, but decided she was meant to be out there, doing her thing for the rest of her days.

I do have one monarch that I’ve had in captivity for almost 3 weeks. Don’t get all crazy and call PETA this one has a virus (using layman terms here) that is very contagious to all the caterpillars/plants/butterflies in the gardens, so it was either keep her away from the others or go all Jack Kevorkian (freezer) on her.

Suz: making life & death decisions on the daily.

Happy Friday my sweet friends. Wishing you all a peaceful (easy feeling) weekend doing something that doesn’t require life & death decisions, but if you have to: CHOOSE LIFE.

Now leave a note or I’ll put you in the freezer with the others.


2021 Can Return The Unwanted Gifts, My New Bestie And I’m Starting To Feel Like A Chatty Cathy.

Happy Friday to all 8 of you!

Baby, it’s hot outside.

My heart breaks for all of you who are going through winter hell right now. Pretty shitty of you 2021. NO power? NO water? That’s horrid. I spoke to my girlfriend who lives in North Texas and they were without power for over 40 hours. She said it was 45 degrees INSIDE their home and they slept in ski clothes. That does not sound pleasant at all. I certainly wish we could send some warmth and sunshine to everyone affected. As I type this (Thursday afternoon) it’s 85*. I took the dogs out to the sundeck for a bit to catch some Vitamin D and enjoy the breeze and butterflies who were swarming us.

I’ve dealt with no power/water from hurricanes, but we were never COLD at the same time. I’m sending good vibes, positive mojo and prayers out there for all affected because I just can’t imagine.

Transition to Lillie and my needy ass self.

Do I blog talk too much?

Thinking of taking a break. Not for me. FOR YOU. I feel like you might be over of my being repetitive about dogs, butterflies, Georgia, and my disdain for olives. Goodness. Just typing that word and I can smell ’em. Oh and teeth. Here I go again…

I have this image of me taking a long blog break, I come back, start to type something and then I have to say: Oh, I can’t share that with you because “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

Friends might have been my most favorite (light hearted) sitcom ever.

But before I jump ship, your life would not be complete without knowing this: The Coach and I can NOT get over Lillie’s apparent overbite. She shows us her teeth even when she’s not threatening to eat us. We giggle about it all the time. And that led me to wonder: Does SHE actually have an overbite or is she afflicted with very small lips? OR is she smiling at us? Maybe she’s JUST one of those weird people who smiles all the time.

WHO KNOWS? This is The Question for 2021.

It’s both the weirdest and cutest thing ever. She reminds me of this guy:

Also, I’m completely smitten with her, you could say borderline obsessed.

Totally didn’t need to type borderline.

Did you notice I referred to her as a ‘people’ up there?

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. (~Forrest Gump!)

The Coach is coaching ALL weekend, so if you need me I’ll be working in the yard, brushing Lillie’s teeth OR stretching her lips.

Whats on the agenda for the weekend? Do we even call it a weekend anymore?