He Deserves More Than A Pearl! {Happy 30th Anniversary To Us}

In the words of Barry Manilow: Looks Like We Made It.

This is our 30th wedding anniversary; we dated for six years prior to being legally entangled. If you’re doing the math, Jesus was a small child when we met and my teeth were just sprouting.

I took this selfie on the night of our first date.

Fun fact: Our first date was a BLIND date. How ’bout dat? No tinder. No swiping anything except for his heart. Match Dot What? No stalking each other prior to that fated Robert Plant concert in 1985.

Oh crap. I just looked up that Barry song, and it’s about two people who were in love and now found love with other people. Not a good anniversary song at all.

Fun fact: Barry Manilow is on tour, and you can see him in Vegas this summer.

This BARRY song is more our speed.

I actually heard that song while driving a few weeks ago and I’d totally forgotten what a good song it was….so, naturally, I started car dancing (just like my Mom!) and thought this was a great song for the Coach and I.

Fun fact: Kari, if you’re playing the Dead Or Alive Game, You can NOT see Barry White in concert any longer.

May 25th, 1991. Best.DAY.Ever.

Well, until a few years later when people came out of my body. But still, one had to happen for the other.

Last year I blogged about what a classy affair our wedding was. If you don’t want to go back and read it, I’ll tell you it really wasn’t a classy affair at all, but that’s ok. We both come from very humble beginnings and things have only progressed positively since then.

We don’t have anything planned for number 30 as we don’t usually go all out for our anniversaries….well, aside from our 25th when Coach surprised me with a bonafide proposal & vow renewal on the beach in Key West, including our girls showing up out of the blue, our besties Don & Kelly in attendance and an upgraded ring in a freaking conch shell.

SURPRISE! That was a good time and it can only happen once.

*looks around the corner for our delightful offspring and a conch shell*

Cheers to 30 years. I learned today (google) that the 30th anniversary is the Pearl Anniversary as wives used to get a strand of pearls on the 30th year. Well, I already have a strand of pearls but I only wear them when I’m baking and wearing a housedress with an apron over it.


Pat, I’d Like To Buy That Man A Beer And A Vowel.

This is a short & sweet post. I have a real post set for tomorrow (or the next day) as tomorrow is a momentous occasion. What? Your calendar is blank for tomorrow?

On Saturday, the Coach and I had a very romantic afternoon. We went to the hardware store; we purchased some lumber for the new deck gates that will necessitate me not having to chase dogs who are chasing squirrels.

I’m sure you all were gasping when you read LUMBER. *wood=$$=swoon*

Afterwards I suggested we do something fun because when we’re UP HERE, we tend to do a lot of house stuff.

Me: “I always see signs for GA breweries and wineries; let’s hit a brewery today.”

If you know me, you know I don’t drink beer. I mean, I used to drink beer, but now I’m a wino. You know what they never have at breweries? Wine.

First LUMBER, then BEER! I should be rewarded.

Coach ordered the ‘lightest’ beer for me and it tasted just like a Corona even though it was made in GA. If I were on a deserted island and could only drink beer, that would be my flavor choice.

But hello, I’m not volunteering to visit THAT island.

Anyhoo, there was a TV that was showing Wheel Of Fortune. We were trying to figure out the puzzle answers while also contemplating the life choices of one male contestant who had the worst hairstyle I’ve ever seen on a human.

Coach says: Are those people still alive? Referring to Vanna & Pat.

I looked at him sideways, thinking he didn’t just say what he said, then wondered if his beer had more alcohol in it than mine.

Yes, this is a current show. They are alive and well.

He’s so pretty. Thank God he has me to keep him in line with important current events such as the living/dying status of game show hosts.

Happy Monday y’all. Anyone else enjoy some hops this weekend?


My Cuz, The Dogs, The Aliens

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my Cuz Patrick. I honestly can’t even remember if I shared that he moved out of my Aunt and Uncle’s home (7? 8?)years ago. and is living with a wonderful group of people on the East side of Atlanta; y’all he has a new home and new peers! He’s super happy there and they have a good time, but you know what they’ve not enjoyed? This lockdown.

Since their home is for adults with disabilities, they’ve had to be even more careful and they’ve gone NOWHERE. Patrick had to give up both of his jobs. So, he and his roommates have been kind of getting on each other’s nerves recently. The Coach and I offered for him to come and stay with us; a change of scenery if you will. He was able to re-start one of his jobs this past Sunday and that was refreshing for him.

We’ve had a nice week.

Patrick=Dog Magnet

We had a very nice visit; I think it was good for him to be somewhere else for a minute and have a chance to miss his roommates; of course, it was good for the Coach and me to have some one-on-one time with Patrick too.

Da’ Bugs

I’m sure most people have heard about the Brood X of Cicadas that have appeared. I really didn’t know much about cicadas, but I’d heard THEY ARE COMING around town for a while. Apparently, this particular brood has been asleep for 17 years. Well, not really asleep, they’ve been underground eating root sap and waiting for their limelight which is NOW.

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it 30 times on the neighborhood Facebook group: What is that alien ship sound I hear? Who is flying a small airplane around here? What is the machinery noise that is going on all day long?

Oh boy, mix that with my constant tinnitus and it’s a party in my brain.

My fave is the alien ship reference because I kind of knew what those sounded like from my childhood.

This isn’t the loudest I’ve heard them, it depends on the wind and where they are moving. On some of our walks, it’s pretty quiet until you round a corner, go up a hill, and BAM, ALIEN SHIP!

I had to giggle when I looked back at that video and the view. Can you believe when we first looked at this house, we were unimpressed with the view? I mean, we almost didn’t buy it because of the ‘lack of view’ but we really liked the house itself. What the hell did those aliens implant in my brain all those years ago?

That’s all the nonsense I have to share with you this week. Anyone else in the path of the Brood of Cicadas imitating an alien ship? Hmmmmm, makes me want to make copious amounts of mashed potatoes and let my creative juices flow.

Happy Friday