Getting to the meat of it all.

Which is weird, since I’d prefer the side salad any day.
Last weekend we celebrated my nephew Bryan’s graduation…..
I remember when I could carry him around.
It was all sorts of wonderful to have the cousins together….even if it was for less than 2 hours. 

…and a few hours later we were heading to Lindsay’s senior band awards/banquet.
Those are fake smiles. We were running late and I insisted on a photo. Girls: We don’t have time. Me: I want a picture so SMILE!
My craft/laundry/office/guest overflow room looked like this last week.
Sadly, this week, it looks worse.
Prepping for a summer college dorm and a big party at once equals chaos. 
Someone has to sleep on this bed next week. Glad it’s not me!
My Georgia people arrive on Saturday. We have a Grad party on the other side of Florida on Sunday. I’m working on home projects, party projects, landscape projects this week.
(That part-time job is getting in the way of my projects!)

Linds doesn’t have her graduation until May 30th….thank goodness I still have some time.
But it’s never enough time.

I’m exhausted….and it’s only TUESDAY???

16 thoughts on “Getting to the meat of it all.

  1. that ROOM!!!!!! i cannot believe you have a room that looks like one of mine, let alone you POSTED it!!!! haha!!!!!! so glad i got to hug linds saturday night… wish it had been you, too!!! xoxo


  2. Having cousin get-togethers provides lots of good memories. Things are sounding a little hectic around there. Hope the graduations and parties all go well.


  3. Looks like so much fun! I love seeing pics of your peeps – they are wholesome, sweet and they have STYLE (love those turquoise shoes with the tiny belt to match)! Remember to stop and breathe now and then – perhaps a soak in your hot tub, or a beverage under the palapa is in order? HUGS to you and your peeps!


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