Pocketful Of Sunshine & What Ever Happened to So and So?

The following is a little post I shared way back in 2010 and it still comes to mind because:

1) I continue to hear this song on the radio and 2) I have this slip of paper sitting on a shelf in my office in a tiny little frame.

Current pic of the shelf above my desk. Are we surprised that I have a plethora of butterfly and bee paraphernalia?

I picked Linds up from school one day last week, she hopped in the front seat and pulled a slip of paper out of her pocket. She smiled, showed me what she had and said:

“Look, I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine” 

I just don’t know if this girl could be anymore clever, cute or funny. If we did not share the same DNA, I would try to kidnap her. 

Middle school wasn’t the easiest for her, so this memory was a bright spot and also, shortly after this she started high school and that wasn’t easy for either of us. Thank the good Lord we both survived and she’s one of my favorite people.

I love you Linds!

When I went back to look at that post and I read through the comments it hit me again how many people used to read/comment on my blog and also write their own blog, then *poof* they’re GONE.

One commenter, (who I didn’t even remember) I looked at her profile and she started eight personal blogs. EIGHT. And she’s gone, only lasted a few years. First of all, there should be a limit on blogs that you can write. One is enough.

Don’t you love how I declare things like how many blogs a person CAN have? How else do you earn a nickname like Bossy McBossy Pants?

Anyhoo, I’m having a hard time finding the time to write a post lately so this will have to suffice.


Things That Make Me Smile: Real Doors, Visits & My Misfits

I’m having a hard time putting a decent post together lately, so here’s what has made me smile lately in 369 words.

The New doors/window at the GA house. These are the new fangled type of door that come equipped with Hinges and get this: they swing open and then if you’re feeling crazy, they also swing closed.

Here they are in all their glory. We decided to do a single fixed pane in the center and doors on either side. This was before my painters came in to work their magic so, it’s raw wood here.

Coach is modeling with the before: FAKE doors. It’s hard to get a good pic with no glare, but you have a fabulous view as soon as you walk into the front door through the screened-in porch area and now even more so with less wood/door area. The single pane goes almost to the floor behind the sofa.

Did you notice Callie up there curled up in Lillie’s little bed. I’ll never NOT think that is adorable.

Serendipity. As I was writing this post this morning, my painters let me know they finished the painting yesterday.

Last weekend both of our girls came for a visit and it was so wonderful. I wasn’t referring to them as the Misfits; the pups are my misfits. They swam in the pool, Coach grilled a big lunch, we visited and laughed. Mattis the Husky loves to swim and this enticed Lillie so much that the little turd jumped in the pool and Good Lord, SHE CAN SWIM. I had no idea! We can fully assume that she was peeing while swimming since she does it all.the.time.

Speaking of my little tinkle-er. This photo from our last trip to GA makes me smile. Max is not a fan of other dogs and I think that makes Lillie want to love him even more and even lay ON him. I can almost read his mind and it’s full of four letter words.

What do you mean your dog doesn’t wear a diaper? It’s ALL the rage with rescues who were never potty trained.

So, what is making you smile lately? Humans? Dogs? Fully functioning home parts?


Everyone Has A Job

I don’t want to brag, but all of my people are gainfully employed. Well, almost everyone.

I might talk complain about Lolo going back into law enforcement quite a bit, but Lindsay has also made a huge leap this year and thank the good Lord it doesn’t involve wearing body armor.

A few months ago she was in a quandary regarding her employment. She loved her job managing/tending bar at a Kava Bar, but the owners were asshats and her position was lacking structure/consistency.

Today she’s in a totally different work field; there’s a rumor that her Mom and Sister might have pushed her a bit to move out of her comfort zone.

She is now the First Face anyone sees when they enter into our Manufacturing Facility.

And what a lovely face it is.

She’s an account manager, working in our administrative department and she’s doing a bang up job. Her supervisor (who does not share her DNA) and other employees rave about how sweet, bright & respectful she is. She’s 100% more efficient than the person she replaced; she’s detail oriented and takes a lot of pride in her position.

She mentioned to me one day: Why wouldn’t I work my ass off here, this place paid for everything in my life.

She has a valid point.

It’s ok, I’ve got a job.

This phrase might have started 10 years ago when the Coach wanted to purchase or do something that I thought was expensive, he would always say: “It’s ok, I’ve GOT a job, I can pay for it.”

It started to become his go-to phrase. And he DOES have a job and he has worked his azz off to build our company over the past 24 years to become as successful as it is.

Once the kids were in school, it was always my intention to go back to work; possibly in a position at our company, but then we both realized it was much better for me to tend to the house, the kids and the critters. This gave me endless possibilities to be there for the girls and I volunteered for the PTA and the girls teachers and I was an active Girl Scout leader for many years. Ya’ll I was a Busy Bee. So, while I technically DID NOT have a job that warranted a paycheck, I held many positions.

For the past 6 years I’ve been the Official Office Party Planner and I write a monthly newsletter for our (75) employees. So, I’m earning my keep, still without a paycheck but it’s ok, I’m in charge of the household funds, so I know where all the money is hidden.

A phrase as old as time.

I speak with my girls on the phone at least once a week, probably more. And we text all.the.time.

When on the phone though, one will mention to me something that sounds innocent: “yeah, I’m on my way home from work“.

Suz: “Oh, bragging about having a job again are you“?

This always cracks us up and the girls almost always say the same thing: “Mom, you have lots of jobs and stay busier than most people”.

It’s so nice that they’ve never seen me as only a stay at home Mom. My work is appreciated, even now.

Anyhoo, all that to say we’re super proud of our Lindsay for stepping out and trying something she kind of resisted, but is SO very good at doing. It reminds me of when she was eight and I signed her up for Hip Hop dance classes; when the day came to start she was petrified, crying and said NO, she wasn’t going. I gave her a push and she ended up dancing (and loving it) from then until she was 18. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the direction that makes us uncomfortable.