Last days, moving forward, hiding stuff and the writing is on the wall. really.

I apologize up front, I have no idea where this is going.

I am uploading 366 photos onto my desktop (darn it I miss my laptop!!!) And I am just going to throw this together. It might be long..don’t feel obligated to read it all. I will never know, unless you fail the upcoming pop quiz.

Lindsay had her last day of school today, she is officially a sophomore now. (did you know sophomore had 3 o’s? makes no sense!)

When I picked her up from school today I said: “Congratulations on making it through your first year of high school with NO arrests, tattoo’s, piercings or gang initiations!”

Her reply: “….that YOU know of.”

I get what I give. 🙂

Graduation….we survived it all. Lo’s graduation ceremony was beautiful. The school did a great job having it all organized and special. I think they rehearsed it for 10 or more hours over the week.  IMG_8553

I was whining the other day that I did not get an official photo of her in the cap/gown…but I suppose this one counts. She was on her way to the stage….nervous nelly.

And you won’t believe this…I did not cry. I really don’t know what has happened to me. Could it be that wine has clogged my tear ducts? Ok, wait, I did shed a few tears when they had a moment of silence for THREE students that SHOULD have been there. I was praying for their families and THANKING God that I was there at that time with my girl(s).  I am very lucky.

Ok, now I am crying as I type…weird, my tears taste like Pinot Noir. 

We got some photos AFTER though….of course, by now she had already thrown her cap (with tassel) into the air and took off the HOT gown.


Remind your kids to take the tassel off first. Ok?

Luckily, my Mom (eagle eye) spotted someone walking out with Lo’s cap and the graduate herself took it back. (don’t mess with her artwork people, she is learning muay tai boxing now)


Since then, we found another tassel too. I mean, how could she drive her car around WITHOUT her tassel hanging from the rearview mirror? as if…

Lo might be GONE from her school…but her name will be hanging in the gym forever.


Seriously, I have never had my name written anywhere. NOT even on a bathroom wall. yet.

Speaking of bathroom walls….while waiting for the ceremony my Mom used the ladies room. She came back with a revelation:

“Graffiti is not like it used to be…in the stall it said: You are beautiful, you are wonderful!”


Well, when I used a different stall later on I was smacked with the revelation that: “Kayla is a wh*re.”

During the announcing of names I kept looking out for that Kayla girl. Apparently she was not graduating on this night.

Ok, I have to mention just a tidbit about the graduation dress.

I could seriously write an entire post (or pamphlet) about it.


Pretty right? We found it at TJ Maxx for all of 16.99.

It fit so good….except for the cleavage area…too much exposure. (grandma J, don’t even start with me, ok?)

The back had a beautiful cut-out….lovely.

Soooooo my Mom stitched a bit in. Not right.

She unstitched. And re-stitched. And unstitched. And re-stitched. She unstitched. And re-stitched. And un-stitched.

I am not exaggerating. People were getting frustrated. Ok, only the graduate was getting frustrated. The rest of us were cool as cucumbers. Our cleavage was clearly not an issue this night.

So then mi Madre’ had an idea…lets sew a piece of lace across the top.

And this is how I lost a beautiful and almost brand new pair of my underthingys. 

I sacrificed them for her.

Mom(s) of the year.

I certainly can’t let these shoes go unnoticed. Notice? She said they were tasteful and conservative. I will give her conservative. Or tasteful. Just not both.


But dang it to heck, If I could walk in them without breaking my neck, I would wear them 24/7.  How would they look with my moo-moo dress? I COULD be the envy of all the house frau’s.

Ok, next week I will share some party photos, this is getting long. I am slowly working my way through my google reader too….oy vey.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my family? And you? My socks are rocked.



27 thoughts on “Last days, moving forward, hiding stuff and the writing is on the wall. really.

  1. WOW! I felt like I just lived that whole experience with you! For feeling random you put together post magic…or Maybe it was Lindsay either way – Congrats kid!


  2. HI Suz, I am so happy for you –and that young, gorgeous graduate… Congrats to Lo. Love the family picture… Can't wait to see more.We are headed WEST –so I will be gone for about 3 weeks.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Oh, I love you in the morning!!! Starts my day off coolio. Wait, that's not right, I love you always:) And your little family, and your mom (let her know I'm up for adoption), and your unmentionable sacrifices (only Lo could wear her moms foofies across her cleavage and still smile so pretty), and Lo's capless tassle, and the heels you can walk all day in, and TJ Max and everything else you said that I've forgotten by now cause I can't go back and read it cause of how you got your comment thingy, AND… that you ain't no quitter! See, you'd just miss toooo much if you went blogless… Have a fun Friday:)


  4. Awww, graduation! No wonder you weren't around. : ) Love the pics and love the girl. That dress is something pretty! And very nice of you to give toward the cause! Rest up and enjoy your weekend so we can hear more from you next week.


  5. Good Morning, Suz,Your post is a perfect recap of a wonderful celebration. Congratulations to Lo. She has so much talent and will fit right in at the university.Yes, graduation shoes are important…because when hundreds of students are walking in with identical caps and gowns, this is how you can make your statement. Also…it's how your mom can identify you from her seat far away!I can't wait to see the party pictures…and to hear about your summer plans. ~Natalie


  6. I'm so glad that you found that photo of her in the cap and gown. You and your mom have peaked my curiosity about about high school bathroom stalls.And yes, I did notice you kept the whole cleavage sitution under control but the thought of you using the lace from your almost new thong to alter your daughters dress is TMI!:))


  7. I want those shoes.WANT.Beautiful girls, as always, beautiful family, smiles and life stories.I love your blog miss BB!!And, take your time with things… post when you feel like it otherwise it gets to be a chore and that's not the point of blogging, is it? ;-)we'll be patient!!


  8. Oh Suz, there is so much to say, I know I'm going to forget something{s}. Love those shoes, and the dress! You are so sweet to sacrifice like that. And that family pic is to be treasured, I'm sure! Y'all are so beautiful! I'm sorry your graffiti wasn't as sugary sweet as your mamas 😉


  9. She is so lovely. Your entire family is gorgeous.These are special days and I can tell you are savoring them – wise mama. Love the dress, love the solution to the cleavage problem (wish I had that problem myself!), love TJ Maxx!Sending lots of love to you, dear Suz. Have a great weekend! xoxox


  10. Oh Suz! I hand my \”funny\” crown over to you. I was laughing so hard. You would make an excellent gay man. Think about it!Congrats to your Graduate(s). Dress yes! Shoes, um, ah, er, okay!Your Friend, m.p.s. I think Kayla is the School Counselor. m.


  11. That was a lovely post and I am now re-irritated with my non-walking son.I do the lace thing ALL the time. They make things too low cut these days for anyone with any cleavage at all–and I have more than a little!


  12. Anonymous

    Special times in the lives of your pretty and talented daughters. I enjoyed your photos – great family photo too!By the way, do they make those shoes with training wheels??


  13. I'm amazed that you can start out with no idea of where you are going and then finish up with a great post. It sounds as if the entire graduation was wonderful. You certainly have a beautiful graduate.


  14. LOVE this post. Wish I had been there. Can just see your adorable mom, stitching, unstitching (cursing under her breath) and finally using some Lovely Lace to cover the \”bosom area\”. :)And the shoes? LOVE them. To die for. She honestly should go out and tango in those, with a rose clenched between her teeth… they are Sexy Shoes. 🙂


  15. Milestones – – – made it through first year of high school and another graduated high school – – – with adorable shoes!!! Yes, you are blessed as am I. We have our children and enjoy being with them.


  16. i am sorry to hear you lost a pair of pretty undies to your daughters dress!! at least it was in the name of modesty!! hehethose shoes are supercute as are the hot pink toes!


  17. I am IN LOVE with those shoes! She has great style. I give her two thumbs up! I never thought of seweing underneaths into cleavage, that's brilliant! Sometimes for work, it's necessary to cover up a bit more. Hmmm….snappable, detachable? I am going to try it out. So happy for you! Your family's milestones are inspiring.


  18. You crack me up. She TOTALLY needed to drive away with her tassle hanging from her review mirror. What's wrong with kids these days? And the shoes…fabulous! Congrats to you all. HUGE accomplishment!


  19. One of your best posts yet – Suz! You are one lucky lady – with those two beautiful gals! But you must know that already.Love the lace – added to the dress.Without it – WHAT THE HECK – that was LOW. Almost to her belly button, no?! hehe.Congrats again, to Lo! HUGE accomplishment. And to have her name hang on a banner – not once, but TWICE! WOWZA! All around perfect post!!


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