Playroom art and making a mess of our house.

So many of you sweet peeps noticed the girls artwork in the playroom during my 10 on 10.

These were all done in art class at various stages of elementary school. I have many more stashed in a closet…I do love them.

Hanging above Lindsay’s desk:


MEOW…I love this face!


Over LoLo’s desk. I am completely annoyed that ONE of those is crooked in the frame.


I love this Starry Night…crooked. MustFIXSOON. Anal who???


Anyhoo…guess who uses the playroom most now? Mama. Way back in the day, Coach designed this room for the girls. They each had a desk with a PC and a tv cabinet and book/game shelves.  This room witnessed MANY sleepovers, twister tourneys and craft projects.

Since they now have laptops (and a car!)…they are so mobile in the house. Usually they gravitate towards the kitchen… you know, where the FOOD is located?

{Damn wifi will be the death of all of us!}

I moved my treadmill in here a few months ago….I use the TIVO to record MY shows for my workout…I even use the Wii dance for cardio.  

I will soon rename it Mama’s Playroom. Or Suz’s sanctuary. Or The Bee Inn. Or 


I’ll be spending some good quality time in here over the next few weeks…


As I type this post, I am sitting at my kitchen table. Which is not unusual…except for the fact that our kitchen table is now located outside near the pool. Convenient huh?

We are tearing up most of our house this week. New floors.

A note to any future guests, you’ll have to curl up into a very small ball to sleep in our guest room. It is now a holding room for stuff. IMG_7568

You can only walk into the room about 6 steps and then there is a wall of stuff. Reminds me of my room as a teen.

Here is a big change in the family room from yesterday. Before:




HAHA. Most people upgrade…not us. Well, not yet anyway! The Coach designed a new tv area…the old stuff went to one of his good employees’ home.

We’ll just call this look minimalistic chic.

I’ll try to post photos of the destruction…geeze Jackhammers in my house! I am askeered!!! I also have to share a photo of the White dog with her new bestie!! Don’t you love a happy ending?? Me too.

Have a great day!!!


26 thoughts on “Playroom art and making a mess of our house.”

  1. ok, your before and after cracks me up! We need a new after when your done! Love that you frame the artwork, we do too! My mom did too…So fun! Hard to pick which ones get the honor though and since H is just 5 she only has 1 poor girl!


  2. I am glad the old cabinets went to a good home, gorgeous setup! And OH THOSE cats your kids drew. Tell them if they ever have a chance they should go to a clay place and paint them onto cups and have it glaze fired, they will have them forever and will be excited to share their awesome work in years to come!


  3. You're braver than I am. Redoing most of your floors all at once would drive me insane. We have to do one room at a time or I'll be the one curled up into a tiny ball in a corner somewhere.


  4. I really, really wish I had thought to do that with the boys' artwork throughout school. That is such a great idea.Had to laugh at the before & after pics…I was expecting to see new flooring!


  5. Well, I think you deserve your own Mama's room! You need a sign like the one my brother had on our basement door growing up. It said, \”Larry's – DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT KNOCKING – DO NOT KNOCK!


  6. suz, great art work! fix the crooked! agh! love the idea of simplifying! when we moved here from kentucky to take care of my hubbys parents, we combined two homes. we had to downsize bigtime. we still have two storage units of stuff. so i deff know what you mean. we are constantly going through and getting rid of stuff and trying to just have one storage now. but we have so much that it is impossible. maybe one day. lol have a good week. xoxoxoxo


  7. Suz, I know that you didn't mean to but you made me all sad. I was looking at the artwork and thinking ahead as to when I'll be looking back at pictures that my own kids created. I know, I'm a nut for thinking that way but that's how it is.Your Friend, m.


  8. Love the artwork!Can hardly wait to see your new floors, rec room set-up. etc. You and Coach are so creative; I can see that you keep each other Bee-zy, & keep things fresh in the Hive. =)


  9. I TOTALLY noticed the beautiful artwork the other day. God, how did I NOT comment on it?! One of the walls in the basement has now become Stud's \”gallery.\”I love that you're taking over the 'play room.' I like Suz's Sanctuary. :)Oh, and that picture of the guest room? Yeah…that's pretty much what my room looks like right now! 😦 On the bright side, when I come to FL and show up on your doorstep, I'll feel right at home in there!


  10. Ooooo what kind of new floors are you getting?So exciting!As long as the workers do a good job cleaning everything up after they're finished, of course. ;-)I love the starry night painting! Crooked or not!


  11. I really like the way you've framed the girls' artwork. It really looks great.I hope you'll share lots of pictures of the new look in your house.


  12. Whoa! I thought that bedroom was your audition for the television show, \”Hoarders\”… heheWe have a still life fruit basket one of the girls did in school that is crooked. We just renamed it \”Fruit Basket Upset\”. LOL!


  13. Suz: Is it possible we were separated at birth? I have some of my sons' art (in frames) displayed throughout my house! Although, they aren't as talented as your girls! I took pictures (with my pink camera! but yuk will use the new one) so I could do a post about how cool it is to display kid's art work. Don't think I'm a copy-cat when I finally get it up! 😉


  14. oh how fun to redecorate! i love it, cant do it, but i love it!!! have fun, hun… hee hee.we have pergo here in this rental, you will enjoy them. so easy to clean.and, erm, dont forget to fix the crooked picture. stuff like that really erks me too. so do wires that show. you wont see any wires here, it drives me crazy!


  15. I admire you all for continuing to renovate your home. It's best to do it all along rather than wait 'til it gets old –like ours!!!! haCan't wait to see what Coach comes up with for the new entertainment area….Good Luck!!Hugs,Betsy


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