The One Where I Want You To Commiserate With Me.

*This is not a typical silly Suzanne post. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Last week I had bloodwork done per the orders of my Lady Dr. I’d postponed this from August because I was afraid; not only was she checking on the status of my menopause, (still Peri) we needed an updated count on my cholesterol.

Last October (2019) I was bragging that I’d dropped my overall numbers by 27 points over a six month period. Then pandemic; I slacked off big time. I upped my numbers by 41. FORTY ONE!

Photo by Kat Jayne on

Why would I share something so personal and embarrassing? I don’t know. A warning perhaps.

Did I just break HIPAA rules?

I knew I was on a slippery slope when I started baking cookies for no apparent reason, having wine with lunch dinner, not getting in my cardio as often, ingesting the bacon that the Coach cooks many days of the week, (FYI, his numbers are ALWAYS GOOD!)and generally eating whatever seemed to make me happy at the moment. My weight didn’t get out of control, but apparently my arteries were not appreciating it at all.

Lady Dr. called and gave me the bad news. She said I need to get into my regular Dr. and probably start on medication. I don’t want medication! This hit me hard. I’m down. (but not out yet) I feel like a loser which is ironic since I’m a gainer, not a loser.

I will do anything to not be on medication, so I’ve taken this extremely serious. If it has cholesterol in it, I’m not putting it in my mouth. I did 60-70 minutes of cardio both Saturday and Sunday; I have training three days this week with my fitness coach.

Does high cholesterol run in my family? I really don’t know. My Dad died at 52, (not from heart disease) so I have no clue and my Mom always had higher triglycerides, but I don’t think she had high cholesterol.

If only I’d contintued with the ‘beach sand diet’ I’d not be in this mess.

Anyone else struggle with this? I look like I’ve got it all together on the outside, but I feel like my insides are a ticking time bomb.


My Face, The Weather, My Heart, The Germs

Part of my regular ‘maintenance program’ is having a facial every few months, but, I’ve not had one since February. Certainly not the end of the world. BUT, I did notice that I could feel some bumps on my nose. I couldn’t SEE what they were, but I was assuming they were those yucky things my aesthetician almost makes me cry while pressing out of the tip of my nose with her putty knife. It FEELS like a putty knife. Grosser than gross. While on a Target run I grabbed a pack of these babies in lieu of a putty knife from the garage.

I’ll not share the evidence, but this was possibly the most satisfying moment of my week.

The weather, my heart

We’ve been blessed with fall-like weather this week. Well, fall for Florida. Any day that doesn’t get hotter than 80* is a good fall day in Florida.

79* at 5pm? Let me grab my cardigan and toss a log on the fire!

Speaking of my Apple Watch. I never knew how much I would enjoy it. I have a lovely real watch that was gifted to me from the Coach many years ago and another lovely real watch from my dear friends for my 50th. But I tend to wear my Apple watch daily, saving the real ones for when we have a special event, like the grocery store. Ok, only because the grocery store in 2020 is a special event.

When I first got it last year though, I was perplexed and a bit worried that my resting heart rate was always a bit high. I even called my Dr and asked about it. She gave me the ‘once over’ and told me my ticker was fine, but some people just have faster heart beats. So, if you were ever wanting to have a heart beat race with me, I’d probably win. Or die.

The Germs

I had a memory pop into my brain the other day from many years ago when I was a girl scout leader. One fall we went camping and we played the age old game of bobbing for apples. Goodness, remember doing stuff like that? Putting your OPEN MOUTH in a bucket after 10 of your friends? It’s a wonder we made it this long.

Which in turn reminded me of a time when my girls were little, they would turn me into a complete lunatic when I took them to a public restroom. They wanted to TOUCH EVERY DAMN THING THEY COULD. I’m pretty sure it was to make me nuts and it worked, look at me now: NUTS.

Suz to her impressionable, touch-everything-children:

‘Well, you might as well search for a snack in the garbage can, then let’s go and lick the escalator handrail in Macy’s!”

It’s a wonder they’re well adjusted.

They appear well adjusted, no?

Let’s be nice, Damnit

It’s Friday. We’ve survived another week. We still don’t know who will be residing in the White House next year, but whatever happens, we must love and respect one another; that is imperative, right? I honestly don’t care if Elton John is our President (think of the good music though!) I just want people to be NICE and respectful to each other, Damnit.

We’ll be home enjoying our fall weather this weekend and hopefully not shuttering up because of Hurricane/Tropical storm ETA. *raises fists in the air—ENOUGH 2020!*

Any plans for the weekend that I should know about?