Peer pressure at home, you can refer to me as Mother Nature and Doing some good while sitting on the couch.

Can I just tell you all, that your sweet comments really make my day?

I love when someone takes the time to visit my little corner of the world and then leave me a nice note. YOU.ROCK.

It’s like you were on your way home from the store, I just so happened to be at my mailbox when you drive by and we catch up for a few minutes.

{{virtual hugs}}

I was face-timing with the girls earlier this week, as I’ve been doing a lot.

Mostly Linds and I; she’s alone 24/7 and has in the past struggled with some health-anxiety issues; I’m proud to say, she’s killing it during this quarantine. Cooking, cleaning, working on a movie list and calling her Mom whenever she feels like it.

I’m so proud of her.


Sometimes during our face-timing, we can drag Lolo away from her dog and school work.

I distinctly remember when they were little and when one wanted to talk to me, then the other would too.

My head would spin trying to hear both and give equal attention.

Well, that part has not changed.

They both stated that they were waiting for me to update the blog with a new post; but how can I do that if I’m face-timing for hours at a time?

What say you? There are 22 more hours in a day?  

Honestly, I’ll never complain about my girls wanting to talk with me.

During one of our extra-long face time sessions, Lolo began preparing her dinner in the crockpot. Linds was giving directions and then they began to make deviled eggs together.

They asked me to make some too, but I only had 3 eggs.

Later, they sent pics of their deviled eggs via our family chat.

A minute later, the Coach asked for some deviled eggs for when he got home.

I texted that we ONLY HAVE 3 because PANDEMIC.

Being a man of simplicity, he said, that sounds like 6 halves. 

I succumbed to deviled egg peer pressure.

I’m much easier than I appear.


Last week I attempted to switch over to WordPress as opposed to blogger.

Why you say? Because I’ve not had a reason to bang my head against a wall until I can’t feel anything for quite a while.

It’s a task that will take me some time, and I hope I don’t give up and succumb to google/blogger for the duration of my blogging life.

The rumor mill around town is that WordPress is not as limiting as the blogger platform and I dream of NOT being limited.


Thursday morning we woke up to a nice heavy rain. My first thoughts were we’ve been needing rain and my second thought was: “My garden caterpillars are going to drown.”

I exclaimed this to Coach and he said: it’s nature, they’re used to it.

I don’t know who he is or who he thinks he’s dealing with because I AM NATURE.


This morning I woke up and apparently we’ve gone back in time…back to January.

The Coach has all the doors and windows open, it’s 61* and I had to put a sweatshirt on over my PJ’s. THAT Is glorious as it’s been in the high 90’s daily.

We actually have some plans this weekend! *suz shouts from the rooftop*

Do you remember all the events/fundraising we do for our disabled veterans?

Well, it’s mostly the Coach, but by default, I get to be a part of it too.

He’s got two events planned for August and September on the East and West coast of Florida with our beloved songwriters.

Tonight, he’s arranged an at-home event with songwriters via It’s a ‘pay what you can’ concert with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Liberty Manor.

The mission of Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc. is to promote the developmental and social needs of disabled, honorably discharged veterans who have fallen victim to homelessness by providing them transitional, supported housing and establishing objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency.

Liberty Manor is doing SO much good for our veterans who have served our country and then have through various reasons, become homeless.

Reading the success stories hit my heart in a big way.

So, if you’re not doing anything tonight, tune in. 7:30. We personally know all of the songwriters and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you hear the stories behind the songs that you hear on the radio.


So, that’s all from me. This was longer than I had planned, but what else do you, me, us have to do?


Have a great weekend and thank you again for being my friends who live inside the computer.


Feeding the masses while avoiding mass hysteria and finding essentials.

The Coach found out that two of the college softball girls that he assists with are in lockdown in their dorms and couldn’t get home; they’re international students. (New Zealand & The Netherlands) They don’t have vehicles and have limited funds.

So, he decided to cook/provide food for them.

Then he found out that there are three more at that school and seventeen more at another local college locked down and away from family. International students have a harder time getting home with all this; because of funds and travel restrictions.

He was up bright and early Saturday morning and fired up his little smoker. *giggle*

He rubbed down slabs of ribs and smoked them to perfection.

Saturday the whole ‘hood smelled like ribs.
Sorry, vegetable-tarians. 

Many friends heard the news wanted to help as well; several people stepped up to donate meals, sides, some fresh and a lot that can be frozen that they can eat later.
It was all then delivered by a Professor to the Atheltic Director and then dispersed in a very social-safe-distance type of way.

I know I’ve said this before, feeding people is his love language.

Hence, my weight prob. He really LOVES me.

When he ran to the Hardware store (Ace is the Place!) for some charcoal, he hit the paper/disinfecting jackpot. Ladies, this is the new sexy; much better than flowers or chocolate.

They would only sell two rolls of Paper towels and three rolls of TP, but hey, it’s something.
Clorox is liquid gold.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t let him know that I prefer NON printed paper towels.
Yes, even in a crisis I can be a booger.

Honestly, paper towels last a long time around here because we use cloth napkins (since 2009) for all our meals.

I would have fit in well at Downton Abbey.

If I were at Downton Abbey, I would HAVE staff and not BE staff, right?

I’d hurl if I had to empty a chamber pot and I don’t think they allow hurling at Downton Abbey, so I’d be one of the uppity sisters, but not the one who died tragically young.

How are my people holding up? 

Suz Vlogs; noisy neighbor, dirty hair, butterflies

Happy Saturday.
I never post on the weekends, but I feel like we all need some distractions at this time.
I’ve also never done a vlog.
This is unprecedented and pretty boring.
Also, I sound very nasally because lately, I am.

Yes, I talk to the butterflies and the bees; they don’t mind if I’m especially nasally this weekend.

I mentioned this week that Lindsay’s juice bar closed down. They had just received an order of produce so yesterday she and the other peeps had to clear everything out.

She brought over a ton of fresh produce last night, way more than we can ever use. I’m giving a handful to my friend down the street (a family of 6) and keeping just a bit for the two of us.
The rest is going to our friends in Fort Myers who cook and feed the homeless every weekend in a public park.

Don’t you love it when a negative can be turned into a positive? That’s some good science right there.

Dust off the video button on your smartphone and share part of your day to distract the rest of us. Pleeaaase!!!


TGIF; skinny arms and big lips.

I came across this old photo the other day; we were probably 18 and 20. I recall it was an outdoor concert in Miami. I wish I could remember what show it was, but we went to a lot of concerts; hence our weak hearing today. *Heh?*

My first thoughts were:
Wow, we were such babies. 
and then
Suz, how in the world did you even pick up a toothbrush with those skinny arms? 


I saw this meme the other day and almost wet my britches. I sent it to the girls and they also found it hilarious.

Every time I read it, I bite my upper lip and realize how hilarious it is.

Speaking of biting lips, I started doing Invisalign treatment about 3 weeks ago on my lower teeth. I’d noticed I was getting food stuck in between two particular teeth in the back of my mouth and it was driving me mad every time I ate. It’s tasteless to constantly whip out dental floss in a restaurant.
I suppose if I stopped eating, I could eliminate a few issues, but no.
Turns out another gift of aging is that our teeth continue to move. The Invisalign should straighten out my lower (now crowded front area) and help close the gap at the back.
I thought I would have major mouth pain as I did with braces, but I’ve had no pain like that at all.
The only issue I’ve had aside from not being able to chew gum (I’m addicted!) is that when I take out the tray to eat, the little tiny buttons they glue to your teeth to keep the tray in place, well I keep getting my lip caught on those. It’s kinda funny really. I just can’t imagine how Angelina Jolie would be able to handle it with her lips….but then again, maybe she could just pay someone to wear it for her.
It’s not cheap a cheap treatment but think of all the money I’ll save on dental floss.

I’m volunteering at Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine Prom tonight; it’s one of my most favorite nights of the year.
The husband left at 4am this morning along with a gaggle of friends and drove north pulling his big ole smoker; they’ll be smoking meat all day long for another one of our favorite charities. 
I believe tomorrow will be a day of recovery and cleanup.

That’s all I’ve got today.
Have a great weekend whether you’re biting your lips, cooking for love or dancing your heart out.
Bee sweet!

Hasta La Bye Bye

The Coach and I are heading out on a little adventure for the first time this year. I only add the ‘adventure’ part because you never know what could happen. Life is unpredictable and we’re going to a place that we’ve never been to, but other people have been there, so I’m sure it will be just fine.

It’s a challenge for me to actually leave the house for a minute trip because I’m a bit of a slave to this place and its inhabitants. Aside from the dogs, I have many, many cats.

My Monarch cats have just about eaten me out of house milkweed and home milkweed. It’s actually a good thing I’m leaving because it’ll take some time for my weed to grow back; I said NO to more caterpillars. Sorry, Mother Nature. 

My milkweed production needs to amp it up; my eleventythousand plants are mostly nubs.
Ok, maybe just ONE more little caterpillar?

I took this video a few days ago; I’ll never get over how cute these guys are and it takes ALL of my willpower to refrain from hugging them because, well, then they’d be dead.

I become giddy when I see them sharing AND especially when they’re being so resourceful by eating the actual stems and not just the leaves.

I gave them each high fives.
Just kidding. They have way too many hands feet for that and I don’t have all day; I’ve got to annoy my husband by overpacking my suitcase because I never know what I might want to wear and because I really loathe all of my clothes.
Ok. I really just loathe the way my clothes are fitting lately.…but still, I’d overpack either way.

I can’t believe I said Giddy up there. Is it 1952? 

We have a great housesitter {so, don’t even think about trying to steal my dogs or Christmas storage!} who not only gets to tend to our sweet pups, but she gets to release butterflies almost daily while we’re gone. Plus, I give her actual money too.

I am a giver.
And a complainer.
Shocking information.  
Enjoy the rest of your week; I’m thinking we’re going to have a lot of downtime on this trip and I plan on getting in some good reading; books, blogs, minds, as long as we have good wifi.

Will I blog about our trip? Most likely.
That is after we’re able to get back into the US of A and crossing my fingers that I’ve not been kidnapped, held for ransom, then given back again when they realize I have to eat every 2 hours or else I’m hell on wheels.

*Feverishly packing snacks*


Party party, fill your hearty.

Before another day goes by, if you’ve not seen a comment from me in a while, it’s because of your blog settings. In other words, it’s you, not me.

We ended up having 50 guests this year at our annual cocktail party. (I think this marks the 20th year?) It went from 40 to 50 within a day; apparently, it was ‘bring your adult child to our party’ year. Most said it was to have a designated driver, so what could I say. I like for people to enjoy themselves and I’m against driving under the influence. Unless your under the influence of listening to Duran Duran because that is some good stuff.

We opted to have a photo booth this year which really isn’t a ‘booth’ but it’s a standing camera/light that we put in front of a black curtain. I already had lots of Santa hats in my arsenal, so that was fun.

{the Coach with a few of his ‘softball Moms’. They do love him}
Our surprise musical guest was Ben Allen, of the Ben Allen band. They are locally famous in SWFL. Ben just opened up for Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker the weekend before and we’ve had him perform at our Songwriters for Vets too. He’s a great guy who is in great demand in our community. Our guests were thrilled to have a one on one with him at our house.
Ben with the softball moms. Those moms really get around….
{Linds, Nathan, Lolo, Coach, and Suz}
Back in the day when we had parties, I was inundated with hostess gifts; mostly wine & booze. I enjoy the wine, but it really became too much. So a few years ago I asked peeps to forgo the gifts and bring an unwrapped toy that we donated. The following year I asked people to bring in toiletries for the homeless and boy did they ever! I couldn’t believe the amount that people brought; turns out, people really do like to give. 
This year, we changed it up a bit more. {the backside of our invite, I was holding it weird, it was printed beautifully in real life.  I still mail invites!}
A while ago the Coach had these walnut drawer’s that the shop was going to throw out because they were made the incorrect size. He thought they’d make great boxes for our upcoming party giveaways. On the day of the party, he drilled holes in the sides and pulled rope through for handles, then he went to wally world and purchased random snacks/candies. We threw in shredding & some extra bottles of Crowne Royal we were trying to unload and then let our guests drop in bottles as they entered. Everyone brought at least one bottle, some brought two.
In the chaos of the night, I didn’t get a pic of the finished boxes, but I stole a pic from a winner from her FB page. 
This was such a big hit; we had 6 winners in total. (the sixth gift was an eco-shelling-dolphin boating tour that a friend donated)
Ya’ll we raised $1340 in a few hours.
I’ll split it between the two charities. We will continue this tradition as everyone said it was the most fun party ever!!
It was such a rewarding and exhausting day. We had people show up at 5:30 and the last peeps left at 1:20am.
It was all smooth with my caterers until we realized the bartender was quite impaired. I thought he was weird upon arrival, but brushed it off that he was quite eccentric. It took about 20 minutes and him cutting his hand trying to open a bottle of Tito’s incorrectly {it’s a twist cap!} to realize he was messed up. Luckily we have first responders as friends; (we had 3 on hand!) our friend T.W took him out of the party area to a bedroom and cleaned him up. He was bleeding quite a bit but didn’t need stitches. The caterer was beside himself, sent another bartender over within the blink of an eye and came here himself to oversee the rest of the night.
The next day, I really didn’t get much done. I was DONE after two weekends of hosting parties. But I couldn’t rest too long because we were then hosting Christmas Eve. The fun never ends!!