Gratitude And Adjusting My Attitude

Y’all. We had the best weekend. Our event on Saturday was ahhhhmaazzzing.

I found myself repeating this line the past few weeks: I can’t wait for the day to get here, have the event, wrap it up and let’s move onto other things.

It was very time consuming, mostly for my husband, who, by the way never ever complains. Never. Although early Saturday morning he said: this is like herding kittens. Getting the artists here is always a challenge; sometimes the airlines like to switch things up or the artists themselves need to change travel times at the last minute. Creative people can be flaky; I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.

This was our fourth year for the Songwriters For Vets Event and each year we’ve been building onto the foundation. More sponsors each year (who by the way happily write big fat checks!) and we added silent auction baskets/gifts, plus some live auction items. I wasn’t able to see my craft table for the last few weeks…but today, I can see what the countertop color actually is.


Anyhoo, as we were setting up all the tables, merchandise area and silent auction items on Saturday morning, I was taken aback by all the lovely people in my life who always show up with a smile on their face, always ready to help.

Family photo photobombed by Mr. James Otto himself.

On Sunday morning as we were having breakfast with our kids at the hotel and discussing how the night went my girls also marveled at how many long-term ‘lifer’ friends we have. We are surrounded with good, quality humans and I adore them all. BONUS: Lolo, Linds, Nathan and Lindsay’s new beau were a huge help weeks prior and the day of; I appreciate my kids so much.

We’ve not settled up the funds yet, but Coach thinks we should net about 40k, but maybe more.

Channing Wilson, Kristian Bush, Patrick Davis, Angie Aparo, James Otto.

The Coach and I arrived home on Sunday afternoon and after unloading both vehicles we took the time to rest as we were going nonstop Thursday-Sunday morning. I think I slept 10 hours last night, and surprisingly, I’m still tired. Getting old ain’t for sissies!

Did anyone else attended a musical/charity super spreader event this weekend?

All The Birthdays At Once; A Rubik’s Master And I’m On A Shrimp Roll.

July is a busy birthday month for our family.

  • July 6 MIL Judy
  • July 13 Lolo
  • July 17 MIL Sue
  • July 25 Aunt Trisha

We met Linds and Lolo for dinner to celebrate Lolo’s birthday last week. Sadly, Nathan is in California for a few weeks for Marine training, so he missed seeing us.

What does a 29 year old woman ask for? Naturally, a Rubik’s cube.

Backstory: A few months ago Lolo hurt her elbow while training on a Police Mountain Bike so she was on light duty for a while. During that time she picked up a Rubik’s cube off her supervisors desk and proceeded to master it. As one does.

Linds bought her two different ones; she mixed up one and handed it off to her sister while we waited for our meals…Try to ignore our witty banter, I dare you.

I timed her and she completed the “generic” cube in just over four minutes.

In hindsight, we’re gonna have to blindfold her next time.



I’m sure I mentioned it before that I have amazing MIL’S. Yes plural. Thanks to the beauty of divorce and remarriages. I have two. 😜

Sue, Coach’s mom lives just over 2 hours away and we meet halfway in a little town for lunch when we can. This time she chose a new-to-us Brewery and the food was great and the company amazing. (I had an apple walnut salad with grilled shrimp)

My MIL Sue, Coach and FIL Bill.

We were out of town for Judy’s actual birthday, then she was out of town celebrating her 60th when we came home, so we finally got together for dinner; about five hours after lunch with Sue. (I had grilled shrimp over risotto and roasted red peppers-I’m gonna grow a tail!)

Linds and G’ma Judy

Judy is so funny. I’ve known her for thirty years, but I didn’t know she has always wanted to go skydiving and she did so just before her birthday this year. I joked that being married to my FIL might make one want to jump out of an airplane. Kidding! I love all my outlaws in-laws!

We had a great day catching up with both sides of Coach’s parents and I got to see Lindsay three times this week; twice in ONE day. That is always a good thing.

I wish I could say I’d be with my Aunt Trisha for her birthday next week, but we’ll have to settle for phone calls and texts.

Does your family have a busy birthday month? Has anyone jumped out of an airplane, on purpose?


Birthdays. Thankful That They Come Every Year. #29

As hard as I try to control every.damn.thing our sweet Lolo is turning 29 today. There are days when I wish I could transport her back to this stage:

cheeks for days…

But who listens to me? No one, that’s who. She went and grew up! Probably for the better, as I could only keep up with toddlers for so long before I would have fled the scene…twenty somethings; they’re more my speed these days.

We are so proud of her in so many ways and not just because of the field of work she chose. (I’d rather she not!) She has the best heart! Bonus: her face is as pretty as her heart.

You’ll not meet anyone with as much empathy that she contains, and add in copious amounts of intelligence and wit: She’s damn near perfect.

Wishing our sweet Lolo a beautiful 29th year!

I don’t remember many of my actual birthdays, but my 29th stands out because I woke up with The Chicken Pox. I was so sick, I thought I was done like dinner. Other than the Pox, my 29th year was a great year; we’d decided to leave AZ and move back to Florida to be closer to our friends and family.

Like BonJovi said, we were livin’ on a wing and a prayer, but it all worked our for the best.

Dear readers, do you remember your 29th year? Share some insight of what you wish you had known then or some words of wisdom for Lolo.

Me? I wish I hadn’t wasted a moment of my time giving two turds about what other people thought of me back then.

Signed, Lolo’s Mom