If It’s Not One Thing, It’s The Water

At our house we’re either having issues with the electric gate, the internet, the a/c or the water.

Lately, it’s been the a/c. It is working, but intermittently.

I’m focussing on the positive, it works most of the time.

We’re making headway on most recent house updates. The new tile flooring is in. There is an issue with the grout, but we’re not going to worry too much about it until our tile installer returns from his annual trip to Romania in a month.

The new trim is in around door casings, new baseboards are installed. The cabinet doors have all been removed from my craft room; the painting of those will happen off property by a professional. The remaining cabinet parts are being sprayed in house, so lots of plastic is draped around.

Enter Jeff Spicoli

We have a couple of painters here to paint the new trim and some walls that need to be repainted. These guys have been here before, we knew what to expect. While both are very nice, trustworthy people and good painters, it’s quite evident that they know their way around a bong.

On Wednesday, I had things.to.do. I saved up all my errands for one day and departed the house at 11:30. I worked out, then I stopped at Total Wine (as Linds says: meal prep!), Walgreens, Publix, Post Office, Tile store, & our condo to pick up a package. When I arrived back home at 4:30 our two regular (Spicoli) painters had left, but my other painter was still here working on the cabinet painting.

When I checked in on him he said: Your water isn’t working.

My face and my good attitude immediately fell.

I had warned this particular painter the day before about our faulty toilet, but failed to tell Spicoli one & two. I assumed they could read. One should not make assumptions.

{This sign has been posted directly over the sink for the last 2 years. Spicoli #1 said he thought it was a bible verse and didn’t read past the first line}

We are on a well system here with a lovely Reverse Osmosis tank. We have fabulous water with the RO system, we could sell water to the people who are obsessed with bottled water. BUT, if you let the water run and run, the tank will RUN out of water. If the tank runs out of water and the pump/motor/etc continues to run, something will break.

Guess who closes at 4 and doesn’t offer after hour services? Our water service company.

Ya’ll I was done. I wanted a shower. I wanted to wash my hands. I wanted to flush a toilet. I’m fairly certain that either PMS or Peri-menopause (it’s a crapshoot) coincided with this water situation because as aggravated as I was, I really felt sad. Down. I wanted to cry. And I wanted to break into the wine that I had purchased for a later date.

I looked out at the pool, said to myself in my best Ellie May Clampett voice: Here we go again, another bath in the cement pond.


Then I remembered we have a lovely condo across town with no guests in it. And it has water. And a/c. And internet. And wine. All the things I require.

I grabbed my coffee creamer, iPad, a bag of grapes and departed my humble abode. The Coach decided to rough it and stay. He said: You can just shower there and then come back home.


I needed some time to wallow in my aggravation. And it was better to do it alone as I felt like I could be snappy and rude; he didn’t deserve it. He isn’t the asshat who can’t read.

I was back home at 8:30 Thursday morning. Refreshed and happy.

It’s Thursday at 11:10am and my water people still have not arrived.

Me looking longingly at the clean pool and wondering if I’ll be bathing in it tonight, driving across town or maybe I’ll just start a new lifestyle.


Your almost smelly, aggravated, slightly warm, hormonal friend Suz


EDITED TO ADD: Thursday at noon, we were back in water business.

EDITED TO ADD: Thursday afternoon Spicoli 1 felt horrible about it all and thinks he has the faulty handle fixed. I’m not taking down my sign anytime soon.

21 thoughts on “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s The Water

  1. There’s nothing worse than not having water. Unless it’s not having air conditioning in the south in the summer. I think I (and copious amounts of wine) would be staying at the condo until further notice.

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  2. I think you should sell the house and move into the condo.
    I laughed so hard when you said he thought it was a bible verse.
    Oh, and i heard SEE-ment pond when you said Ellie Clampett.

    Maybe next time the Spicolli brothers are there, take a hit from the bong? Marijuana is great for perimenopause symptoms. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Borrow the bong? And then I might not care if we don’t have running water? 😉

      I’ve talked about moving to the condo. But what would I do with all my stuff. And my butterflies.
      And my big parties? See? I’m the biggest part of the problem with downsizing.

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  3. Oh NO. This is so irritating. The posted notice on its own cracked me up.

    I must pause and imagine how often my family would run out of water if you and I were to swap houses. My kin CANNOT follow instructions, particularly in the bathroom. They are taxed by simple rules like PICK UP YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES. FLUSH. WIPE TOOTHPASTE OUT OF SINK. DON’T TAKE CRAZY LONG SHOWERS. The small print would be lost on them.

    Bible verse, hee hee.

    Glad you have the condo option. I’d be eyeing that pool with new pool-appreciation. Good luck with EVERYTHING.

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    1. You would strangle someone for sure at your house.
      I was thinking he really needed a bible verse or God himself because of how I felt (temporarily) about him. All good now though.


  4. I’m sorry to read about this. Water problems make me anxious. Your sign is brilliant and explains the situation well. Pity that signs like that often go unnoticed by the very person who needs to read it most. Just saying

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    Spicoli, no.

    I was going to say there’s nothing worse than not having water, but I have never been in Florida in August, and I’m sure not having AC is pretty bad too. I’m imagining what it would be like and failing.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    Glad you got it fixed! Having no water sucks and is harder to deal with than no power. Our a/c went out last week but thankfully it was a quick fix. Our a/c guy told us our unit had about a year left and that was 3 summers ago so we are on borrowed time!

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