I ate this, heard that and saw this other thing.

For Coach’s b-day, his padre’ got him a deep fryer.
I am not a fan of fried food, so I was not excited about this….even if it is ‘cool’. 

As if he needed to be told how ‘cool’ he was. again. and again.

A few weeks later, and I am totally addicted to sweet potato fries. YUM. 

Was there even LIFE before sweet potato fries? I think NOT.
Fryers should only be used for sweet potatoes. I am mandated this new law. 


Lo walked into the kitchen on Sunday and stated: 

“It smells like centipedes in here”

Her sister knew exactly what she was talking about.
*I kinda did.* 

Lo and I ran to Wally world on Saturday for a new bikini (for her) and some other stuff.  When we came home the dogs were running around the yard having fun. Like they Do. When I entered the house, the Coach was having a lil’ nap in his chair; much deserved. 

Then I saw how he rolled when it came to letting the dogs IN and OUT.

Who needs a doggie door??  Just leave it WIDE open.
{but only in the fall}


*about the centipede smell. Years ago we had a centipede invasion on our pool lanai. I actually think they were millipedes. The girls were so fascinated by them…they named them, played with them etc….We literally had thousands of them out there. 

Apparently they have their own smell. And you can’t forget it,  If you’re a kid. 

Anything interesting that you saw, tasted or heard this weekend?
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26 thoughts on “I ate this, heard that and saw this other thing.

  1. No wunner it smelt like centipedes in there if Coach left the door open all day!!! I think they moved in while you were out. I would have to move house!But then I do hear that they can be a deep fried delicacy.:-)


  2. I LOVE sweet potato fries!! However, I don't know if I love them enough to ever get a deep frier. I think it would be far too tempting to not start making fair food. You know, like deep-fried Twinkies, deep-fried Oreos, deep-friend Snickers…you get the picture.


  3. I LOVE sweet potato fries!! My first experience with sweet potatoes was a casserole (with marshmallows no less) and it was horrible. It put me off sweet potatoes for a looong time. Enter the fries and we're friends again…


  4. You're probably right that they were millipedes because I think that centipedes bite. Or maybe it's the other way around. I can't remember now! Either way, I hate them both! Love how he points out his cool factor!!!


  5. Anonymous

    I love baked sweet pot. but have never had them fried – I know, I'm way behind the times! I remember Lady Bugs invading our home once and they had a unique smell, also. Hope you have a great day.


  6. Love sweet potatos and their fries. Just think about your next Oscar party – you'll be the most popular guest, if you bring a batch of those fries. I know you are already the most popular guests, considering Coach's mad snake-wrangling skills, but this might actually blow the lid off of even that!Your climate makes me drool. Sunshine every day – can't even imagine!


  7. I've never had sweet potato fries… Need to try them sometime.The smell that I'll never forget is the smell of a million Ladybugs —as they chose our home to visit one year. It was spring so all of the doors and windows were opened.. Those tiny bugs worked their way into the house —and we killed lots of them… Their smell is very unusual —and one which I never hope to smell again…. Hugs,Betsy


  8. I've never tasted sweet potato fries. So apparently I've not lived yet. Is that what you're saying? You know, in my younger days, I was a little wild. I'm wondering if these fries will give me back that feeling of my youth. Let me know how it works for you. I wanna be a \”cool daddy\” too!m.


  9. I hate to admit this, but I've never had sweet potato fries. If they are as good as you say I'm gong to have to rectify this very soon. I must also admit that I'm not familiar with centipede scent.


  10. I've had sweet potato fries and agree they are yummy. Glad your husband got a Cool Daddy. I'm actually glad we don't have one. No temptation to be creative and fry up all those deep-fried foods they have at the fair. I'm sure you will want to do fried Kool-Aid or Snickers bars.


  11. My husband LOVES those fries. Do you all put cinnamon on them?Centipedes – – millipedes – – do either of them sting? I sat on something similar to that years ago and got a bad rash from it.


  12. Don't think I've ever smelled a centapede or it's cousin. But then think of where I live…many odd biological/chemical smells lurking around…so how would I know. And no one drinks the water cause it smells…. mwahahaa.Ok, fry me up some and send them priority mail. I'd have to drive at least 50 miles to have them and it snowed last night..Think I need to move to Florida:)


  13. Um. Those \”pede\” thingies?! We got a ton of them for Halloween. The fake kind of course. But that doesn't stop them from scaring the crud out of me, when I find one that was strategically placed by one of the kids. Love the palm trees on your blog!!And I've never tried sweet potato fries. Might have to do that.


  14. Suz, you have to make the dip to go with your sweet potato fries!!! I just made them this week. It's actually from a restaurant here. It's a 1/2 each of ketchup and Thai sweet chili sauce. Whatever amount you use, just use half of each amount. Ex: 1/4 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup Thai sweet chili sauce, you can find this sauce in the Asian section of the super market. It makes the sweet potato fries the best!!! That's how they serve them at the place we go to. I think it's Red Robin's. Do you have them down there? Anyway, the waitress gave us the recipe, it's DELISH!! I hate bugs!!! Don't fry them, it will ruin the fryer!!! Ewwww!!! xxxxxx ooooo hope you try the sauce, we love it!!


  15. No, but seeing the toilet cover around your Uncle Jim's neck reminded me of the time I was toilet training a little 2 year old of mine. When we would go out in public I took the little plastic adapter with us (instead of the baby potty chair). This little person promptly put it over their head, but couldn't get it back off again…IN THE CHURCH BATHROOM!!! I have no pride left. I had to go get daddy to rescue us. Ha!I trust your 'Little Mr. and Mrs. Hoot' arrived safe and sound. : ) Thanks again!Mary Lou


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