Moniker Choices: G’Money? & It’s About Time For A Party!

You guys! Your positive energy could light the universe.

~thank you to everyone who visits me here. ❤️❤️

*Remember when I went to a baby shower while wearing a nightgown a few months ago? Well, our dearest friends Kelly and Don are officially grandparents! I take it back, they’re actually Lolly and Pops in lieu of Grandma and Grandpa–how freaking cute is that?

I’m SOOOO happy for them.

Do I want to be a grandparent? YES.

Am I waiting patiently? I HAVE NO CHOICE.

My girls’ lolly gagging & dilly dallying just gives me more time to decide on a Grandparent name. I referred to my Grandparents as: Grandma and Grandpa. I know, so unique! My Mom and my MIL’s are Grandma Bev, Grandma Sue, Grandma Judy to my girls.

I figured that would be my name as well: Grandma Suz. Ya know I can’t go mainstream like Gigi or Mimi. Don’t even get me started on MeeMaw, and I’m certainly not Nanny material. But, how about Grandma Goldie? Golden G’ma Or G Money? 😉 So many choices.

I know, I should keep my pie hole shut because this is putting the baby before the baby carriage.

*On Saturday we had our Company Family Picnic for our employees; because of $%^#@$% covid it was our first since the Summer of 2019. It was great to visit and enjoy time with our people; I think we had 120 people show up. It’s so awesome that some of our people bring their entire family with them: spouse, kids, parents, etc…I hire a balloon artist, face painter & bounce house for the kids, catered BBQ and corn hole for the adults. It’s a great time.

You might recognize our favorite employee in the first pic; no nepotism needed.

It was a fantastic weekend all around for the Busy Bee Family.

What did you call your Grandparents? If you are a Grandparent, what do the little Cherubs call you?

Does your company host parties for employees?


This, That And The Other Thing: Wow, Wordle Fun & Plastic Surgery For The ‘Nut

Happy Thursday!

This: A WOW moment.

I was at Lolo’s place the other day and she has this magnet on her Fridge.

I read it, looked at her and said WOW. She nodded in agreement and said: Yes, Wow.

The Other Thing: Wordle Fun

I’ve gotten the entire word before on the second try (which always makes me feel smarter than I am) but this time, I got ALL The letters on the second try and the actual word on the third. I thought that was kind of funny. (THORN)

That: Peanut’s surgery and procedure.

I was finally able to have Peanut spayed this past Friday. If you remember, when I took her in before, we realized she was in heat and that’s when the nurse made a deal about her big vulva. Peanuts’ vulva.

I woke up Friday to at least 26 spots of blood all over our white sheets and white coverlet. Me thinking, hey Suz, this isn’t your life anymore, you had all those things removed! Then I quickly realized Peanut must have had a booboo on her paw as it looked like paw prints.

When I got her to the Vet, she was sitting on my lap in the exam room, waiting for the nurse when I looked down at my jeans and realized it wasn’t her paw that was bleeding. WHAT IN THE HEAT IS HAPPENING HERE? She was fine the day before. This girls cycle is synced with Doctors appointments!

The Vet wasn’t worried about it, he said she could still have the surgery. We also had him do a Nose Job procedure to trim down her nasal nares, for better breathing. This isn’t anything I’d heard of before, but a good friend of ours who is a retired Vet said we should do it while she’s under for her spaying and my vet agreed. He trimmed a bit off her nares to open her air holes a bit more. (although, she seemed to be a good breather, now she will be an even better breather)

You can hardly see her little stitches. She’s been great about not messing with her nose or belly region…although, with a shape like hers, it would be hard to reach her belly region.

I had her in a onesie for a few days just in case she tried to mess with her surgical area, but really, she just looks adorable in a onesie, so why not?

Every woman in this house is officially spayed and we’ve both had nose jobs. (me, after a car accident when I was sixteen)

Has anyone seen that quote before? Lolo got the magnet at the Holocaust Museum.

Do you wordle?

Have you or your dog had a nose job?


All The Flora With My Fauna And Is This My Prize?

I mentioned earlier that while in GA, Peanut and I walked daily and enjoyed our surroundings immensely. I did have a little bit of apprehension because there are a lot of bears in this area with newborn cubs/Mamas on the move. (My Aunt and Uncle had a trio in their yard last week) I kept wondering if I might be able to handle myself like an grown adult if we met up with any. Luckily, I wasn’t tested. I gotta watch out for copperhead snakes & bears. It’s a jungle out there.

I kept finding these lovely flowers on the ground, I looked them up with my Picture This App and they’re from the Tulip Tree. I know nothing about this tree, but dang the flowers are purty. Some other random lovely wildflowers and mountain Laurel. We also saw copious amounts of blueberry blossoms; surely by the time the berries have arrived, they’ll be devoured by bears and deer.

We have a sweet dogwood tree in our front yard. Do you see the dog at the bottom? That’s why they call them Dog Wood Tree’s. DUH.

All that walking can summon a nap from Peanut.

Now for the What The Heck part of my post.

I’m an admitted gum addict. I had a container of gum in my GA car for a while. I was almost at the bottom last week and noticed something odd.

I texted my girls and asked if they knew who it might belong to and neither had a clue. Do you think it’s like the box of Cracker Jacks with the prize at the bottom?

Weird, I thought that gum tasted a bit waxy. I suppose I should check to see if it’s a real diamond or a fake me out.

Raise your hands if you fawn over wildflowers like Peanut and Suz.

Who remembers Cracker Jacks? My Mom loved to get them for my girls when they were little, but I believe they are a thing of the past now. I mean, there are so many other ways to lose a filling these days.


Middle Age Hair And Hot, Solid Bears

I’ve had this dream for a while to chop my hair. All of them. It was short by any standard unless you compared my hair to Jamie Lee Curtis or Kojak, but still, there was hair. 

Thanks to genetics, age, menopause, and (maybe?) anesthesia from my most recent surgery, my hair is Thin. Not just Thin. It’s Thin Thin. 

I almost had to convince my stylist to do it. My reasoning: If I hate it, it will eventually grow out.

*Me looking around for a Gold Star because I used Logic properly and it didn’t hurt.*

This was my inspiration photo:

KIDDING! But, that poor, sweet girl up there. I wish I could return and tell her, “It’s all gonna be ok; just wait and see.” I’d also tell her, “quit it with the Side Eye you little turd.”

It’s fairly short at the nape of my neck, and I love it so far; so much quicker to blow dry, and I’m not feeling as sticky in the heat. 

I declared to my family and on FB: I’m officially a Middle Aged Mom because I have the haircut that says so.


A woman I knew for a long time, she worked for us. She had really thin hair, which made my current situation look thick. It always baffled me that she kept her hair shoulder length; it was stringy and never looked healthy. One day, she said something to me that she’d love to cut her hair, but her husband liked long hair. 

Me: Sounds like he should grow out his hair.  

I mean, for real. Does he love YOU? Or the idea of YOU having long hair?

That’s a head scratcher, which I’m trying to avoid because: Thin Hair.

How hot is it you ask?

I came clean and shared with you my Gummy Bear Addiction a while back, so this isn’t new news, but my Car Gummy Bear Stash are not super excited about Summer returning. I went to snack on some the other day, and they had become a Solid block of Gummy. It’s so warm out that our large pool is 86*.

Do we heat our pool? Never, that is the natural solar heater in the sky.

Did you know that Middle Age is classified as *40-60 and not really HALF of your life? 😳 I mean, if I were literally Middle Aged in that aspect, I’d have to live until I’m 110 and I don’t think any of us want that.

*I also read that Middle Age is 45-64. Who really knows and WHO cares, really? I’m just happy to be here!

* Is it Middle Age? Or Middle Aged? Again, I’m content to be either.

Anyone else take a Hair Chance lately?

Does the thought of Middle Age(d) OR Old Age scare you?