TGIF; The one where everyone is being safe.

Happy Friday!
Oh, wait, every day is essentially Friday. 
I meant to blog earlier this week, but I was too busy. 
I’ve been to the mall, the beach, the nail salon, the hair salon, I spent an afternoon at the casino, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker and then I went to a rave one night; it was a blast. 
You know better. My azz has been at the only safe place on the planet. 
My in-laws live in Lake Okeechobee (they just got their very first case of the virus yesterday) and my funny MIL sent this pic to us of her manatee mailbox. 
She sewed a face mask for it and stated that she was ‘prepared’. How stinking cute? 
My in-laws have manatees in the backyard (canal) and a manatee mailbox in the front yard; I love it as it’s very fitting for this little town. 
The Coach and I have been eating very well. I made a big pot of collard greens this week along with pork tenderloin medallions. I always feel fancy when I cook medallions; much better than saying I prepared nuggets.  I should have taken a pic before we devoured our dinner. 
If only we had smell-o-vision in the ole blogosphere; but then, y’all would banging on my door and I’d have to ignore you because social distancing. 

I also made a meat sauce in my instant pot and we had it over ravioli. The coach thought he might have died and gone to heaven. It was that good.
Tonight (Thursday) we’re having steak, sweet peppers and portobello mushrooms on the grill.

We won’t starve.
We also won’t lose any weight.
We also won’t complain about anything because we’re fortunate.

The girls and I have been staying in touch and we have even done three-way face time a few times; I didn’t even know you could do that!

Who wore it best? Real-life or our avatar emojis? Just kidding. Real-life is always better.

So far everyone is faring well.
Our business is ‘essential’ so that’s still happening.

I don’t think I’ll ever become bored.
There are some things I’d like to go and do, but everything can wait.

I am a bit bummed about not being with our people for Easter.
Can we? If we are a party of five?
Hey, that should be the name of a tv show.

How are you? It’s been all about me on this post and I didn’t ask about you.
Weekend plans?
Are you getting out and soaking up some Vitamin D each day? 

What do you think your Easter will look like? 

Big virtual hugs to all of you reading this.


The one where the dogs are living their best life, Debbie Downer shows up, Suz learns and most likely we’re all gonna live.

The coach and I might run out of TP, but our dogs will be eating well for the next few weeks.
Their food batch is usually bigger than this, but I could not get my hands on any ground turkey (or any poultry) for the last week; so ground beef, eggs, rice and loads of veggies will suffice.

They congregate in the kitchen ( nor more than four of us, I swear!) for the entire prep, cooking and jarring, just waiting to lick the pans.

She’s finally satisfied, after licking all five pans and then re-licking them just in case.

Lindsay’s juice bar officially closed yesterday; she understands, but she’s bummed because working is a great distraction.
Did you know that my girls read my blog? {Hi Linds!}
Sometimes they’ll call me and talk about something I shared on the blog, but not in real life. Such as the recent crazy azz neighbor.

I’m sure you haven’t slept a wink wondering what I’ve been up to; get ready to nap.

*Listening to music.
*Cleaning out some random drawers (did I have to keep every collar of every dog we’ve ever had?)
*Watching more TV than usual; I’m on a run of Property Brothers right now; they have about 79 different shows and I like them all.
*Judging people on the Facebook.
*Trying to keep all my monarch caterpillars alive and fed.
*Pulling weeds in the garden of weeden.
*Exercising. But not enough to put a dent in the bad eating.
*Laundry (how many people live here?)

*Eating==some of that means drinking wine. You’re not new here, you knew that.

I was having a conversation with Lolo recently making a comment about human behavior and she suggested that I go into observational humor. {Hi, Lolo!}
I believe she meant as a means to make $.
Then she remembered that is what I have already been doing for my family and I’ll never get paid for it.
In the words of Debbie Downer: whaaa whaaa whaaaa 

Would you like to know something that I learned this week that I probably should have learned or known about 40 years ago? 
Do you?
It’s kind of silly…..
It’s gonna make me look like the facebook people…

The Coach purchased corned beef this past weekend and said he was going to make pastrami.
Me: Wait, how do you make corned beef into pastrami?
Him: You put it in the smoker and voila!

I always kind of wondered what the difference was between pastrami and corned beef; now I know. It only took 52 1/2 years.
FYI: It was good.
But it’s not good for you.
But also, I would pair it with a white.
Or a red.
Who really cares at this point.

They officially closed our beaches yesterday. They most likely wouldn’t have had to do that if there weren’t a bajillion spring breakers congregating IN close PROXIMITY on the beaches.
Ummmm, hello, does anyone understand what social distancing means? 
I do wonder about people, but I don’t want to wonder too much because I’m not getting paid for it.

So, distract me from any impending doom.
What are you up to? Are you vacillating between doom and sunshine? 
I still have a lot of faith in our country. I honestly never thought we’d be in this position right now, but I feel we will be on the other side of this in a few weeks. {Praying on bended knee!}

Share your thoughts.
Maybe I’m a bubblehead. Maybe I’m too optimistic.
Hell, maybe I’m on the wine again.
Sharing is caring.
You too Maddie

Bee a sharer.
Bee a carer.
Don’t be a downer if you can spar-er. (hey, it rhymed!)


TGIF; choking and mothering

This video sums up motherhood accurately. 

True story, I was watching this video, took a sip of water and then proceeded to get ‘choked up’ by the sentimental-ness of it all and proceeded to REALLY choke for a good minute.
*sigh* My flu cough is hanging on for dear life.
Mind you, the Coach, nor the dogs got up to check on me.

I touched on it a while ago, that I’ve been updating and de-cluttering the girls playroom so the Coach could have a home office. It’s almost finished and I was in there yesterday removing non-sentimental items such as Lolo’s 247 books on psychology, criminal minds, ethics, crime, and criminal justice and that sort of stuff. (she has a house, she can hoard those books there)

Don’t you love it when you take a trip down memory lane and then get all tripped up on the memories?

My heartstrings were tugged just by dusting the book collection and remembering ALL the nights of reading together. I would start in one room reading to one girl, the coach in the other room reading to the other, then we would swap. Sometimes, when Grandparents or friends were visiting, they also had ‘reading’ time in the girls’ rooms.
I started reading to the girls when they were 6 months old. Every.single.night until perhaps 7th or 8th grade.
When they got older, sometimes we would read magazines, catalogs, anything really. It wasn’t so much the reading part, it was the ‘togetherness at the end of-the-day part.’

Then I remembered how many times we put together the Monarch puzzle (and others); this was way before I even thought about raising butterflies as I was busy raising humans. I wish I knew how many times it was put together and taken apart only to put back together…..eleventythousand times? 

I found a started journal (I’ve found many of these over the years) and this one, in particular, cracked me up; A page in Lolo’s Harry Potter Journal. 

24 hours and 9 minutes wearing PJs.
I sent a screenshot to our family text and she replied: “Oh, I’ve definitely beaten that by now” 

Motherhood IS such a blessing. I can’t imagine my life other than being a mother to my two amazing young women; but like I said earlier this week, I wish I had been less anal-retentive and MORE relaxed.
I suppose that is the gift you get when you become a grandparent; the ‘I don’t get upset about anything’ mode.

Happy Friday Y’all. 
We’ve no big plans aside from the Coach coaching some college softball, seeing a few college basketball games together with friends and Suz hopefully working in her garden/caterpillars/butterfly stuff and the never-ending laundry, etc.
We actually had two days of winter this week; it’s awesome to turn off the a/c for a few days.
I’ve still not turned on the heat in 2020, actually, I don’t think I put it on in 2019 because Florida.

Whatcha’ doing this fine weekend? 

TGIF; checking in with Cookie and her girls.

Happy Friday!

Thursday I started to turn a corner on the flu thing; I can feel a bit more energy and I’m going back to the gym today because I feel like a bowl of mush. When I went to the Dr. last week and they noted that my BMI was 24.8, it stung. For real, I hardly ate for 11 days and still didn’t lose weight. Aging isn’t easy, is it? 
You can’t just sit on your butt not eating and watching Outlander for days and lose weight. Ain’
I know, we’re all different sizes and at different comfort levels for our size/weight; but this is too much for me. Only 1/3 of the clothes in my closet are comfortable and I dread getting dressed to go anywhere if I’m not wearing yoga pants or workout clothes. So, pretty much anything aside from spandex is comfortable lately and that makes me very uncomfortable.

Lolo and Nathan met up in Myrtle Beach last weekend for a wedding. (Nathan’s Mom’s 2nd wedding)
It was a quick trip for them both, but hey, they got to spend two days together and when you’re in the young-love thing, it’s a big deal.
Aren’t they the absolute cutest couple ever? 

My Aunt, after seeing the pic said this should be their engagement announcement pic for the newspaper. Well, wouldn’t you know…..they don’t do that anymore. 

Lolo has been busy planning their upcoming wedding; her pinterest page is very busy.
We can officially announce that the nuptials will be September, October or November of 2021, somewhere in the vicinity of North America.
So, yeah.
She’s actually coming back home this weekend for a girlfriends wedding and we are meeting up for dinner tonight; I’m excited to see her as I’ve not put my arms around her since Christmas.

Guess who else is coming home tonight?
Well, to HER home.
My Lindsburger is flying in from New Zealand; she’s been gone a month. Even though we don’t see each other on the regular, that is a lonnnnng way from your Mama’s arms.

She had a great trip; they went to KiwiBurn the very first week of her trip and she had an amazing time. It’s similar to Burning Man, but more on the vibe of New Zealand; artsy fartsy, nature-loving, hippie living type of thing where they camp the entire week and bathe in a river. That’s my sweet hippie earth girl. I think she was supposed to live in the 60’s.

If I wore fishnet stockings with boots, I’d be locked up, but she’s a doll.

There were a few years where I wanted to empty the bank account, move to Vegas and change my name to Cookie McGee because I thought I might lose my mind with the bickering. BUT, I’m so glad I stuck it out because they are two of my favorite people. Although….Cookie McGee has a nice ring to it.

She started leaking her watered-down urine again on Wednesday afternoon, I started to sob upon seeing this.
Other than the extreme hunger (from steroids and sugar issues) and the leaking urine, she seems fairly happy.
I purchased some doggie diapers, but she seems a bit humiliated by them. What would the other cow dogs think? 
Also, they don’t fit her hips. At all.
They fall off within minutes.

So, what can you do? How long do you (me, coach) live with it? I just don’t even know.
I suppose we’ll know when enough-is-enough soon enough.

Wishing everyone a great weekend whether you’re attending a wedding, a rave or if you’re wearing a diaper.

TGIF; skinny arms and big lips.

I came across this old photo the other day; we were probably 18 and 20. I recall it was an outdoor concert in Miami. I wish I could remember what show it was, but we went to a lot of concerts; hence our weak hearing today. *Heh?*

My first thoughts were:
Wow, we were such babies. 
and then
Suz, how in the world did you even pick up a toothbrush with those skinny arms? 


I saw this meme the other day and almost wet my britches. I sent it to the girls and they also found it hilarious.

Every time I read it, I bite my upper lip and realize how hilarious it is.

Speaking of biting lips, I started doing Invisalign treatment about 3 weeks ago on my lower teeth. I’d noticed I was getting food stuck in between two particular teeth in the back of my mouth and it was driving me mad every time I ate. It’s tasteless to constantly whip out dental floss in a restaurant.
I suppose if I stopped eating, I could eliminate a few issues, but no.
Turns out another gift of aging is that our teeth continue to move. The Invisalign should straighten out my lower (now crowded front area) and help close the gap at the back.
I thought I would have major mouth pain as I did with braces, but I’ve had no pain like that at all.
The only issue I’ve had aside from not being able to chew gum (I’m addicted!) is that when I take out the tray to eat, the little tiny buttons they glue to your teeth to keep the tray in place, well I keep getting my lip caught on those. It’s kinda funny really. I just can’t imagine how Angelina Jolie would be able to handle it with her lips….but then again, maybe she could just pay someone to wear it for her.
It’s not cheap a cheap treatment but think of all the money I’ll save on dental floss.

I’m volunteering at Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine Prom tonight; it’s one of my most favorite nights of the year.
The husband left at 4am this morning along with a gaggle of friends and drove north pulling his big ole smoker; they’ll be smoking meat all day long for another one of our favorite charities. 
I believe tomorrow will be a day of recovery and cleanup.

That’s all I’ve got today.
Have a great weekend whether you’re biting your lips, cooking for love or dancing your heart out.
Bee sweet!

TGIF; lots of butters cooking & it’s been a while since I’ve shanked anyone

Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago I was in the yard on a caterpillar hunt and I hit the jackpot. I slew of them had just hatched from the eggs and I rescued them before anyone ate them. (lizards, wasps, birds, etc)
They’re so small at this stage that I use Q-tips to remove them. Acutally, I used cotton s(c)wabs, with an emphasis on schwab part. That’s how I like to pronounce it.

Thank goodness for my laser vision surgery-they’re tiny!

Well, those babies were eating me out of house and home milkweed for the last few weeks and now I have over 50 chrysalis cooking. (I have two coolers full)

Isn’t that the most exciting thing you’ve heard today?
Ok, maybe it’s just me.

Something that’s been peeving me lately. Getting my goat. Yanking on my nerve.
When you thank someone for something, anything really, and instead of saying “you’re welcome”, they respond with……wait for it…..
……….it’s really annoying……
……………I can hardly stand to hear it……………..

“No problem”

When did NO PROBLEM replace you’re welcome?
Did I miss the memo?
It makes me want to take my shank out of retirement and put it to good use.

OMG. I went back to link a ‘shank’ post to this and I put shank in my blog search….35 posts came up. I’m a shanking queen. I wanted to find the post where Lindsay made me my own personalized shank for Christmas one year, but I can’t locate it, but trust me, my child made me a shank with glitter and bells.

I’m glad I got that off my chest. The ‘no problem’ part, not the shanking part.

Is it bad that I’d like to shank the weather too? This whole week has been hawwwwt. 

 I have much to be thankful for, so, I’m gonna clear the shanking mojo with the good:
healthy family, happy people, love, dogs, butterflies, green grass, fresh pineapple, clean water to drink and it’s Friday.

What’s going on this weekend? Starting your Thanksgiving turkey? Putting up the tree? 

We’re looking forward to a slight change of scenery, but no holiday stuff just yet.


Who ate my lip balm?

Yesterday was my Mom’s heavenly birthday. She would have been 76; like the bicentennial. Goodness, I still remember what a big year 1976 was. All the hoopla. All the red, white & blue.
Anyhoo, I’m still keeping up the tradition of celebrating her in the way she would like.
Two of my besties and I have a nice Mexican lunch with a margarita in Bev’s honor.

I love that they also love this tradition. You can’t beat great friends.
Well, you could. But then they wouldn’t really like you so much, now would they?

But something cute happened this week.
On Easter Lolo’s dog, Mattis found my ‘Suz’s sitting on the couch necessities basket’ under the coffee table.

Does everyone have this? It’s all the important things I might need once I sit down for the night and don’t want to get up again:
dental floss, foot and hand cream, lip balm & eye drops.  (I’m dry I tell ya!)

Well, Mattis found my lip balm and proceeded to open it and eat the balm.
That’s NOT the cute part.
Luckily, it was on the low side, but still, Mattis should have moisturized lips for a few days.
The cute part is two days later I get a package from Amazon that I didn’t order.

Lolo replaced the lip balm X6.
I’ll check with Mattis and see which flavor he prefers and save it for him.
My girls are the best.
Also on Easter, Linds brought me flowers and candy for us both.
Mama did well.
Have I mentioned how much I really love those girls? Like.A.LOT.

Anyhoo. That’s my cute story for this week.

Have a great weekend!