Pat, I’d Like To Buy That Man A Beer And A Vowel.

This is a short & sweet post. I have a real post set for tomorrow (or the next day) as tomorrow is a momentous occasion. What? Your calendar is blank for tomorrow?

On Saturday, the Coach and I had a very romantic afternoon. We went to the hardware store; we purchased some lumber for the new deck gates that will necessitate me not having to chase dogs who are chasing squirrels.

I’m sure you all were gasping when you read LUMBER. *wood=$$=swoon*

Afterwards I suggested we do something fun because when we’re UP HERE, we tend to do a lot of house stuff.

Me: “I always see signs for GA breweries and wineries; let’s hit a brewery today.”

If you know me, you know I don’t drink beer. I mean, I used to drink beer, but now I’m a wino. You know what they never have at breweries? Wine.

First LUMBER, then BEER! I should be rewarded.

Coach ordered the ‘lightest’ beer for me and it tasted just like a Corona even though it was made in GA. If I were on a deserted island and could only drink beer, that would be my flavor choice.

But hello, I’m not volunteering to visit THAT island.

Anyhoo, there was a TV that was showing Wheel Of Fortune. We were trying to figure out the puzzle answers while also contemplating the life choices of one male contestant who had the worst hairstyle I’ve ever seen on a human.

Coach says: Are those people still alive? Referring to Vanna & Pat.

I looked at him sideways, thinking he didn’t just say what he said, then wondered if his beer had more alcohol in it than mine.

Yes, this is a current show. They are alive and well.

He’s so pretty. Thank God he has me to keep him in line with important current events such as the living/dying status of game show hosts.

Happy Monday y’all. Anyone else enjoy some hops this weekend?


The Birds & The Complaints

I arrived in Georgia last Thursday evening; I drove up with the two little dogs and The Coach came up the day before with Callie. He had softball obligations, so he came earlier, I had home obligations that kept me home a day longer.

The weather IS glorious! Cool, clear and a little yellow. (pollen!) When I drove into the neighborhood, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was SO green. We looked at this house in August, bought it in September, and then enjoyed some fall and winter here. But I’m gonna say that spring is my favorite!

The hills are alive with the sound of music. I mean, birds. The hills are alive with birds. I felt like Snow White with them all fluttering around me as if they were going to dress me for a ball. Or was that mice? Did the mice dress her?

Don’t be alarmed, but I am officially an old person and this is my membership card pamphlet.

I have a bird pamphlet at the ready for identification purposes. I’m totally digging bird watching. I mean, I do this at home in Florida, but these are different birds; they’re Georgia birds. I know this because they have an accent.

This little video clip can explain the current status of Coach and Callie in one sneeze.

Callie starts her morning with a few sneezes and The Coach is struggling with terrible allergies as well; coughing, watery eyes, sore throat. Zyrtec isn’t doing a damn thing for him and he’s miserable. Right now he’s on the phone with Teledoc looking for a remedy.

Also, just after that video up there, Max spotted a squirrel, took off with the other two in tow, and made me run through the woods wearing flip-flops in COPPERHEAD season.

I thought I was going to strangle him when I got them all back on the deck, but I was exhausted by that point. Remember, I’m old; hence my bird pamphlet.

Next up, gates for the deck openings. I’ll take Neverending Projects for $500

We did get our fake doors replaced with real doors, what a novelty! {cue Debbie Downer} Sadly, there’s so much pollen right now, we can’t open any doors.

I’ll share some pics soon, I’m sure you’re dying to see. *Achoo*

Happy Monday.


Everyone Has A Job

I don’t want to brag, but all of my people are gainfully employed. Well, almost everyone.

I might talk complain about Lolo going back into law enforcement quite a bit, but Lindsay has also made a huge leap this year and thank the good Lord it doesn’t involve wearing body armor.

A few months ago she was in a quandary regarding her employment. She loved her job managing/tending bar at a Kava Bar, but the owners were asshats and her position was lacking structure/consistency.

Today she’s in a totally different work field; there’s a rumor that her Mom and Sister might have pushed her a bit to move out of her comfort zone.

She is now the First Face anyone sees when they enter into our Manufacturing Facility.

And what a lovely face it is.

She’s an account manager, working in our administrative department and she’s doing a bang up job. Her supervisor (who does not share her DNA) and other employees rave about how sweet, bright & respectful she is. She’s 100% more efficient than the person she replaced; she’s detail oriented and takes a lot of pride in her position.

She mentioned to me one day: Why wouldn’t I work my ass off here, this place paid for everything in my life.

She has a valid point.

It’s ok, I’ve got a job.

This phrase might have started 10 years ago when the Coach wanted to purchase or do something that I thought was expensive, he would always say: “It’s ok, I’ve GOT a job, I can pay for it.”

It started to become his go-to phrase. And he DOES have a job and he has worked his azz off to build our company over the past 24 years to become as successful as it is.

Once the kids were in school, it was always my intention to go back to work; possibly in a position at our company, but then we both realized it was much better for me to tend to the house, the kids and the critters. This gave me endless possibilities to be there for the girls and I volunteered for the PTA and the girls teachers and I was an active Girl Scout leader for many years. Ya’ll I was a Busy Bee. So, while I technically DID NOT have a job that warranted a paycheck, I held many positions.

For the past 6 years I’ve been the Official Office Party Planner and I write a monthly newsletter for our (75) employees. So, I’m earning my keep, still without a paycheck but it’s ok, I’m in charge of the household funds, so I know where all the money is hidden.

A phrase as old as time.

I speak with my girls on the phone at least once a week, probably more. And we text all.the.time.

When on the phone though, one will mention to me something that sounds innocent: “yeah, I’m on my way home from work“.

Suz: “Oh, bragging about having a job again are you“?

This always cracks us up and the girls almost always say the same thing: “Mom, you have lots of jobs and stay busier than most people”.

It’s so nice that they’ve never seen me as only a stay at home Mom. My work is appreciated, even now.

Anyhoo, all that to say we’re super proud of our Lindsay for stepping out and trying something she kind of resisted, but is SO very good at doing. It reminds me of when she was eight and I signed her up for Hip Hop dance classes; when the day came to start she was petrified, crying and said NO, she wasn’t going. I gave her a push and she ended up dancing (and loving it) from then until she was 18. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the direction that makes us uncomfortable.