{Almost} Wordless Wednesday*Georgia On My Mind*

Snippets of our visit

  • The dogs and I have loved opening up the doors to the porch. Imagine that: OPENING A DOOR.
  • They love soaking up the sun on a cool-ish day.
  • For some reason stick bugs LOVE the front glass doors. Peeping Sticks?
  • The sunrises and sunsets both bring great colors. Of course, I’m more apt to see a sunset because I’m a night owl. Note: THAT one hanging-down-in-the-view broken branch has been there for a year. We keep wondering: When will it fall? Or can we swing something heavy out there to make it drop?

  • I couldn’t resist this sign for the guest bath because I love calling my people Filthy Animals.

  • I stumbled upon my Aunt and Uncles wedding cake topper while helping them unpack. My first response: Aunt Trisha, I didn’t know you were a Praying Mantis!? I suppose after 54 years, UJ is lucky he’s only lost his head.

Did anyone else save their wedding topper?

Does your mate still have all their parts?

I said what I had to say, now it’s your turn.


26 thoughts on “{Almost} Wordless Wednesday*Georgia On My Mind*

  1. Bijoux

    We do have our cake topper. I had it custom made to match our hair color and husband’s tux!

    We call those creatures Walking Sticks. And that branch would annoy me. I guess it’s too high up to throw something at it?

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    1. I thought it was funny that my Aunt’s cake topper has blonde hair; she has NEVER had blonde hair, but maybe in 1967 you couldn’t be choosy.
      Also, they met labor day weekend and were married on December 30. OF the same year. And no, she wasn’t even preggers.


  2. What a view! You’ll never, ever tire of it, stick or not.

    Love, love, LOVE your bathroom duck. I really need one for my lakehouse. And not for the bathroom, either. I want it for my fireplace hearth.

    We had fresh flowers for our cake topper. Now I wish we had had ducks or praying mantises. (Mantii?)

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  3. I, too, was more focused on the duck. Love the cake topper. Hilarious. I still have ours – it was a an Irish thing, of course. A flat gold Claddagh symbol mounted on a round white lattice like thing. Love the GA house/view. Your aunt and uncle got married on my birthday – a few years before I was born. 😉

    When Coach told Tank the facts of life, Tank compared it to praying mantises. He was like OH, PRAYING MANTISES DO THAT. THEN THE FEMALE BITES OFF THE FEMALE’S HEAD. (or something)


    We died laughing later behind closed doors.

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    1. Who knew my duck would be so popular?

      You are Irish through and through!
      Funny about the birds, bees and mantis talk. Yes, they do bite off the head of their mate after mating. I’m gonna say that’s worse than a bad ‘review’ of your mate!

      They got married the same year I was born, so it’s easy for me to remember.


  4. Maddie

    Ohhhhh that view. Didn’t notice the hanging dead branch until you mentioned it but I think it adds an interesting non-stressful element. Low stakes (dish duty, back massage) wagers could be placed. I love how we can always count on nature to make life better (another example is your stick guy. We had a praying mantis hanging out on a window screen for hours a few days ago. Neat little dude.)

    Add me to the list of duck fans. 🙂

    Also, I’m replying late (ha!) to the question you posed last post but yes, I always RSVP to invites and I even use the reply method requested. The non-replies must be very, very frustrating. I’m glad you have that gorgeous view and the hanging stick to distract you! Thank goodness for nature!

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    1. Nature does throw in some interesting things for us to watch; like weird bugs!

      The view is amazing and I enjoy it all of the days; rain, sun, cold, etc…

      Lolo has all the RSVPs sorted out now. She only had to contact a few people and we now have our official number!


    1. Thank you for your sweet compliment. We love it here.

      Walking sticks. Stick bugs. All those phrases work. I had to look them up and they’re all Phasmatodea, which is Greek to me. There are about 3000 different species of them around the world; they mostly look like what is found in their natural surroundings.
      Look at that. I learned something today!


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