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Weekend happenings and how I use my special power(s) isn’t up to me.

We had all three kids (Linds, Lolo & Nathan) and Coach’s Dad and step mom over for a cookout Saturday; Y’all, it’s so nice to be with my PEOPLE.

Shortly after Lolo and Nathan arrived, they rode off with the Coach on a little errand and left their dogs here, Mattis the Husky and Max max the little nut job. I went in to shower and when I came out of the bathroom, I found this scene:

The rule has always been NO dogs on the couch, but that rule doesn’t apply to little Max; he’s designated to either corner of the couch that has a blanket on it. Well, Mattis thinks that he’s the size of Max, but clearly he isn’t. And yes, I took the photo before I drug him off the couch and he was all ‘what, why, lady, I like da couch.’

Suzanne’s hair salon is now open.

I cut about 5″ off Lolo’s hair.

And then I charged her $126 bucks. That’s the going rate, isn’t it?

Behold, my super powers

Lolo and I were outside with the dogs and I was showing her my Senna plants that I just KNOW the Sulphur butterflies have been laying eggs in, but I’ve yet to see a caterpillar. As we were both talking and looking at the plants we both SHREIKED when we saw a few caterpillars. I swear, sometimes I have the power to WILL butterflies to do my bidding.

Another example of my super power: Last week I was watering my potted dill, parsley and fennel and I said to myself, where are the Eastern Black Swallowtails? I’ve not seen one in months and I swear to baby Jesus, just then one flew around the corner, and started laying eggs RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was all: Thank you JESUS, and why don’t I have my phone/camera on me; I just stood there mesmerized by how I made that happen. 🙂

See, I can WILL THEM. You’d think I would use my powers for something else, but my powers only work on butterflies. Now, with the sulphur butters that brings up my larval host plants up to 10. I think. There could be more; perhaps I summoned up another flavor but forgot about it already.

My MIL brought some desserts to share, we didn’t put any candles on anything so, there was no blowing of anything, on anything, but we had dessert in honor of my FIL’s April birthday, Nathan’s May birthday and Judy and Lolo’s July birthdays. We killed four birds with one stone, although I don’t know why we have to kill birds.

It was lovely to hang out and chat with family. My life is so good; I’m fully aware of this and I don’t even need a reminder. It’s just good.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend doing something with people who you enjoy or at least people who bow to your will. *giggle*


As blogged by Suz

Finding weird things under your pillow or in a toy box isn’t so weird in our house.

The post below was originally shared in 2014. I’m re-sharing it today because of what we found in the Barbie box recently; the mystery box contained someone’s teeth.

*giggle giggle* I love my silly life.

My brilliant friend Ernie guessed correctly; I’m assuming it’s because she’s a bit weird too and has a slew of funny kids.

Lucky for most of you, you don’t have a weird Mom.

Unlucky for my girls, they were born to a weirdo.  

I spent a good portion of the weekend in the closet; we are FINALLY going to gut and redo our master closet; top to bottom, side to side.   I was cleaning out bins, cabinets, shelves, boxes, you name it.

I found my Dad’s resume from 1970.  I found diaries from 1979. 

I found letters from my Grandma, my Brother and every card that was ever given to me. **MEMORY HOARDER**

I have my wedding planning-spiral notebook and every shower/wedding card. That is 23 years in the saving and the empty bottle of champs from our honeymoon. I don’t even remember drinking champagne.

I also found the WEIRD.    What is it with Moms and saving the weird?

I found teeth.    Yes human teeth. And not just one box, but three boxes.   I’m pretty sure one box contained MY teeth, because my weirdness does not fall far from the weird tree.  I distinctly remember my Mom bringing down a box at Thanksgiving a few years back.  See, I came by the weird naturally, she drove from GA to FL with my baby teeth in her suitcase.

So, what does a weird mom do?  She puts them under the pillow of her 18 year old daughter while she is at work.

Along with someones teeth, I added a pamplet on how to give a self breast exam.  The victim 18 year old was none too pleased; Linds didn’t find the humor in the ‘under the pillow surprise party.’

Me? I thought it was hilarious and she’s just lucky I didn’t save her first dirty diaper. 

Now, I’m wondering if my Linds had the wherewithal in 2014 to think ahead to the year 2020, me in the playroom with our almost 3 year old great-niece and me finding those teeth.

Well played my brilliant child, well played.