She’s Still Kicking, Just Not As High.

Thank you all for your encouragement and well wishes on my post-op post. (say that three times fast) I had my catheter removed and HOLY MACKEREL, it’s awesome to pee unassisted.

Who knew?

Well, you probably all knew.

It’s Me, I’m The Problem

I know I was so excited and started doing housework (pure insanity!) when I first arrived home; in hindsight, I should have been beaten with a wet noodle.

Ahem….Not so surprising, a few days later in the week, I could hardly remove myself from the couch and I totally blame the housework so I’m vetoing all housework for whatever is left of my life.

The no housework statement, sadly is a big fat lie.

I’m taking it easy from here on out. The bare necessities and sadly, one of those is making dinner. Lord, don’t I deserve to be hand fed each day? Would it kill someone to peel my grapes?

Peanut and I have spent a lot of time outside since the weather has been so lovely, thanks to a cold front. Sure, you’re cold as heck but I’m living my best outside life.

I’ve not even had the gumption to read any blogs and I’m sorry about that.

I’ve been so low key, that my smart watch sent me a text stating that my activity level and caloric burn is down compared to normal times. YA THINK? Generally I strength train three days a week and do a HIIT class twice a week. Now, I’m not hitting anything but that proverbial wall.

Funny though, I’ve not been moving as much, eating the same amount, yet I’m losing LBS. Do you think my body is burning calories by internally healing? Or were my organs that heavy? These are the questions I need to ask my Dr. at my follow up appointment.

What does a busy body do when she is forced to rest?

HGTV. Bravo. Apple TV. Netflix, minus the chilling part.

PUZZLE: This was a Christmas gift from my youngest amazing child and I’m almost finished with it.


I had some honey-do’s that were piling up, but my actually Honey has been the Busiest Bee. What I’ve been wanting done are swapping out the areas rugs in our bedroom, dining room and sitting area. I’d ordered them months ago; they’ve been living in my garage. (Callie ruined one of them, Lillie another)

Ya’ll it looked like I had a Rug Store in my garage. You Get A Rug! You Get A Rug!

Lolo wanted to come and visit since I’ve not seen her in a while and I figured her sister would love to come and visit too, while they did the heavy lifting/labor for me since I labored for them all those years ago. (I also fed them dinner, no peeled grapes.)

I honestly thought I’d need to hire a few men to move the heavy furniture, remove the old rugs (9×12 foot, wool, heavy rugs!) and replace with new and put the furniture back…but I gave birth to strong women, so that is what they did along with some help from their Dad.

Coach had the lovely job of taking apart our seventeen year old bed (headboard, side rails, foot board) as a new one will be arriving this coming week. Trying to remove the rug under our bed and replace it was a delicate and hefty movement by the three of them, while I, who can’t currently pick up anything just watched.

Not one complaint from my people, and they said it was actually a fun time. Are they ANGELS Or WHAT?

Anyone think resting was going to be easy? Who’s been forced to do it and did you find it underwhelming?

37 thoughts on “She’s Still Kicking, Just Not As High.

  1. Christine

    Good to hear how you are doing. I was happy to lose maybe 14 lbs after my hysterectomy but not to worry it all came back in due time sigh!

    Wonderful work by the girls!

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  2. I hit a similar energy wall after my surgery. It’s your body’s way of saying whoa Nellie, slow it down. Rest well and enjoy the temporary weight loss… sadly mine all came back, plus a few.
    Love the new rugs. Your home always looks showroom beautiful!

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  3. Bijoux

    Minus the chilling . . . Bahaha! That cracked me up! Are you watching Vanderpump Rules? So much drama IRL with them right now.

    I love your rugs and I’m glad your daughters could do the heavy lifting. I’m actually not surprised you’re losing weight. I think our bodies burn a lot of calories during recovery from any surgery or illness. Keep resting and healing, my friend.

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    1. I never watched Vanderpump until a few weeks ago…couldn’t help but get sucked into the drama. I think I saw a few episodes from season four, then moved onto season nine, and now I’m current with 10. WOWZA!


  4. Wish I lived closer so I could come peel your grapes. Hee hee. I’m team EAT BON BONS. In case you feel like replacing those calories in a hurry.

    The VERY last thing you would catch me doing when told to rest would be housework.

    Hooray for the girls helping with the rugs. They are beautiful. Hmm, maybe if my house loomed like THAT when I cleaned . . . maybe then I would hop off the couch prematurely.

    When I had covid as an early Christmas gift, I only lifted a finger to shop online.

    Feel better. Rest up. XO

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  5. After I had my laprascopic colon surgery, I was useless for a month. Then perked up a little for 2 weeks. Then went back to full time work and was exhausted in 2 days. Then part time work for awhile. My pre-op energy level did not fully return until nearly 3 months after the operation. Be gentle with yourself! Love that bee hive puzzle, by the way.

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  6. Glad you are feeling good! It’s east to overdo when you feel good, isn’t it? Any time you can just chill and watch great shows on those networks is good! I wish I would let myself take more time to do that! Love the new rugs!

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  7. M

    Oh, I’m glad you are listening to your body and resting for now. It’s hard not to do something you want to do when you’re feeling well, that’s for sure! I have experienced it to a lesser degree (not after a surgery) when I was younger and more obssessive about how I want things. LOL Now, I’ll happily sit on the couch and read/watch shows!

    The rugs are lovely, and the girls rock for doing most of the work! Yay to she-men strength!

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  8. Oh, wow! I’m so glad you are leaning into the peeled grapes life. Perhaps you could request a muscular pool boy to hold a banana leaf over you while you rest outside?!

    Your house looks lovely and the rugs are the perfect accents! Go you for supervising their placement.

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  9. I am loving ALL the photos in this post. If I were a Puzzler I’d choose that puzzle for sure. It’s gorgeous.

    It’s The Best when the family pitches in and literally does the Heavy Lifting when you’re down. Your daughters are made of The Right Stuff, and we know where they got it.

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  10. I CAN’T BELIEVE WE WERE DOING THE SAME PUZZLE. Is that not freaky? That’s a little freaky to me! I’m not sure why, a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters etc. But still. I did similar after my fibroid removal and ablation. Felt great. Did stuff. Drove kids around. Then felt like I’d been cored. One of my very favourite things to do is play British murder mysteries on my ipad while I’m puzzling. Rest well! Go your daughters! Mine is often stronger than I think too. My son works out twice a day and looks like captain freaking america, so less surprising when he can lift heavy stuff.

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    1. Coach and I watched a few episodes of that show and it’s so fun.
      My two latest obsessions on Apple Tv are: Shrinking (funny with an emotional storyline) and Dear, Edward (drama, but such a good story and writing!)

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    1. Being anemic is no joke. I remember signing that ‘blood transfusion if needed’ document a few times, thinking, ‘that will never happen’. Sorry, you went through that, but obviously, you also survived and that’s a great thing!!


  11. OMG that puzzle looks hard. But those rugs look phenomenal, your girls – and Coach – are fantastic people!
    I was forced to be STILL a few times in my life and lordy, did the time drag. Once was when I injured my hip in 2019. I couldn’t move without extreme pain, so that was very lame. Literally. I was lame. The other time was when I had preeclampsia, while pregnant with my first. I had to be on my feet less than ten minutes at a time, so I could shower, but then I had to rest with my feet up. I was terrified this would happen with my second pregnancy when I HAD A ONE YEAR OLD, but happily, it did not.
    What I’m saying is you have my full sympathy! Heal well, friend, and rest – resting is the only thing that is going to speed up the healing. xoxoxo

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    1. Resting for a busy body is hard!

      I also had preeclampsia with my first which was horrible since we’d just moved into a brand new house and this mama bird was ready to ‘fluff her nest’ and I couldn’t!! Forced bed rest can be a b*tch!


  12. I need to know what kind of wet noddle, because that makes a difference. Angel hair pasta? Big deal. But a wet lasagna noodle really packs a wallop. Or a manicotti. You really need to be more specific next time.

    Netflix without the chilling part is just…Netflix. Where’s the fun in that?

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  13. Pam

    I’m so glad you’re doing well..and letting yourself rest. That is super hard. I’ve been there. You think you feel pretty good til it all comes back to bite you on the tush. Glad yours is enjoying the weather, working puzzles and bossing your people around. Rug ruining must be going around. We had to toss ours because our kitty used the one under our bed as a potty when she got trapped under there because we had people she doesn’t know in the house. Scaredy cat. Also..pee kitty. (Husband joke…she turned it from an area rug to a urea’re welcome..he’s here all week!) Also, we dragged the rug out to the curb. Also..I’m not your girl if you need to do a violent crime and dispose of the evidence. Getting that rug out the door about did me in! : p Keep resting, friend. You’ll be doing all the things before you know it. 🙂 Hugs!

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  14. A few times I’ve had surgeries wherein the recovery has forced me into semi-stasis. I did much better NOT doing anything in the summer when nature was doing things around me, than I did in the winter when nothing was going on anywhere. Of course my experiences were before streaming TV so from my perspective you’ve got it good. Still I take your point, there’s only so much boredom and alone time with yourself that a person can take before going bonkers. Hang in there.

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