Unremarkable What? And It’s Time For Me To Leave You.

Lillie’s surgeon suggested we look into an oncologist in case auxiliary treatments might be needed for her tumor/cancer.

I was hesitant. The Coach really thought it was overkill and worried they would want do do ‘something’ no matter what. But I had this intense desire to NOT to go through what we’ve just gone through again if this resurfaced; which can happen. It was a daunting time for all of us, but mostly Lillie. And me. Ok, mostly her, but I do have a bit of PTSD from that ordeal.

What always happens when I bring her in for an appointment (if there are NO other critters in the vicinity) the techs, Dr’s, receptionists can’t stop oohing and awing at her cuteness.

This particular visit was no different.


A few minutes into us being in the exam room with the Dr, after she declared Lillie to be The Cutest Ever, Lillie heard none of that, and proceeded to pee like she’s not pee’d in days. Thanks girl, that’s not embarrassing.

Then as we are checking out with the receptionist, a gentleman walks in with his large docile dog and Lillie proceeds to lose her shit and go all Cujo right there in the lobby. I can hardly get out my credit card while holding my 14 pound beast who wants to eat this sweet 90 pound innocent dog. Thanks girl., that’s not embarrassing.

Funny how no one said she was cute while that was happening.

The good news is the Dr. said nothing needed to be done now, but I’ll take her back in a month and have them look at a semi-enlarged gland.

A few hours later they emailed me details of her exam and this was one part that caught my eye:

Lillie was bright, alert and responsive on presentation. Lillie was well hydrated. No obvious oral tumors. Eyes were within normal limits.
She is missing the majority of her right pinna, otherwise ears were unremarkable.

Um, excuse me? Unremarkable? They might be the MOST remarkable ear(s). But I do understand the ‘well hydrated’ part as she did create a puddle.

my all time fave pic of Cujo Lillie.

I’m shocked they didn’t note her aggressive behavior and penchant for peeing in public.

Well guys, I’m leaving. I’ve had it up to here with all of you.


I am leaving though. Lillie and I will be in GA all next week (she requested Mountain Time) and I’ll be gone most of October to parts unknown. Although, truth be told, I do know the parts.

I might pop in and read when I have a moment and I might pop a post in if time is on my side, but I also might not. I make no promises, but please promise me you won’t do anything fun or exciting while I’m away. Or else.

*Edited to add: I will be prepping our house for a hurricane prior to my departure. 😏


Does your pet ever embarrass you?

Eyebrow, You Brow, We All Brow

When I hinted last week at my need to share about my eyebrows, I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you were eager to discuss. (Nicole, I actually belly laughed at your comment) So, I figured that was all I needed to actually write the post.

Let’s Start with My Eyebrow Horror Story.

Picture this: Suz’s first day of 10th grade. I’m about 4’10 and I weigh no more than 80lbs. Awkward turtle with zero wardrobe compared to my peers. My brother Mark tells me as I’m getting ready that I need to clean up my unibrow. (I didn’t have a unibrow, but there were some stray hairs) He handed me a disposable razor and said: Here, use this to clean it up.

I took one swipe down the not.so.middle of my brows which took out the stray hairs and a good portion of my right eyebrow.


What a way to start my not.gonna.be.awkward.this.year at school. My friends with straight brothers had no idea the fun I went through with him giving me terrible perms and bad eyebrow advise. I wish there was photographic evidence because I was something to behold for the first few weeks of my sophomore year; I did not have school pics that year.


My glamour shot photo from Beauty School. Can you even see my eyebrows with all that eyeshadow? No.you.can’t.

Through the years I did light plucking to keep my brows at bay without making any real damage. I did a lot of careless things as a young woman, but thank goodness I never over-plucked. For a time in my 30’s/40’s I would get my brows waxed just to keep them clean. When I was coming up on fifty I realized that waxing was overkill because my brows didn’t grow that much and all they required was light plucking on my part; no razors thank you very much.

It was shortly after turning fifty when I noticed in photos, I appeared to have little to NO brows. But when I looked in the mirror, it seemed like they were there, as they have always been. But obviously they, unlike my thighs and demeanor were thinning and getting lighter.

I would use tinted gels if we were going out for a special occasion and there would be photographic evidence. I’ve also been taking hair/nail vitamins for quite a while without much fanfare. Recently I invested in Revitalash. I honestly can’t say anything good or bad because I took my NEXT STEP before really giving that a chance.

Taking The Microblading Plunge

I’d been contemplating having Microblading for over a year, and the nail in the eyebrow coffin was when I saw my bestie Kelly a few months ago and she had this done without conferring with me. She lives on the East Coast, so occasionally she does things without letting me know, but still…

Her brows looked great. I did some research and found someone in my area who has been doing it a long time and had over 500 great reviews.

I made my appointment for Microblading and mentally prepared myself for this because the title of this procedure has BLADE in it. Did you notice that part?

Really though, my blade lady numbed the area and I felt nothing. Zilch. Zero pain. She drew the outline of my soon-to-be brows after measuring my crooked ass face. Woo. It looked like a LOT was going to be filled in, but I suppose when I didn’t have much to start with anything looked like a lot.

She made tiny little cuts along the drawn out areas and filled them in with ink. I was told to not have any caffeine, wine, vitamins, etc prior to this; you know, anything good that thinned out my blood. She was actually having a hard time filling in my left brow more than my right and she said that was common; that is the side where our heart is and there is more blood flow. And we all know how EXTRA LARGE my heart is. ♥️

She told me when all is said and done to not get them wet for 3-5 days. Me: Is it three? or is it five? I went with five. Which meant I couldn’t sweat, which meant I couldn’t work-out or walk to the mailbox because each of those activities involve me sweating.

Just before my procedure and right after. I hope you know how much I despise taking photos of myself, especially sans makeup; I did this for you.

What I didn’t fully understand prior was that you go through a few ugly phases while healing and you don’t get the full color/look until six weeks later when you have a touch up appointment.

Photo borrowed from here.

The first few days I couldn’t pass a mirror without surprising myself. They seemed SO dark, so BIG, so Groucho Marx. Even the Coach kept staring at them…he said he wasn’t, but I know he was.

Do you ever watch The Walking Dead? You know, with all the zombies. Sometimes they’ll be walking around willy nilly and a body part (fingers, leg, arm) just falls off, but they keep going. Well, there were a few days where I would walk by the mirror, take a glance and see part of my brow just hanging there, willy nilly. For real. They were scabbing up and falling off. It was SO hard to not just rip off the dangling bits, but I didn’t want to ruin all that I’d gone through. Within 12 days, they looked pretty normal and I’d gotten used to them. Although, the left one does need more fill-in than the right one; I have an appointment in October to have them touched up.

The procedure is supposed to last 12-24 months depending on your skin type, how much you sweat, etc…so I’m guessing mine will last 4 months. KIDDING, I’d better get two years out of these brows. I was in her chair for just over two hours, but part of that was us talking about it and the numbing part. Overall it was an easy procedure and depending on how long it lasts, I’d probably do it again.

My hair also got a little attention between the ‘just after and 20 days’. After my upcoming touch up, I believe my brows will be a little bit darker, but not by much.

I never in my life imagined that I would give my eyebrows a second thought. What a time to be alive.

Do you think I’m crazy? Don’t answer that.

Have you been microbladed? Were you taught to over-pluck your eyebrows and are now eyebrow bald?


Short & Sweet: Man Vs WoMan

Dig if you will, the picture: For some weird reason I woke up earlier than normal the other day, and as I was slipping on my shoes and heading to brush my teeth I had this weird feeling come over me that involved the desire to smoke a large amount of meat.

Hmm. That’s not a normal Suzanne thought.

Next, I as I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking that when I’m done smoking all the meats, I’ll see if I have time to Coach Some Girls’ Softball.


That’s when I remembered that I’d run out of my multivitamins a while ago and I’ve been ingesting my husbands vitamins.


A Shit Show was about to commence because I was casually scratching my crotch, giggling at a Dad joke I’d heard the day prior and thinking of heading to the Gun Range next.

Instead I bee-lined it to the Vitamin Store so I could stop the insanity.

This is a mostly true story. I did ingest MAN vitamins for quite a few days.


A bit of a shopping shocker for me was that they don’t sell 54 year old vitamins; I had to purchase the Woman’s 55+ as I’ll be hitting that milestone in a few weeks. Can you picture me walking into the Vitamin store and asking for 54 year old vitamins? They couldn’t sell those legally. Right?

Anyhoo, all is right again in my vitamin world and you’ll be pleased to know I don’t have the desire to scratch my nether regions any longer.


*My friend was showing me his tool shed and pointed to a ladder. “That’s my stepladder,” he said. “I never knew my real ladder.”

*Did you know your pupils are the last part to stop working when you die? They dilate.

Raise your hand if you don’t take vitamins on the regular and how you are still alive!? 😉