This {cute dogs} And That {talented friends}

We went to the East Coast for the day to see our friends Don & Kelly; it’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been together; we might have a problem. They have a sweet boxer and their son has two sweet and rambunctious boxers; boy do I miss our boxers; they were such cute characters.

Milo, Tyson, Floyd. A trio of fun.

On our two hour drive back home I looked at our local Boxer rescue webpage seeing if they had any old girls available. Just when I said we were not getting ANY MORE CRITTERS.

*removes gray faced ladies from cart, closes tab and breaths deeply*

Do you watch The Voice? I’ve never been a huge fan of competitive tv shows, but I’ve occasionally watched this one, but never a full season. I suppose, I just can’t commit. BUT, this season we will be watching because our friend Ben Allen is a contestant. In addition to being very talented, he’s a really nice person; he told us about this opportunity back in December, but with COVID, things were postponed. Ben and his band performed at our HoeDown party in 2016, he’s joined us for our Songwriters For Vets charity events, and this past Christmas, he stopped by our cocktail party and sang a few songs for us.

*sigh* I almost remember what it was like to have parties.

It’ll be fun to see how he does. Well, I kind of already know, but I’ll not spoil the fun for the rest of you.

That’s all the fun I have to share today. I hope you all had a nice weekend whether you watched boxer butts wiggle or just your own.


Thank You Baby Jesus and Sajib. Also, I’m Doing My First Poll & It’s Not Even The Dance Type.

Poll, Pole? I suppose, there is a difference.

You guys, you almost lost me and I’d hate to think how that might affect your lives.

I kid. But, not really. I was at my wits end and almost scrapped it all, flushed it down the drain, threw it out with the garbage, tossed it into my past. My blog that is.

After much going back and forth with the WordPress people and me completely screwing up my blog trying to fix it, my newest favorite person Sajib, saved the day. Please note his job title:

Where do you go to get a degree in happiness engineering?

I’m back in the business of not making money.

I am NEVER ever moving my blog again. NEVER.

Even the best of friends can disagree

A little backstory: My girlfriend Kelly and I are in general, twins, soul sisters. We have the same outlook on life, politics, life in general. We laugh at the same things. We enjoy the same movies/TV. We eat the same way; we can almost always split a meal because we enjoy the exact same foods. We enjoy the exact same wine. We tend to wear the same type of clothing, although, she’s a skinny Minnie and I am not any longer considered a skinny anything. We’ve showed up places wearing almost the same clothing more times than I can count over the last 30 years.

Kelly and Don have been integral with setting up the mountain house; Don hung all the TV’s, helped Coach set up wifi, Sonos, cameras, etc…Kelly is my decorator du jour because we essentially have the same taste. To be clear, we essentially have the same excellent taste, just ask us.

BUT, one thing we did not agree with was the fact that she thought I needed and iron and ironing board for the mountain house. I don’t think anyone will ever use it. I have not pulled out my ironing board in a few years. I do have a steamer, but even that hasn’t seen the light of day in at least 10 months.

Some of my favorite people do polls on their blog (Ally Bean & Kari) and I really enjoy them. Well, Kari had one regarding farts this past week, so, it’s a *crapshoot* regarding the topic.

*I made myself LOL

So, I’m getting on the poll board. Please share your thoughts so I can tell Kelly she’s a lunatic.

And speaking of irons, because who doesn’t

My Mom was a waitress most of her life and her polyester uniforms always needed to be ironed. She (or I) generally ironed them in our kitchen area on an ironing board. BUT, sometimes, she ironed them in her bedroom. On.her.bed.

This one time (not at band camp) she forgot to turn off the iron. Mom, Mark and I were out and when we returned to our apartment, it was smoky and smelly as hell. Way worse than Kari’s farts. I still remember the firemen dragging the mattress down our carpeted stairs and out the front door. Burnt fibers from the bed and our melted green carpet everywhere. Ummm.., have you ever smelled burnt rubber? Pretty damn bad. When I went to school the next day, everyone asked me why I smelled so weird; as if 7th grade could have been any worse. We couldn’t sleep in our apartment for many nights and all clothing and linens inside had to be laundered. My Mom was horrified at what had happened. *sigh*

To wrap this up:

My blog is working properly.

Even soul sisters can find something to disagree about.

I’ve added my first poll and I need to know your thoughts.

Don’t iron on your bed. Or, just don’t iron.

A visit to the real world.

And no, I’m not referring to that life changing reality show I used to watch instead of reading and gaining knowledge.

The Coach and I had a getaway this past weekend. We fled the hellfire heat of Florida for a few days. We ventured 10 hours north to the North Georgia (pronounced Jaaaw-Jaaa) mountains with my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim; who I lovingly refer to as Uncle Trisha and Aunt Jim. No, they’re not transitioning, we’re just silly.

My Aunt and Uncle rented a cute little cabin in the woods where we didn’t have contact with any other humans. I know what you’re thinking, this is how all horror movies start, but spoiler alert: we survived.

AT & UJ only live an hour or two from this area, but even for them, there is a nice temperature change from what they’re accustomed to in HOTLanta. And that is only ONE of the reasons they are thinking of moving to the mountains. The heat. The militia. The riots. You know, the regular things that giving, kind and law-abiding people have to worry about lately.

So, we spent our time visiting, shopping for houses, eating, laughing, house shopping, laughing. Regular stuff. It was SO nice to see them. They’ve always been my pseudo parents and even at 52, they are needed and appreciated in my life.

*Suz checks dictionary to make sure she’s using the term pseudo properly* WHAT THE HELL? I thought I knew what that meant, but apparently it’s a term used in PRISON for people who take on family roles. I want to clarify, that none of us have been in prison. Yet. And they are actually my Aunt and Uncle and not my bitches.

Let’s move on from the prison talk, shall we?

AT & UJ didn’t realize they brought their own personal home inspector with them.

Fun fact: We manufacture cabinetry-woodwork and fabricate stone countertops….It’s happened more times than not that we will be invited to someone’s home (party, gathering, funeral) and I will find the Coach opening up someone’s cabinet or drawer looking at the workmanship. It’s embarrassing, but he thinks nothing of it. He actually pulled the ENTIRE drawer out and was inspecting it before I snapped this photo. I can’t take him anywhere. In case you were wondering, the cabinetry was beautiful and met his high standards.

Meanwhile, Suz is outside inspecting flowers and the ginormous bumble bees.*swoon*

Do you remember last week when I shared that my friend Stacy who lives 8 houses down found a bear in her back yard? As if you’ve thought about anything other than that. Well, the bear thing was on my brain and before we arrived in the mountains and joined AT & UJ, AT texted me stating that a bear had crossed in front of them on the road; this excited me for some reason and I shared with my husband as he was driving. “Suzanne, we have bears ON our street.” Me: “But yeah, those are CITY bears, these are MOUNTAIN bears.”

I don’t know why he doesn’t get that.

Don’t you think of your special people while on the potty?

This cute bear was our TP holder in the cabin. I texted to my girl Stacy: “I think of you every time I pee.”

But, you know what? I forgot to send the picture of the bear holding the TP.

Are you laughing as hard I were when I realized this?

It’s ok. She probably thinks of me when she pees too. If we were in prison, she’d be my wife; we’re that close.

I’ve had some major glitches with my blog and it’s all my own doing. Like most of my problems, I bring them on myself. I’m trying to figure out how to connect my profile to this blog for when I comment. Right now, that isn’t working and I can’t seem to easily comment on blogger blogs.

I am good. I am kind. I am special, but I am NOT technologically intelligent.

Happy Friday my friends!