Finally-the AFTER photos.

Hello friends.
Let me start by saying that I was reluctant to share the after photos of our renovation. Why?  The Coach and I both come from very humble beginnings….so, for us to have something this nice (our dream house) I almost feel braggy by sharing. I still remember going through the sears catalog as a kid dreaming of nice furniture and fancy sheets. And by fancy, I mean the kind that match.
I can’t win; I should just go back to the trailer park and get over myself.

We are absolutely THRILLED with our home. As in, we’re NEVER LEAVING. The girls will have to bury us in the backyard with Ozzie, Maisy (and the recently departed) Krispy.
We built this house in 1997; it started with a small formal dining room, (could never get everyone at the table) a small formal living area (could fit a couch and a few chairs, but never was enough space at Christmas with the whole family) A good sized kitchen, a breakfast nook, and a smallish family room.
What we had envisioned was a great room. WIDE open kitchen/family/dining.
What we got was a GREAT room with a kitchen to die for. Ok, lets slow down with the dramatics Suz. No one is dying in here. EVER. 

It was hard to make before and after collages… the after looks NOTHING like the before so it’s hard to put it in perspective.

I’ll start with the lanai view. Note that the outdoor ceiling fans and the left (closest to you) column are both in the same exact spot. How coincidental to have pets in each pic?  {Miss you Ozzie boy!}

Again, with the critters. See that column down below in the left pic? It’s the same one on the right just behind cocoa and Harley. That’s the amount of outside lanai we stole for the inside.

This is another before/after view of the lanai, looking into the family room/dining area.

Could something ever be better than you’d imagine? I’m here to tell you YES.

I’ll share the all the inside photo’s next. I don’t want to overwhelm you. Or me. Ok, mostly it’s me I’m worried about.
Happy humpday my people.

17 thoughts on “Finally-the AFTER photos.

  1. Wow. What a transformation from the views you showed us. Stealing from the lanai for the living area? Brilliant. Waiting for the next installment. (And I appreciate your humble beginnings in life and in this post.)


  2. even for me, it is good to see those lanai stealing photos! it really shows me what happened! it is hard for me to even go back & imagine what it was… so i have been waiting for this post! thank goodness i wasn't holding my breath. 😉 don't you worry about being braggy… never have i known anyone more grateful for where you are now. when i think of the things that you get to do, or the fancy new things you get to build, i think: good for suz! you & coach have worked had, held your breath at times, and kept on paddling. you deserve all kinds of good. love you!


  3. I too have a hard time remembering how it was before. YOU are the sweetest, most caring friend ever. I'm so thankful that I have YOU to remind me that it's ok to be happy. I'm so appreciative that you're alway here to support us in our crazy endeavors AND to enjoy them with us. (the house, the basketball tickets, etc…) XOXO


  4. I am ecstatic for your family!!! People who work hard deserve to help support the local economy with purchases! You helped the job market for a few weeks/months! LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! Was it all your family's ideas or did you get a designer? I could not ever have that great a vision on my own. THANK YOU for letting us share your joy!


  5. I am so thrilled for you! It's perfectly ok to be happy. You've worked hard and this is one of the rewards. : ) I love looks like something off of HGTV my friend! Only this is real and you get to live in it. I'm sure you pinch yourself every morning when you pour that cup of coffee that you get to bring your bed head to such a gorgeous place for breakfast. Lunch and dinner..and everything in between. Love. IT. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.


  6. Anonymous

    I am so thrilled for you guys! Thank you for sharing the pictures and I'm looking forward to lots more! You certainly deserve this and I know you'll enjoy entertaining friends and family here.


  7. It looks amazing!! You shouldn't worry about being \”braggy\”. You guys have worked for it and deserve it. Now I just wish I could sit on that beautiful lanai and soak up some sun and warmth… 😉


  8. Wow—I'm SO SO SO impressed and envious of course. But your Sweetie has done SO weel in his business. IF anyone deserves the best, it is YOU and Jeff…. Congrats. Can't wait to see more… You need to put it on the 'tour of homes'…. Gorgeous.Hugs,Betsy


  9. Darn it ! I left a comment here yesterday and it disappeared. probably wasn't signed in properly, it's been a while. Anyhoo. Just wanted to say that it looks fabulous and I can't wait to come and stay. 😀 😀 😀


  10. Gorgeous. The perfect Florida home for an active dog-loving family. I'm sure the girls are whining, \”Why didn't you do that when we lived here?\” And you can answer, \”Because you lived here so we couldn't afford it.\”


  11. Enjoy everything about these new rooms. You've worked hard and earned them. It's wonderful to make your own dreams become reality. This is truly a home….especially with the cute critters. Now I wonder how much Jim would kill me for wanting to bump out the kitchen into the lanai space here… 🙂


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