The Fall Heard Around The ‘Hood

Our place in GA has three really cute window boxes. Even though this is a ‘mountain home’ the previous owners really modeled this home after a cottage. A big azz cottage. We already knew they were Touched In The head, what with the fake doors, holding out on the beloved Southern Living Plans from 1997 and a myriad of other things. Am I complaining about our super wonderful home? No. Well, just a tad because i.can’

When we moved in, the window boxes were filled with ivy and begonias. You can see the box on the right is almost swallowed by the hydrangea bush/tree. You’ll be not shocked to know the window by the hydrangea is indeed FAKE. It’s just closed shutters. *sigh* Behind it is our master closet and oh, how I would love natural light in that big closet.

The Begonias ended their life last summer and we put in some periwinkle/vincas as it was all I could find at the moment.

The ivy, however is holding on, come rain, sleet, snow, sun, it’s like the Mailman used to be.

On our visit at Thanksgiving the vincas were barely breathing and I had a hankering for some pansies. I LOVE PANSIES; something we can never have in Florida because HOT SUN. The Coach and I purchased a plethora a pansies.

He had some extra large plant bowls he wanted to fill for the back deck area and I wanted to update the window boxes.

My pansies sat in their containers for several more days after he planted his; I found it to be too cold to actually go outside and plant them. {My Canadian friends: go ahead and laugh at me}

Coach said he would do it for me because I was being a sissy, but, then he became busy and didn’t. Days passed.

Finally, the Friday after Thanksgiving, I said: I’m doing it.

Lindsay offered to plant them for me.

Me: “No, it’s not a big deal, I just need the step ladder and I’ll be all set.

I started on my easy peasy project and she noticed how the ground under the window boxes was NOT level; there were ferns in there, clumpy mulch and it was on a slant to begin with.

Linds: (at least 4 more times) “Mama, let me do it, you might fall.

My exact words: “It’s ok, if I fall, it’s not that far.”

Five minutes later, a mysterious Being ripped that step stool from under me. I now believe that the mystery Being was my Common Sense.

Linds was as cool as a cucumber and I was fine. Really. My only complaint at that time was that my fingers hurt. It was cold, I had on thin garden gloves and damn it, my fingers hurt.

After I recovered, I realized the camera caught my escapade and I sent it in our family text.

10 minutes later the Coach sent it to my Aunt and a few friends. One of our friends is an ENT/Fireman and he called me concerned; he said: That looked really bad.

In hindsight, I was –this– close to hitting my head land on the concrete ledge, or I could have broken my arm or could you imagine if I’d broken my hand? Who would write my posts? You’d be devastated.

Shortly thereafter my ‘bird’ finger turned black & blue and I couldn’t move it or it’s two neighbors. It proceeded to get worse; I knew it wasn’t broken, just jammed like a mo’fo’. It took about 10 days for my finger to fully recover, so I’m back in bird business. *randomly shoots a bird at the wall*

The following two days after SOMETHING PUSHED me down, my body was sore all over, like I’d survived a car accident.

I really did learn my lesson though. I’m going to have the ferns ripped out as I know that is where ALL the snakes live anyway and have the mulch evened out. Also, I’ll use a real ladder next time which will be more stable. Or let someone else do it.

*But I think we can all agree this was my husbands fault.

*I made myself laugh!*

I hope I didn’t traumatize anyone other than my child who practically begged for this NOT to happen.

Next week I’ll share my But Wait, There’s More bird-finger story. I’m receiving signs from the universe.

What’s happening this weekend? Are we being frantic shoppers or are you in denial about Christmas as I am?

Bee careful with yourself and I promise I will too.


35 thoughts on “The Fall Heard Around The ‘Hood

  1. Bijoux

    The window boxes are charming. I’m amazed that you can buy flowers to plant this time of year. Pansies are a fave of mine. Sorry about the fall and the finger. You seem to have the injuries!

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  2. OK the first time I watched it, I blinked and I missed it. I was looking at the center of that beautiful porch. But then I saw you, off center. You go down so quickly. Ouch. That DID look bad. Glad your injuries were not worse. And so relieved that your bird finger is back to function mode. Essential. The window boxes ARE pretty. And yes, this is clearly Coach’s fault. 😉

    I MUST get myself in gear this weekend and get some Christmas stuff done. I was all about writing my annual poem yesterday since my party is over. Not ready yet, but progress made. I hope to print envelopes. Shop? Make some big travel/not travel decisions? Fingers crossed.

    So glad you are in one piece.

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  3. Holy crap. As soon as you said Ladder and then Mulch With Ferns, I knew what was happening. You were very lucky.

    However, having said all of that, I’d have probably done the same thing after getting fed up with it not being done and being stubborn about Doing It Myself. I would probably have asked someone to hold the ladder for me, though. (I’ve learned that lesson already.)

    Glad you are on the mend. The soreness after a fall is mighty. My sympathies.

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  4. nicoleboyhouse

    At first I was – NOT LAUGHING – but smiling indulgently at my favourite Florida girl, too cold to plant her pansies (honestly, super jealous that you have flowers in winter! Pansies grow well in our cool climate, but not until May). Then I was horrified, I didn’t even watch the clip because I get terrified when other people fall. I am so glad you’re okay. It could have been so much worse! Eeek! Be careful, my friend *gentle hug*

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  5. OMG, that looked bad. I’m glad you’re okay. I feel you need a middle finger window box ornament. I have one. I’m not even joking. Let me try to find the link….

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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  6. The Widow Badass

    Oh no! That fall looked bad. Glad that it didn’t end up worse than what happened. Like you said, it easily could have. I could have lent you my middle finger sunglasses, had I known your bird finger was out of action for a few days….Maybe stay off any ladders or step stools, going forward, OK? Especially on soft/uneven ground! They are untrustworthy, clearly.


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  8. Your Canadian friends aren’t the only ones laughing. 🙂

    About the cold, that is. Not your fall. That DOES look bad! I jammed a finger once, and boy, can I relate to the pain. Hope nothing else crazy happens, like a random limb flying through the air after being run over by a lawnmower and hitting that vey same finger. That would be INSANE.

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  9. Maddie

    This comment is late late late. It’s not you, it’s me, my various ailments, and the weird thing where my comments sometimes don’t post. I still adore you Suz & I’m sorry to have missed so much! Anywho, after reading and seeing your finger pic I need to (belatedly) say with many annoying exclamation marks: Suz! Take care of yourself! Stay away from ladders! And also: Your poor finger! That looks *painful*.

    I hope your finger is better by now. (Also, I don’t want to be annoying by giving advice so I will just randomly type three words… ice, elevate, have-your-wonderful-husband-wait-on-you. Sorry for that last run on word. 😉

    But seriously – take care of yourself! You’re important! How are the pansies?
    (I share your love of pansies btw. They are tough little beauties that brighten winter’s grey days.)

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  10. Melanie Galliano

    Oh so sorry you fell! I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself though. That looked like a bad fall. I fell once last spring pulling up dang liriope. I was crouched down and yanked and it wouldn’t budge so I kept pulling and bam it all suddenly came up and I stumbled backwards and hit the cement walkway and scraped a big gash in my leg on a brick. Clint wasn’t here so it was his fault too!!! lol Glad you are okay.

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  11. i love window boxes… they remind me of my grampa, who always made theirs so beautiful! but you need to be more careful. i still think this fall from the ladder should be on hallmark.


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