I Can’t Unsee That, Thinking Of My Friends And Adoring My Weirdo.

Last week I loaded up the dogs and headed North to GA for a little get-away-from-the-pool-destruction and to help my Aunt and Uncle as they move into their new home. Our drive is usually uneventful, but not this time. I was almost out of Florida near the turnpike and I saw in my peripheral, in the distance on the southbound lane what I thought was a huge puff of smoke, then I saw a BODY projecting through said smoke.

*My brain: did I just see what I think I saw?

I slowed down a bit while trying to process and by the time I got near the scene of the smoke my brain said: YEP, you saw what you saw!

My heart was racing, my fingers kind of went numb as I slowed even more, now going around 55 as I passed the scene I saw the once-flying-man-on the road; he was on his hands and knees trying to stand while I also saw (I’m still driving) the shell/cab of the semi truck slowly sliding away from the main part of the truck and then I saw what appeared to be another semi truck behind it. I put 2 and 2 together and I realized it was TWO semi trucks that collided. There were cars traveling south behind the scene as I was dialing 911.

BTW: If you ask Siri to dial 911, that b*tch won’t.

I got ahold of 911, let them know where the accident was and that I wasn’t able to stop as I was on the other side of 75 and still moving.

It happened SO fast and at the same time, my brain played it over again in slow motion. I figured out that the ‘smoke’ I saw wasn’t smoke from a fire, but maybe from the impact? Or because one of the trucks were refrigerated?

Ya’ll. This haunted me. I called the Coach so he could talk me down as my adrenaline was out of this world. We forged on, the dogs slept through my anxiety but I couldn’t shake the eery feeling of what I’d witnessed.

I was praying that both drivers were ok, but from the look of what I saw, how could they?

For 24 hours, I couldn’t shake it. I spoke to Lolo the next day asking if there was a way for her to look into it, but she said the best thing to do is a google search with any details. (road, county, date etc)

And I did.

They both survived. Thank you Baby Jesus.

The guy who FLEW out of his truck wasn’t wearing a seat belt, (who does that?) he drifted onto the shoulder where a semi-truck (Blue Bell ice cream) was parked. They both walked away with minor injuries.

Me? I’m still a bit scarred from it and I avoided being near any semi-trucks for the duration of our trip.

Two of my dear friends are in major health crisis’ right now. It’s hard to share happy things when that is weighing on my heart. It’s hard to be my lighthearted and my silly self when I’m worried about them. You get that, right?

If you can, send up some positive vibes, prayers and good mojo for my friends M & C. Both of whom I’ve met through blogging and are extra special humans. M is an extra special friend to my girls, my Mom and I.

To end on a happier note.

Similar to Hoovers’ “A Chicken In Every Pot”, I have my own motto: A Dog Bed In Every Room.

If there’s one thing I can control in this life, it’s my dogs’ comfort.

Our dogs have multiple beds in just about every room in our house. Plus Lillie gets to free range on the couches/chairs ’cause she’s so small. She loves to sit on my lap when I’m at my desk, occasionally I’m cruel and send her to her bed under the craft table.

Side eye much?

ladi, I tink dis bed shood be ON yur lap, but I takk whut I git.

I don’t think I could love that one eared, damaged trachea, pee’s all the time, non-dog-friendly old lady any more than I do.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has witnessed a terrible accident. Please tell me the memory will fade just as my math skills have.


Your traumatized friend Suz


Wrapping Up Carmel & Napa. Enjoying Another Trip Around The Sun With You.

While in Carmel we took the 17 mile scenic drive since we were told it was a ‘must do’. I was the backseat narrator/tour guide which meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to ask eleventy thousand questions. We stopped at a few spots along the way; we checked out some views and sea lions. Or were they seals? I don’t know for sure, but they were NOT baby dolphins.

We stopped at the Lone Cypress; the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Course symbol. I’m no golfer, but driving alongside the course, woohoo, it was windy AF. Good luck.

At the end of our tour we stopped at little dive deli, picked up some ginormous Sammies and had a pic-a-nic. One thing to know about us is we are always interested in Real Estate and how much it costs to live in different areas. So as we pic-a-nic-ed next to very small, modest homes a few blocks from the ocean, we had to check out the prices on our apps. Good lord. HGTV wasn’t lying; it’s expensive to live in California! I can see why so many people are moving to Georgia and Florida.

This photo sums up my friends and I.

There was so much good music to be heard. I only took a few video clips from some of my favorites. Here is Johnny Bulford; he’s our favorite Florida guy. So much talent; he writes a lot of songs for Chris Young and Lee Brice. He and his wife Heidi played a house party for us a few years ago. They are as good as gold.

I’m done talking about our trip because I have a few other things to discuss/share/blog. What do I talk about next?

Our ‘back of the house’ renovation that is now 98% complete?

OR do I share with you a big surprise I pulled off this past weekend?

OR do I let you know why a large dumpster is now residing in our driveway?

SO many choices.

Also, today is the day I turn another year older, not to be confused with another year more mature.

{I think I’ve come a long way}

Be a doll and leave me a comment since some of you (I just found out!) read but don’t leave a note. I would never do that to you!


The One Where I Finally Wear The Uniform Of My Keepers

We had planned this trip to see our friends Songwriters In Paradise in Napa, Ca since late 2019. We had attended the same event the prior April and had a lovely time. The 2020 trip we planned to extend our California visit and see some other areas aside from San Fran and Napa, so we booked a flight into LAX, planned to drive north and see some other areas prior to SIP.

Swimming pools. Movie stars.

*the world started falling apart*

That trip was cancelled and postponed. Three times. four?


2021. Onward and upward we flew to LAX and headed north. Since the ‘traveling conditions’ aren’t ideal we opted to stay at one resort in Carmel before heading to Napa for the events instead of hotel hopping up the coast. Have you been to Carmel? The only thing I knew about Carmel was that Clint Eastwood lived there. Don’t ask me why I know this; my brain holds onto random, useless facts.


I’m not sure what has happened to me in the last few years, but I’ve turned into the most quizzical person on the planet. I want to have a field trip to just about anywhere. Near our place in GA there is a marble plant/mine/whatever. I have endless questions about it every time we pass it. “Do you think they just go deeper and deeper and the marble is just there? Will the earth run out of marble? I’m sure the Coach’s heart starts racing when we’re in the vicinity of that place as the questions WILL.COME. I need a field trip there and then I might shut the hell up.

On the drive from LAX to Carmel, which was almost 6 hours, I had a least 768 questions concerning all the agriculture and oil fields I saw.

Suz Asks:

What kind of trees do you think those are? Maybe persimmons? Apricots?

Could those be avocado trees? They kind of look like avocados.

Hey, they grow almonds here. I think THOSE are almond trees.

Can you pull over so I can look at those plants with my app and figure out what they are?

I could go for a taco salad right about now.

I had NO idea how much agriculture there is in California. Did you guys know this?

Again, please pull over, I think that’s an arugula farm and I want to double-check.


Why are some of the oil pumps moving and some are not?

I’d really love to stop and see how they process all the veggies at that farm; field trip anyone?

My poor travel companions.

I was in charge of the hotel research before our trip and wanted to stay in a boutique hotel IN the downtown area. The Coach preferred a larger resort with more amenities about 15 minutes from the downtown area.

We stayed at the resort and I’m not that bitter about it.

The one good thing about the resort is it had many ‘experiences’ for you to enjoy while being on property.

We chose two experiences; one for the girls and one for the four of us.

They had a gosh darn bonafide beekeeping session. HELLO? I’ve been waiting for this all my life.

Does this outfit make my crotch look extra long and flimsy?

Ya’ll, I learned SO much about bees. I’m almost ashamed that I didn’t know IT ALL before. But rest assured, I know it all now.

That’s my Cuz Eddie up there.

This was the most enjoyable 90 minutes I’ve had in a while. Of course I wanted to get home so I could start my own hives. But I probably won’t take on that task anytime soon as it might interfere with my life’s work of catching of a baby dolphin to raise as my own.

My rose and my thorn for this little experience: I was able to identify the Queen bee out of this hive, but she didn’t look a thing like me OR Elizabeth.

That’s all I’m gonna share today because I don’t want to overwhelm you. Plus, you might have 768 questions about this.

Fun fact: The Coach agreed that if we ever get back to this area, we’re going to try a boutique hotel as the resort charges you up the wahoo in resort fees. And those fees don’t cover the bees.

Has anyone had their hands on a hive before? Have you been to Carmel? Fun fact: It doesn’t smell like CARAMEL.