Summer Favorites

I know it’s not nice to pick favorites, but who said I have to be nice all the time?

Toe polish: 
{Essie-Bottle service} 
Scorching Neon Fuchsia; that makes me happy

Wrinkled feet courtesy of my favorite pool. 

Thing to eat:
quinoa. I’ve been using this in variations of salads…and I love it.
{Yes, Ozzie is my favorite photo bomber}
Thank you to Claudia for bringing it to my attention.
BTW: Claudia is my fave food blogger!!

I’m thankful the Coach thought to go here…we enjoyed ourselves. 
My favorite youtube video.
This cracks me up….and confirms why I find instagram so annoying. 

My favorite comment from last week: 

“Cute photo booth pics! Our jello shots have Geritol in them!”

That was Mildred in regards to the Jello shot party. 

I’m only able to blog a few times a week….but I always look forward to your funny comments. Without comments, I’d throw in the jello  towel. 
Any summer favorites you’d care to share?  
Sharing is caring, so not sharing is kinda rude. 


24 thoughts on “Summer Favorites

  1. you must tell me how to make the quinoa taste good to my peeps! i trid, and it might have been less than successful!!! but i am willing to torture them again!!!fav toe polish: turquoise & caicos (you have me hooked on essie)fav son: camden ;)fav friend to eat with: YOU! and here goes another week when we can't fit it in!!!


  2. Anonymous

    Always fun to see a post from you. Love the bright polish; I gave Brooke some lavender polish for her bdy.We tried quinoa salad from the deli and enjoyed it. As for Geritol Jello shots, we still are not a bundle of energy!!!


  3. Favorite polish: Lively LilacFavorite place: under the shade tree in the backyardFavorite thing to eat: Energy balls I made from pinterest – oatmeal, flake coconut, chocolate chips, honey, vanilla. Good stuff.


  4. Charleston looks beautiful. I want to go : )Your favorite photo bomber is awesome. Happy Monday. Thank you for not throwing in the jello. That would be so messy and you would have to clean it up yourself.


  5. Oh, YUM! I've been OBSESSED with quinoa lately! I like to make a giant container of quinoa salad that we keep in the fridge for days. Admittedly, the boys don't enjoy it as much as I do, which is fine – MORE FOR ME!!


  6. How about a summer NOT favorite? Since the whole arthritic big toe thing, flip flops hurt my feet and my hiking shoes make them feel OH SO Good. So now I have glow-in-the-dark white feet!!!


  7. I can't pick a favorite polish but I would say anything hot pink or really bright blue!Favorite place would be Malibu.Favorite food? Oh man, too many to pick, but I do love quinoa too! How do you make yours? Looks like I see cilantro, tomatoes, corn… what dressing do you use? I use fresh squeezed lemon and a little EVOO. Favorite video is the same as yours! I crack up often thinking of it while looking at Instagram!XO


  8. Anonymous

    I don't use or care for Instagram and the photos all use such ugly textures making them look dark around the edges. So NOT unique, all the same. I LOVE Essie shades!!


  9. Yummy looking salad! I so wish I could make 'meal in one' things like that, but hubs won't eat it. It's hard sometimes. I feel like a short order cook. I hate it. I don't like Instagram either. I like the square photos, but that's where the fun ends for me. It's not very intuitive (for an old girl like me) and the filters just aren't 'all that'. And I don't wanna 'share'. None of yo beeswax, public, when it comes to my pics. : )


  10. Hi Suz, Sounds like you all have had a great summer…. Love your BRITE toenail polish… Never heard of Quinoa… BUT–that salad looks yummy…. We love Charleston also –and Boone Hall is beautiful.. Would be a fabulous place for a wedding.Hard to believe that summer is almost over… It's gone FAST this year.Hugs,Betsy


  11. OMG! When you see that video, it does make Instagram pretty ridiculous! And, there were a few things on there that I've actually done! (glad I can laugh at myself!)Laika is the ultimate photo bomber. She's such a diva, getting ready for that career in modeling! 🙂


  12. Love the pool induced wrinkled feet! So jealous!!!! Also impressed that you retain the names of odd toenail polish colors. I remember things like this: Red, pink, plum. 😛 Love your \”not sharing is kinda rude\” bit. Too funny!


  13. Hey! Thanks for the link to Idiot's Kitchen!!! You're so nice and Ozzie is too cute.Summer is kicking my azz. Too hot. Too humid. But, I'm about to go paint my toes with bright blue essie mezmerised polish so it can't be all bad. Now I'm hungry for quinoa! 🙂 xoxo


  14. Sadly although it is the middle of August, it is feeling like Fall up here. So I headed out today and had my nails painted a super bright pink very close to your toes! Bright nail polish, family trips and beach time. All of my favourite things.


  15. Ozzie in your pics is a favorite all the time! The video was funny.Favorite stuff in the summer is definitely air conditioning!!! I don't do heat well anymore. I do love having watermelon and cantaloupe more readily available and better priced – – and often locally grown. That's delicious.


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