My Day To Shine, I Just Wish It Wasn’t In My Eyes And Enjoying A Dirty Bird or Three.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Lolo was scheduled to work, but had sustained a work/training injury which stinks, but she was at least able to join us on Sunday. {She’s on the mend} Lindsay and I had scheduled Saturday afternoon together doing something fun and creative at AR Workshop. I’d never been to one of these workshops before but I’ve seen friends who created wood stuff like this:

Honestly, it wasn’t looking like my vibe. I’m not into painted wood, things with our names on them, the phrase “Live, Laugh, Love” makes me want to shank someone and don’t get me started on lazy Susans; it’s offensive to all Susans and especially someone who is often referred to as Susan.

But they offered a chunky knit blanket class and I’m all about chunky and blankets.

It took us three hours to create these ONE OF A KIND blankets by hand. We had a lot of fun; there were only five of us total in the class and there was much laughter.

When we finished the child lady who owns this particular franchise said: Let’s go outside where there is GOOD light for a photo.

Um, Linds and I can hardly keep our light colored eyes open in NOT GOOD LIGHT; it was much too bright. Linds was able to fight through it for at least one pic, I could not. To quote my daughter: “You look like someone stepped on your foot”. Hence the blurring out of my pained face.

Do you think we could see them for hundreds of dollars since they are ONE OF A KIND? Prolly not.

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden of Soup, Salad and Breadsticks MINUS olives because gross.

Guess who loves my blanket as much as I do?

On Sunday we met for lunch at our Marina. It’s always a delightful meal with lots of laughter when we’re all together. I appreciated the fact that Lauren and Nathan drove an hour and a half to be there.

Wait. What? Is that an extra human in our family pic?

My girls always make me feel special, but on Mother’s Day, I feel EXTRA special.

I tell them not to buy me prezzies; just your TIME, undying love and a card is all I require. Lolo {ironically} broke the law with this mug and it filled my heart with all sorts of sassy love.

I can’t think of a better way to start my day other than with a mug full of innuendos.

Amiright or amiright?

Have you been to an AR Workshop? When we were there, the creative wood stuff didn’t look nearly as cheesy as it did online. But you’ll never convince me to have “Live, Love, Laugh” written anywhere in my home.


I’m Feeling Like A Salty Rock Star.

Ya’ll! I’ve been working my biscuits off for the past few weeks on our upper deck/lanai area. I was an eager beaver to get it going after all the pool/deck work was done and before Florida turns into hellfire; 6we are on the cusp of that already with temps in the mid 90’s. The beds were there from before, but had to be updated because the area was trashed from all the work.

I had (40) 30lb bags of Mexican Beach Rocks delivered. (I still need 15 more). I lugged the bags of rocks in my little girl wheelbarrow which can only fit four at a time, from the driveway around the back of the house UPHILL and to the deck.

*Doing the math: 120lbs each load x 10 trips. It’s as hard as it sounds, no wonder I’ve been exhausted.

I’ve also manipulated and updated all my drip irrigation lines in the rock beds to my potted plants and in-ground plants.

*Adds Irrigation Specialist to resume.

It was hell getting the pool and deck finished. We realized early on that our pool contractors were possessed by satan. *sigh* I’ll forever loathe those people.


This is a little video clip I found on my phone of the pool area on a rainy day from a few years ago. BEFORE

I tried to place the videos side by side but WordPress said NO effing way lady.


Our lanai is naked; as in no screen/cage. I’m not a fan because mosquitoes love to dine on my blood, but we’ll see how long I can hold out.


Behold the beauty of my rock beds…even the area that is waiting for more rocks looks pretty to me.

We’ve still got to install the stone spa spillover and Coach is finally able to start his outdoor kitchen. I’m SUPER excited about him having a grill again; my butt is tired of preparing the protein for every meal.

*wipes sweat from my brow*

I had no idea I had such a thing for Frogs; I found three that had been in here and I have a few more out in the butterfly garden. RIBBIT

I have an affinity for garden decor. The inside of the house is clutter free, but in my gardens, I love tchotchkes. Frogs. Bee’s. Mushrooms. Gnomes. Driftwood. I’m surprised I don’t have an old toilet out there with flowers popping out of it.

Wait, I just had a great idea…


Anyhoo. I’m almost at the end of my project and I’m happy about that. I’m also happy that the pool is there because I’ve had to dunk myself many times to cool off; it’s been a lifesaver. We went with a salt system this time in lieu of just chlorine and I’m loving it. It’s weird to explain, but the water feels softer, less harsh, with no smell and it doesn’t burn my eyeballs.

Of course, I’m having to carry a salt shaker with me every time I walk out there to refill it, but what else do I have to do? 😳😜

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you mother humans, pets, plants, that weird guy who works at the grocery store or your best friend.

Where would be be without mothers?

We’d all be dead in a ditch wearing dirty underwear, that’s where!

We started the pool and deck work in September—to say I’m sick and tired of having workers out my back door for that long is an understatement.
Anyone else excited to be FINISHED with a labor intensive project?


Reinforcing Comma Placement. Being Educated On Angry Periods And Isn’t Being Right The Most Euphoric Feeling?

A text exchange with Lauren this past week had me confused for a minute but caused me to giggle:

I thought EXCLAMATION POINTS made me sound angry, but according to my oldest daughter, I was incorrect. She is not only the real police, she is also the grammar police so, I know she was being funny.

I have music playing on our Sonos system ‘throughout the inside and outside’ of our house from the moment I wake up until we sit down to watch the boob tube around 7:30-8pm.

Some days I’m all about John Mayer or Return Of The Mack Radio, but lately it’s been Chris Stapleton and whatever Pandora thinks relates to Chris Stapleton. Soulful country.

One day last week The Coach waltzed into my office while singing along with this oldie-but-goodie when he caught my attention at the second line.

The only two things in life that make it worth livin’
Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women
I don’t need my name in the marquee lights
I got my song and I got you with me tonight
Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love

Waylon Jennings

Me: Hey, what if the women aren’t firm feeling any longer?

Coach: No, it’s Guitars that tune good AND firm, (comma) feeling women. The guitars are firm.

Me while giving side eye: And then he feels women? I don’t think so, let me look that up.

*Goes directly to the google machine for verification*

I said excitedly: WRONG!

Isn’t being RIGHT the best feeling in the world? I mean, if drug addicts felt right about things before trying drugs, they might never have traveled that path and instead tried to be RIGHT about things.

*I just made myself laugh*

Thank goodness I was right, but still, the only thing firm about me is my stance on recycling.

I love being married. You can literally annoy ONE special person for the duration of your life. Am I right or am I right?

*I just realized a FUN fact after listening to the entire song again: In the last line Waylon mentions “Jerry Jeff’s (Walker) Train Songs”; well we’re almost full semi not really circle because now, present day, we are friends with Jerry Jeff’s Son, Django. (yes, his real name)

Django Walker, Suz and Patrick Davis at a charity event the Coach put on in 2019. I was wearing wedges and yet I still look like a toddler next to them.

I know it was a stretch, but still I can’t help but see the significance of all of this. 😳

Anyone else get a bit smug when they’re right? How about angry looking punctuation? Is that new to you too?