New Office Duds; Who Has The Best View?

Callie and I made an impromptu trip to GA this past week for a little pet project. I’ll share my little situation with you later this week; it’s kind of adorable.

*Vague much?*

~~Hey, if ya’ll want me to stop blogging about this darn house, just let me know. But, I’m not gonna. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

While I was here though our desks that we had ordered way back in October were finally finished and were delivered. We commissioned them from the same gentleman who made our fantastic dining room table. Oh and a bench that is in our master bedroom. I thought I blogged about the finished dining table, but can’t locate it. Did I share a pic of the dining table? I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with it. Wait, I just eluded that I was obsessed, so there you go, problem solved. All amish made (no bolts/screws) and the tops are locally sourced Georgia pine, just stained.

It’s a dreary, cold and blustery day in N. Ga. Perfect for napping, reading and snuggling.

There is a ‘morning room’ off of our master bedroom. Well, that is what the GOLDEN PLANS called it; a morning room. Or is it mourning? Can I use it after hours? WHO THE HELL KNOWS. The previous owners had one desk and a daybed in there. Maybe they napped in there. IN THE MORNING.

A set of French doors leading to the morning/mourning room. I need a rug, but a dog bed will suffice for now.

The Coach wanted to make it a dedicated office for both of us, so we ordered two matching Amish made/Georgia finished desks. Are we disgustingly cute or what? Say it! My goal is to be disgustingly cute and in-love forever.

Coach’s desk. I gave him the printer and better view because he works a tad bit more than I do. And you know a tad bit means a helluva lot.

We are using extra dining room chairs for now, but eventually we’ll have dedicated desk chairs, but not really ‘desk’ chairs because, you know, aesthetics and all.

Suz’s desk. All I can think of when I look out the window is:

Merry Christmas! SHITTER’S FULL!

And for real, the wind is blowing SO hard that the door to the shitter keeps opening up….I have visions of the darn thing flipping over and toppling down the hill. I can smell it now…

Why the pretty porto-potty you ask? Doesn’t Suz and Coach have enough bathrooms? It’s for the big hardscape/landscape project going on in the backyard. Surely our new neighbors love us.

I wasn’t even gonna blog today, but seeing that potty out there just cracks me up. I hope everyone is having a lovely day whether looking at the mountains, a snow covered backyard or a pretty turquoise toilet in the driveway.

Bee well!


Good Neighbors, Good News And A Decision.

At our GA home, we installed a Nest system (cameras-similar to Ring) just for shits and giggles, cause I love shits and giggles. We knew it wasn’t going to be for security because this is a gated community to keep out the riff raff, the neighbors are diligent on keeping up with you (think Gladys Kravitz) and there has only been one crime in 25 years. That happened to be a domestic dispute gone bad, you know how tough marriage can be, right?

But the upside of our nest system is we can see what’s happening when we are not here to witness it. (Our backyard last month)

A day after we departed last time, I had a small package delivered by Fed Ex. My sweet neighbor ran over, grabbed it and sent me a note saying she’ll hold onto it until our next trip. I thanked her, let her know that I had more packages arriving, but most would be large so ‘don’t hurt yourself’ trying to retrieve them, we will be back eventually.

For days on end, I would get a notification letting me know another package had arrived. Y’all it was piling up on the covered porch. Thankfully my neighbor held off on storing them for me. And I didn’t have to worry about one porch pirate; how pleasant is that?

There are still places on the planet where you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

I appreciate those of you who chimed in with your ‘painting the ceiling’ advise, I really did appreciate your help. Those of you who didn’t chime in, you should be smacked with a wet noodle.

I thought about it for days. I googled stuff. I asked anyone who would make eye contact about it. We got to the GA house, my In-laws arrived, two good FL friends arrived, I conferred with all them. Everyone had a slightly different answer and it only confused me more.

But eventually, I came up with what I thought would appease me.

I had a planned ‘color’ meeting with my sweet painter. (a wife and husband team) I let her know what I had determined and she agreed with me wholeheartedly. *sigh* I instantly felt so much better.

I know, you’re probably thinking, it’s JUST PAINT Suzanne! And it is, but it is a LOT of PAINT and a LOT of MONEY.

The three arrows are the current colors of the house; walls and ceilings. Some ceilings are as dark as the darkest. Some walls are light as the lightest with the ceilings that color also. I honestly believe the Hopsack and Latte are too dark for a wall or ceiling. What I’ve decided to go with are Kilim Beige for the walls and Divine white for the ceilings so there will be some contrast between walls, ceiling and crown moulding.

Do you feel as good about this as I do? The reason I’m staying on this color wheel (page, swatch, deck?) is because I’m leaving some of the larger areas that are painted the Nomadic desert color, I’m feeling that the room that is in is nice and bright with high ceilings. I love a home with continuity throughout, the colors will flow from one room to the next without feeling like a ‘different’ color. You know what I mean? I can’t have a blue room and then walk into green; it’s too jarring for me.

See how freaking dark that wall color is for a master retreat. Am I going to sleep for tonight? OR forever?

The painting will begin next week and take about two weeks to complete…I’m so very excited!

So, are you sick of me talking about painting nonsense? Do you want to see our updated dining room?

We now have a rug! Thank goodness we don’t have a big old ugly table in the way, so we can really appreciate the beautiful rug we purchased.

I’ll see myself out…