We Did This While They Did That And Everyone Enjoyed Themselves

The Coach and I arrived home on Wednesday from Georgia; we had a lovely ten days there. TEN DAYS. Well, I had a lovelier time; the Coach worked most of the time because he feels the need to keep me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.


He knows he’s the one who has created this monster.

He even drove to Nashville for two days to coach a softball tournament while we were away.

This visit might have been the first time I actually relaxed while we were up there and I think it’s because we had no guests this time. Generally we have a houseful and even though all of our family and friends are self-sufficient, it can feel daunting to have people around all the time. I like my Suzanne time.

I finished a puzzle and started another. Read a book. Watched some movies. Walked the ‘hood. Snuggled with Lillie. Enjoyed the views. Spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle. Drank Dog Joint juice. Saw lots of birds and I might have pee’d a little upon seeing a Zebra Swallowtail as I’ve never seen one in person.

It’s the little things ya’ll! Well unless you’re peeing yourself, that’s kind of a big deal.

I didn’t want to bring Callie on this trip because she’s been so wobbly and I thought the stairs and steep driveway might be an issue.

Foreshadowing: The stairs are an issue for me too.

My sweet as heck Mother In Law came to our house and stayed with Callie for the entire ten days. Sue drove two hours, leaving her husband and her dogs to come stay with our dog.

How lucky am I? Very.

Sue had her bestie stay with her and they had a blast and said it was like being at a resort, minus a cabana boy. Now I know what to get her for Mother’s Day! Never mind that we had men working on the pool deck for six of those ten days…it didn’t matter to them at all, they sat under the chickee hut chatting and having drinks while the men worked away. {Will the pool deck ever be done? Who knows?}

Sue and Penny having cocktails by the pool after Coach, Lillie and I arrived home. #BestHouseSittersEver

When they departed on Thursday morning they asked when I might want to ‘get away’ again. Don’t tempt me ladies!

Anyhoo, all is good in my ‘hood.

I had a ‘funny thing Suz did’ post to share today, but since I just shared with you this past Monday that I drank Callies joint juice, I’ve decided to only share ONE stupid thing I did a week on the blog. You know, that way you won’t feel like I’m a danger to myself. Or you.

Raise your hand if you also have an amazing mother in law in your life or if you aspire to be one. Share away!


Why Do I Do Stupid Things? Look Who Is Still Hanging Around.

The Coach and I took a little trip up to GA last week; this time we only brought Lillie with us as Callie is very unbalanced and with all the hills/stairs here that might prove disastrous.

As I was putting groceries into the fridge I noticed this jar from home; I remembered bringing it up with us on our last trip in December, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was.

Was it iced Tea? Yeah, it must be tea.

I smelled it and there appeared to be NO smell.

Hmmm…iced tea? Maybe apple juice?

I can’t tell you why, but I was inquisitive about this mysterious jar of liquid. So like any abnormal person I took a sip even though I wasn’t in the mood for iced tea or apple juice.



It was disgusting.


I spit it out, but couldn’t get the flavor out of my mouth as I gagged and gagged.

My stomach wanted me to vomit, but there wasn’t enough of the disgusting liquid for that so I continued to dry heave over the sink for about a minute before the Coach came into the kitchen asking:

Are you throwing up?


My memory finally came around and I remembered what was in the jar.

Callie’s Joint Juice.


Dogs might love it, but this girl certainly doesn’t.

There is good news though; my knees are pain-free and I could probably run walk a marathon mile.

The Hanging Chad is STILL hanging in there. *sigh* It’s been holding on since September of 2020. It’s been outrageously windy here lately and yet, it persistently hangs on.

You know that if for some reason we wanted that darn branch to hang on for dear life, it would have fallen a year ago.

Anyone else ingest something meant for your furry friends? I still can’t say exactly what possessed me to even drink something I was unsure of…maybe it’s that hole in my head?

By the way, my ear pressure issue has not improved. *sigh* I’m gonna give it some more time, then I’m going to visit my veterinarian.


A Dry Christmas, A Wet New Year And Factoring In Windshields

The Monday before Christmas I shared my day from hell with you and part of that day from hell was because we had no running water. Luckily it was repaired that day and life went on.

Sadly, around the time Santa made his way to Florida Christmas Eve (four am) we had a real water issue. Something on the system/tank/reverse osmosis, broke and all our nice, clean water was spewing out onto the house and lawn. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself: Of course you had water issues on Christmas.

The Coach told me not to, but I called our water people at 10 am on Christmas morning; they do have an emergency number. Our water guy contacted me and arrived at our house around 2 pm. He repaired the issue and I gave him a newly printed $100 bill for his trouble.

At 3:45, the part he repaired blew out and we were in the same predicament, minus $100. He returned and this time replaced the pump. We were good to go. You never realize how many times you use the faucet or flush the toilet until you can’t.

Photos of happy people who had water flowing whenever they needed before our blow-out:

Lolo and Nathan making rosettes out of the dinner napkins. Lauren’s shirt says: “I cry a lot.” She said it’s a true statement (she does not care for her job) and I said I need that shirt for myself, although I like my current position.
Miss Lillie Clause

We lugged Orange Home Depot 5 gallon buckets, filled from the pool (that water still wasn’t clean enough to go in) and used those to fill the toilet tanks so you can flush.

Merry Christmas-Shitters full!

Just kidding, our septic tank is working properly. *crossing all my fingers*

Another interesting day of Christmas: I gave Lolo a haircut. In the driveway.

It’s as though I want the neighbors to talk crap about us.


After we celebrated Lindsay’s birthday, The Coach and I drove to GA to ring in the New Year.

I think the sun poked out for about 2 hours in 7 days. We basically left sunshine for rain and fog because we’re ass backwards.

Alas, on Monday we had a ThunderSnow storm in the middle of the night. I’m sure some of you felt it as well. I could not sleep; the wind was howling, things were hitting the deck and the side of the house, I was awake more than I was asleep. Always chipper in the morning, Coach asked me at 7:00 am if I wanted to get up and see the snow and ice before it melted.

ME feeling less than chipper: NO, I didn’t get to sleep until 3:45 am.

At 8 am I could hear chainsaws clearing fallen trees from the road, so I finally get my tired butt get up; the snow/ice is still here with intentions of lingering. It took a lot of finagling to get Callie to leave the comfort of her bed. (was 30* but felt like 19* with the windchill)

Fun fact: 40MPH winds and the Hanging Chad Branch IS still there.

Another FUN fact: last year I learned that a dear friend of mine thought the phrase Windchill Factor was actually Windshield Factor. As in HOW COLD IS THE WINDSHIElD? She’s so pretty.

Ladi, we stay wher ar bones r warm

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because we still had a great Christmas and New Year; we were together and we were all healthy. (one of us, not so much now, but is on the mend) Oh, and I only fell once on this trip to GA! There’s that.

I’m going to focus on counting ALL of my blessings this year and that includes all of YOU.

Signed, Your friend Suz who will try to see the glass (and water reservoir) as always half full! How’s your Windshield Factor?

Happy 2022