Letting Go Of My Aggression.

I stopped my car and I waved the group of teenagers across the mall parking area, they stared blankly at me as they sauntered sloooowwwwly in front of my car.

It appeared that they were walking as slow as they possibly could without falling over.

The nerve.

So, I did what any sane person would do. I hit the gas pedal as hard as I could and I ran them over swiftly.

Bam. just like that.

Ok, I fantasized the running over part. 

Yes, It felt good.

*43* Is the oldest I have ever been.


The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything; the young know everything.

Oscar Wilde 

I no longer know everything, and I am starting to suspect everything.  Especially readers who never comment.


Another birthday.

It’s not all balloons and rainbows. Or maybe it is.

toddler suz_edited

I realize 43 is not really old. Unless you are 20.

Peeps who are older than 43 will say: 

Oh, you’re still a baby, stop whining.

It’s my party, let me wine whine.

My plan for today. A yummy and indulgent Lunch with a girlfriend {fish tacos!}  and we usually share a banana split too.  Bananas are healthy. 

Linds has dance line tonight at the football game, so no fancy- dancy dinner. Hot dog du jour.

Maybe we will jet off to Las Vegas in the morning. Or just sleep. I am worried about my love of sleep lately…we are really getting along.   Just writing about it makes me want to nap.

I need to find a legal way to get more pep in my step. More pizazz in my azz. More zip in my zap.

I loathe tiredness. My Unborn twin has not been extracted, so perhaps she is sucking up all my energy? Yeah, lets go with that. It is HER fault.

So who is going to party this weekend FOR me????

Remember I like good food, good wine and pretties. All sorts of pretties. The shinier the better. 🙂

Happy weekend!

Bee happy. (I really am)

Bee peppy. (I wish I was)

Bee sweet. (I have that all wrapped up!)  



Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do. – Helen Keller


When I think of yellow, I always think of sunflowers.


When I think of sunflowers, I always think of ‘happy’.


When I think of ‘happy’…I always think of yellow sunflowers.


I am not completely biased though, I enjoy a happy hibiscus too.


What first comes to mind when you think of yellow?

TGIF; Marry a nice boy and NO cussing!

“Life is one fool thing after another, whereas love is two fool things after each other.”

                                                                                                Oscar Wilde

I was feeling pretty miserable for a few days this week. Thanks to the love and support of my fama-lama-ding-dong, I survived. The coach is very good to me. I should have milked it for a few more days though…

I swear, if my girls don’t marry someone as nice as their Dad, I will never forgive them. Plus, I will make HIS life a living hell. I will…


Cuss word of the week: Shiza Minnelli. (Liza, with sh)

We are not cussers at our house…but Lo said this out of frustration yesterday and it cracked me UP! Shiza Shiza Shiza.

My friend KBL has the best cuss words lines ever:

“Oh my helicopter!”

“What the French toast?”

That kind of stuff just makes me laugh so hard!! *Snort *Snort*088

Do ya’ ever wake up in the morning and feel like you SLEPT like this all night? Me too.


Nothing big happening this weekend…softball last night. softball tonight. Dancing tomorrow.

Da’ bears are 8 and 1. Sweet Shiza!

Happy weekend everybody.

Any plans for dancing? Poles involved? Me? NEVER.

Bee a happy fool. Bee a dancer. Bee Loved.

Do you have to give love to bee loved? {maybe not, if you dance on a pole! }

Jumping for Joy OR Something.


Jumping for Joy is good exercise.


Ok, that quote is not really anonymous. I got it off the lid to my Daisy light sour cream container. Don’t tell Daisy and I won’t have to share in all the profits this blog makes. What? You don’t make money writing foolish stuff? Silly.

Now, in lieu of exercising today I would like to have a loaded baked potato piled with butter and some Daisy. Instead, I will try to find some joy in exercise. TRY I say!

I have added jumping jacks to my daily routine. Ouch, feels like I am really rattling my organs around. Can you detach your liver, kidney and lungs from jumping? I know my knees don’t appreciate this move at ALL!!!


Doesn’t this photo of Linds above look like *some one* is pulling her up?

“I can see the light!!!”P1020316

P1020322 P1020327

If you would like to attain 0% body fat like my Cuz Chris, just join the Army, go through years of rigorous training and then hang out in Afghanistan for a year or so! Um, no thank you.


The photos were taken at my Aunt and Uncles house in HOT-Lanta this summer.

Lo, Linds and my Cuz Chris. They are all jumping for Joy.

Are you jumping for joy today?

How about jumping for something????

Can a human actually jump with their mouth closed? Apparently, not in my family.