At A Loss.

I have a lot of friends, but my dearest friends I can count on one hand. Actually three fingers. You know, the ones who know all of the ins and outs that make you, you.

One of my dearest friends lost her husband suddenly this week. On Sunday as the Coach and I were driving back from GA she told me that he was in the hospital; said he was ‘supposed’ to be getting better and didn’t want me to worry, but on Sunday evening, it became dire. Prayers were needed.

First thing on Monday morning she told me he passed away early that morning. *sigh*

I ran down to her house immediately; she and her four kids (17yrs-27yrs) were in shock to say the least. I couldn’t help but remember that my father also passed away at 52 when I was 25. I remember the despair.

The Coach and I have been friends with them both for 22 years; they live a few houses down from us. We’ve had vacations together, we’ve watched each others kids grow up. *sigh*

He struggled with mental health issues the past 10 years which really put a wrench into their relationship, but she stood by him. He was a ‘different’ kind of husband/father even before the mental illness became evident, but she took it all with a grain of salt. The things he put her through, I can honestly say, I would not have stayed. Emotional abuse is putting it mildly. She and I had many discussions about scenarios of her life without him, but when it came down to it, she’s hurting. The mountain of financial, business and family complications from his passing is A Lot.

I’m at a loss of how to be of help without being over-bearing; her family is A Lot and her house is Full On Chaos right now.

It’s a bad feeling when you feel helpless. I’ve talked with her grown daughters daily to see what I can do, and also to Stacy, but I’m giving her a bit of space until things calm down a bit and her home is back to just regular chaos.

{Stacy and I at my 40th and she and I at her 50th three years ago. I agree, cameras are just better now.}

I’m not really asking for advice as I don’t think anyone has an answer to assist me so I can assist her. But I wanted to share why I’m a bit MIA and also to document this sadness just as I document the joys.

Hugs your friends. XOXO

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Adding To My Laugh Lines; July 4th Was A Banging Good Time!

I didn’t want anyone to worry about me; I’m fine and dandy. Well, aside from the 341 bug bites that I’m currently scratching. No-see-ums, chiggers, mosquitos, yellow jackets; they all love me. Why am I so delicious? This is my cross to bear.

We had such a lovely long (Thurs-Tues) July Fourth weekend with our friends. ‘Merica!

I’m thinking of naming our house Shenanigan Central instead of Where The Money Went.
There was much LAUGHING, wine drinking, BBQ’ing, dog petting, puzzle doing, walking, hiking and avoiding snakes/bears, music enjoying, and pizza making.

Our deck did not collapse from the weight of us as the Coach said it wouldn’t, so that was awesome.

Things that I should share in more detail later: My rendition of Sally O’Malley because I CAN KICK and I CAN STRETCH and The Puzzle Club. Riveting stuff.

Oh and one piece of great news to share too.

I’m working on catching up with all of you, but it might take me two weeks; some of you talk more than I do. Imagine that.


Do What Now?

Back in September when we first purchased our Georgia home, we noticed a phrase, a trend if you will: Do What Now?

When having a conversation with someone and they don’t quite hear what you’re saying, or don’t fully comprehend what your saying, instead of saying Excuse Me? Or Pardon Me? They say Do What Now?

I thought it was so odd at first, but now, I’m embracing it and It might be my favorite phrase to say, but you have to add a bit of a twang to the ending. If you say it flat, it has NO meaning. ZERO.

Do What Noww?

I’m going to be mostly MIA over the next few weeks as we have a shit load of friends visiting. Eight to be exact. Have you been in a house with a total of ten people in a while? Ten humans and three dogs. DO WHAT NOW?

This Cotton Candy Sky has zero to do with this post, but it’s illegal to post without a photo.

Since I’m a giver, when I see something funny, I must share with all of you because if it makes me laugh, it will make you laugh unless you don’t have a sense of humor. In which case, we shouldn’t be friends.

I saw this on an Italian restaurant marque last week:

You can’t turn water into wine

But you can turn pizza into breakfast

legalize marinjuana

Do What Now?

The Coach and I were driving the other day and we passed a pickup truck who had this on their back window:

Stay home if you sick

Come over if you thick


Do what Now?

I’ve read a lot of the Bible, but I don’t remember that verse. Maybe it’s in the Newer 2020 Testament?

Anyhoo, all that to say if you don’t hear from me, I’m probably NOT dead. Just busy eating, drinking, laughing; you know, like in the olden days.

Have you heard the phrase Do What Now? Or do you have a weirder one to share?