Christmas Crunch, Lack Of Evidence, Making Big Commitments On A Whim.

Christmas. Every.single.year it sneaks up on me. I should confer with my calendar more often. We arrived home after almost 3 weeks in Georgia last Wednesday with a to-do list that was more than I wanted to do.

Honestly, if we didn’t host the whole family on Christmas Eve, I might not have decorated at all. I’m not feeling Scrooge-ish, as I’m currently listening to Christmas Tunes and I watched the last half of It’s A Wonderful Life the other night. It’s just so much work, the decorating part. Linds was kind enough to come over Saturday night and get me going with the tree’s and really, that was all I needed get my azz in gear.

I was waiting to order Christmas cards because we generally take Family Pics around Thanksgiving, but we were missing Lolo and Nathan. We just had that BEAUTIFUL wedding with family photos, which would be lovely to share on our cards, sadly, the photographer hasn’t gotten all the pics back to us. I only have a handful of snapshots from the night; with only 3 choices that include Coach. So I made a collage type card out of some snapshots. This year, I opted to go with Costco as they are much cheaper and I’m guessing they’ll be faster than Shutterfly who took forever last year.

The only pics I have of the Coach from the wedding. And none to be seen with he and I together.

Gary Busey cleaned up as the Father Of The Bride


I need to work on the FALLING post that 77% of you want to see, {sadists!} but I’m having a hard time making a post with actual meaning and not off the cuff.


I was walking into Publix the other day and they had lovely fresh wreaths for sale.

Oh, I should get two of those for our front doors!

Then I remembered what our front doors currently look like:

Our house is being painted. *sigh* I’m happy about that, but goodness, the pool work isn’t finished and then we started this. Everything is an absolute mess outside.

A few months ago Coach asked me to make some color choices for the house after we realized the new decking made our house color look super old and outdated. I chose 3 and the painters put up some small samples.

{Our old, beige, gold-ish color next to the three samples that I chose off the internet}

We didn’t think much about the painting part, life happened, we left for GA and then had to make a commitment on paint color because paint was becoming scarce and our painters had an opening. It’s not just the house; it’s Coach’s two outbuildings-garages, the retaining walls, front entrance gate wall.

Y’all I chose a color while NOT actually seeing the color in a large area. I might need to have my head examined.

How are you guys doing Christmas-wise. Are you sending out cards and do you like it when people share family photos?


Your friend Suz who could use a therapist recommendation.

Speaking Of Elevators And Elephants

A little levity after scaring all of you. Scaring? Scarring? Samesies.

I obviously have to push past my fear of elevators, as they are a part of my life on occasion.

But one thing I can’t get over, is saying OUT LOUD each time I’m in an elevator:


Do you remember this classic? The Elephants job was to operate the elevator, but he was so large that no one could fit in there while he was working.

This is one of my favorite Sesame Street skits from when my girls were little. Ironically, they don’t remember this one.

They were probably busy reading books or playing outside using their imagination while I was watching their show.

*shrugs shoulders in wonderment*

I’m a fan of irony, Sesame Street, and singing elephants. TRIFECTA.

I might be an adult, but I’m still tickled by Elmo‘s friends and I can’t help but giggle each time I watch this.

Are you tickled that I shared this ear worm with you today?


An Unappealing Issue With The General Public At Publix

If you came here for deep thoughts, you will won’t be disappointed today.

*Publix is the grocery store chain where we shop. Whenever I type the word Public, I usually type Publix instead, because it is a big part of my life*

Something that I’ve pondered for years, but haven’t shared here has to do with bananas.

I told you: DEEP.

Are you a ‘bring your own bag person when it comes to grocery shopping? If you are, you are cool and I like you deeply.

I always remember my shopping bags, but I also have some smaller reusable bags specifically for produce. I have to admit, sometimes those smaller bags get lost in my trunk and I forgo using them. Do I use plastic bags for my produce if I forget mine? Not on your life.

I plop my produce right in the COVID cart as I’ll be washing it all when I get home anyway.

No biggie, but something that I occasionally see in the produce department baffles me:

Bananas IN plastic bags.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

A shopper picks up a bunch of ‘nana’s and places them INSIDE a plastic bag then puts them in their cart.

Mother Nature made specific coverage for said ‘nana’s. They are already protected, so why are you giving them extra protection? It’s like a condom on a condom. This is wasteful with no chance of banana babies.

Photo by Any Lane on

I’d like a Gold Star for not actually saying this directly to the banana offenders in the store, you know I want to, but, I ain’t No hollaback girl.


A while back Nance wrote an entire blog post devoted to produce with an emphasis on bananas and their cost. I can’t walk past a banana display without thinking of her. That’s one way to get inside my head: blog about fruit.

For many years the Coach didn’t share my enjoyment of fruit. I think he was trying to avoid sugar and instead was eating bacon while his cholesterol was perfectly normal, and mine was skyrocketing. No, I’m not bitter, thanks for asking.

He’s had a change of heart lately and has skipped the daily bacon, and has been enjoying bananas, grapes, and apples with me. (He’s also lost weight)

I’ve been buying more bananas lately. I have to admit, I don’t usually look at the prices. I want them, so I buy them.

I had a planned trek to Costco this week:

Coach: get some bananas while you’re there.

Me: You have to buy TOO many in a bunch. We won’t be able to eat them.

Coach: I’ll eat them. I can eat two a day.

Me: Bragger. Ok.

I bought one huge bunch. (Here it is minus 2) They weren’t the prettiest, but I noticed the price was $4.99. {there you go Nance!}

I figured if we didn’t eat them we could always feed them to our staghorn ferns, as we already throw the peels in there, but they don’t mind the whole ‘nana.

When I got home, I was astonished at how I spent over $400 at Costco. I shouldn’t have been as I tend to leave a lot of money there. I went back through my receipt to get an overview of what the heck I’d purchased and I noted that the cashier charged me the wrong price for my large bunch of bananas.

$1.29 for 9 bananas. I feel like I got an amazing deal, but also felt bad that I inadvertently stole bananas.

But if you think I’m gonna fight the traffic and the onslaught of snow birds who now live at Costco for the free samples so I can pay the difference, well you might be a Monkey’s uncle.

**Edited to add** A few commenters pointed out that $1.29 probably was the correct price. I think the $4.99 price was for the organic bananas, which I did not purchase.

If you think I spent minutes putting this fruity post together, then you’d be correct. Minutes.

I’m waiting for more wedding photos before I can put that post together. Do you want photos and details? Or just photos?

Do any of your blog friends get in your head and travel with you?

One day I’m going to write a post solely about all of you bloggers and commenters who I think of as I go about my glamorous life of stealing fruit from Costco. That is if I ever get over the bananas-in-bags situation at Publix.


Your friend who DOES have some restraint in public, but she’s still bananas.