Thankful & Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t want anyone to call the po-po for a well check on me because I’ve been MIA. We’re up in the mountains for our first holiday and I’m finding myself busy doing things outside of my ‘puter.

It’s a lovely cool, crisp and sunshiny kind of time and we’re totally digging the change in weather and scenery. Callie made her first trip up with no issues, of course the RX from her vet certainly helped with the 9 1/2 hour drive. Next time, I’m joining in on the fun because she was very chill with Coach’s driving.

{Anyone reading this and thinking about busting into our place, we do have people staying there taking care of the property and butterfly-sitting} 😀

Our girls will be arriving soon and I’m looking forward to time together as the past two Thanksgiving’s Lolo was not with us; she was patrolling the streets of Fort Myers one year and last year she was in Grad school with not enough time to get home. I know someone will be shaking their head thinking that there will be hugging and smooching, we will be cautious, and two of our group had precautionary covid tests this week and were negative. Our home is large enough that everyone has their own space. *sigh* I miss my people something fierce. We will enjoy some fresh mountain air together and I will catch up with you next week.

Enjoy your holiday. I know a bunch of you are not going to see anyone outside of your home and I hope that you still find some joy in your days; life is short and we are blessed to be here each and every day.


Have You Looked Under Your Bed Lately?

My friend Kelly suggested to me a few weeks ago that I should listen to a podcast she stumbled upon called Haunted AF. She learned how much I enjoy podcasts on our last drive up to GA; it’s a great way to pass the time.

This Haunted podcast is basically two hosts who talk with real people and their ghostly encounters. Some are your regular run of the mill ghosts, you know, Casper the friendly one, but some mention encounters with demons. Regular ghosts frighten me, but demons, devils & satan? They scare the BeJesus out of me.

I just drank holy water after I typed that.

I was hanging with the podcasts and this kind of being scared stuff until I listened to a podcast where people who were listening TO the podcasts were saying that they were starting to have MORE ghostly encounters and they thought it was BECAUSE they were listening to the podcasts. As if a ghost can travel through a podcast. Right? I mean that is preposterous!

Can we blame a haunting on my bad hair in 7th grade?

Earlier this week I had some time in the car, so I gave it a try. I was enjoying it in a kind of scared, but still interested type of way.

*Suz looks deeper into her car speaker*

Literally the hairs were standing up on the back of my neck as I listened to a few stories from podcast listeners who were having said encounters. So, I immediately stopped listening to the podcasts because I was not taking a chance on my ghost trying to invade my life again. No flipping way Jose.

That post/link right up there is 100% true and I pray to never relive something like that again. If you care to read it, this is part two of that link up there.

I still get chills reading it, because it’s so vivid in my mind it could have been yesterday and not 40 years ago.

13 year old Suz; haunted AF

If you’re into scary stories and you aren’t afraid of them coming to get you through your speaker, take a listen. BONUS: they feature a “Dead Pet Of The Week” too; who knew pets could haunt you? I’m gonna have a seance and see if I can bring back my Cocoa bean.

Have any of you had any ghostly encounters?