Thankful, Grateful, Belly-full, Chad-less

We had an amazing Thanksgiving in the Mountains and all my chickens came to roost.. Or visit. Or eat. You know what I mean.

Lolo was scheduled to work, but at the last minute her sergeant gave her some time off; she and Mattis drove up on Wednesday. (She’s on light duty, still recovering from knee surgery, so she wasn’t ‘needed’, for which I’m thankful for)

Nathan has been away doing intense Bomb Squad Training in Alabama for six weeks, so it was only a 3 hour drive for him to come and see us.

My Cuz Patrick came to visit my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim who are only 8 minutes away. I still pinch myself that they are so close.

Linds, her BF Mike, Coach’s dad and step mom flew up on Wednesday, so we almost had the whole FamDamily.

It had been terribly cold prior to their arrival; mornings at 27*-30*, with afternoon highs of 43*. I know for my Canadian and Northern friends, that’s nothing, but for us thin blooded Florida people: It was freeze random-body-parts-off-cold. On Wednesday, the weather Gods threw us a bone and we were now having temps around 55*-60* in the afternoon. We could finally use our deck and porch area, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday night was Pizza Night. The Coach loves making pizza in his authentic wood fired oven; this is a fun time for all of us. He’s got mad pizza tossing skills!

FUN FACT: Did I ever share that Coach worked in a popular pizza restaurant in our home town while in High School? This place was the bomb and I should know because my Mom was a waitress there for many years; I spent many an afternoon filling up salt shakers and stealing maraschino cherries from behind the bar. We moved from the area only three years before Coach started working there.

Back to present day…

Our time together involved lots of dog holding, lunch on the deck, fire pit s’mores, a ‘when is this game gonna end’ of Uno and lots of laughter. Oh, and FOOD.

Cue the Random Photo Montage:


Recently, we had some trees removed because of invasive Asian beetles and the tree guys took it upon themselves to rid us of our hanging chad. Had I been here, I would have asked them to leave it and let Mother Nature do her thing in time. I had a love-hate relationship with Chad. RIP CHAD.

Our view has forever changed, but I’m really NOT complaining.

So, how was your day?

Did you have endless amounts of fun mixed in with endless amounts of cleaning up pee accidents? Those, by the way were not from the humans laughing, but the dogs.


Pre Thanksgiving {Putting Off Priorities} Peanut Update

I have a bazillion things to do, but here I am at my ‘puter.

Things I’ve said this past week:

What were we thinking?

She’s a hawt mess.

Good Lord. This DOG!!!

There is something seriously wrong with her.

My husband has repeatedly said: She’s a puppy.

Me: Nope, she has been dropped on her head at least thrice.

I will not share the nasty details of why I think this because it’s quite disgusting, but this girl was either trapped/locked in a crate/box for, I have no idea how long. I’m just hoping these disgusting habits can be trained out of her. I will be contacting a professional because this is beyond my wheelhouse.

ThankYouBabyJesus there are some cute antics that almost make up for the disgusting stuff.


Like, how long can I stay mad when she’s eager to assist with the laundry?

And there is nothing cuter than when she’s sleeping.

I take back the cute sleeping part because when it’s actually bed time, she wants to be ON TOP OF ME, which I can kind of understand, people dream of that stuff, but I’m a ‘need my own space’ while sleeping girl, so this has become a battle of wits. Also, does she have so snore so loud DIRECTLY IN MY EARHOLE?

We should have named her Bunny because look at her butt and look at that hop up the deck stairs.

We’re enjoying our Georgia time, but it’s a bit chilly for Lillie; who knew our Georgia rescue girl was really a Florida girl? Aside from the cold, she’s had some not-so-good days and just when I think it’s time to make That Phone Call For That Decision, she rallies and acts like her old self.

Ok. I really should be cleaning and prepping for guests and Turkey day; I’ve put it off for far too long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA and Happy third week of November to everyone else.

I’m VERY thankful for all of you who visit my little spot on the Internet. XOXO

I’m Requesting More Hours In The Day and I’m A Glutton For Punishment: Our New Refugee.

I’m having a hellofa time keeping up with everything lately. Remember back when we were in lockdown and how we hated it? Well, I’d give my left middle finger to be locked down for a few weeks. I’m tired of going to the places AND doing the things.

Oh, and this:

*sigh*. We’re fine, just some rain & wind & wind & rain. None of which, is good for my hair.

I’ve not had time to write a proper blog post and when I’ve had a minute to do some blog reading, my blog reader is FULL of new posts. You are some talky people, aren’t you?

Can You Volunteer For A Lobotomy?

We added a small amount of chaos into our lives this past week.

Sure, she’s adorable looks like a fruit bat mated with an opossum when she’s sleeping. But that lasts about 10 minutes and the rest of the time she’s peeing, begging for food or peeing.

I’ve said forever that I would never get a puppy, nor would I ever purchase a dog.Well, I didn’t purchase, but she IS a bonafide puppy. She’s a rescue refugee from Ukraine.

To answer a few possible questions:

She’s an almost five month old French Bulldog that doesn’t speak French, Ukrainian or English.

After much debate we named her Peanut. Who would have thought naming a dog would be so hard…I mean, I had to share creative control with the Coach or else she’d be named Sasha or Nikita. He might have thought he was a rapper for a minute when he wanted to name her Shawty. Shawty?

Lillie has been fine with her; mostly indifferent, but she also has a little spring in her step.

Watching the damn rain.

I’ll share all the details soon, but first, we are busy with friends, family, Thanksgiving. You know, All The Things.

I’ll catch up (or not) with you guys later in the month, or when I have a free moment.

If you need me, I’ll be found wandering the yard (potty training) carrying training treats in my sports bra or in the house cleaning up pee.



A few months ago I thought I would have time to write a cute post in honor of Coach’s 57th birthday on 10/14, but then realized we would be out and about most of October, and then life just kept happening, and here I am playing catch up.

In honor of my husbands (belated) birthday, I thought I’d share with you some of his favorite phrases. I’ll spare you the Dad jokes; he’s got some doozies, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of this pertinent information in one day.

We enjoy a fun T-shirt around here.
  • Sorry about your luck. This comes up quite a bit for anyone and anything that goes wrong. You dropped your sandwich in the dirt? Sorry about your luck. You were late for an important date? Sorry about your luck. You didn’t win the lottery? Sorry about your luck. I’m not saying he isn’t empathetic, but you know, sorry about your luck.
  • I don’t believe I will. Hey Coach, do you want to have a glass of wine? I don’t believe I will. Do you want to share this salad with me? I don’t believe I will. In his mind simply stating NO isn’t an option.
  • Sucks to be you. This comes up when something bad has happened and it can work interchangeably with Sorry About Your Luck. Again, he only uses it for not really important things. If your dog died, he’d shed tears with you.
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This phrase comes up whenever he’s talking to someone about a big project, someone stressing about something, someone overwhelmed, etc… Not sure why we have to eat an elephant, but the phrase does make sense because with any big issue, you tackle it with one bite at a time.
  • I’d rather bite the nuts off of Godzilla than to tell my wife no. I don’t know where this came from but I’ve heard him say it to people and I really don’t get it. He HAS said NO to me. Once.
  • PPP {Piss Poor Planning} Oh, you knew you had lots of time to get that project completed, but waited till the last minute? Piss Poor Planning. While driving on the highway witnesesing another driver: Oh, you waited too long to merge? Piss Poor Planning! I find myself saying PPP under my breath quite a bit…

Some friends of ours have a screen printing business and they enjoy it when the Coach does his big charity pork smokes, so they custom made some T-shirts for him:

I giggle each time I see him wearing that one up there; he literally WILL cook for all you effers.

Does your husband, father, brother, uncle’s second cousin have any funny phrases that you have grown to love?