Can you spare an ampersand?

If you were paying attention, and I pay you to pay attention, you will recall that I jazzed up my photo ledges for Christmas this year. This was the very first time that I removed ALL the photos and misc stuff and had ONLY Christmas goodies. And by goodies,  I mean old candy. 
Well, when I declared CHRISTMAS IS OVER!!!!… I started with another clean slate. I decided to change things up. I was tired of the old family photos…needed some newer/updated ones. Lucky for them, I’m not so tired of the family itself. Well, for today anyway.
I had the “S” already. (It was for our last name, now it is for my first name. Oh Snap…the internet knows my initials now! Might as well give my my social security number.)
I found the “J” at Marshall’s.
“‘J” is for Coach. Yes it is!

{Lo’s pottery class pears; so darn cute}
I thought it would be cute to put an ampersand (&) in the middle of the J and S. {by the way, our college child didn’t know what an ampersand was. Can we get a refund? On the tuition, not the child, I’m pretty sure they don’t give $ back on kids anymore.}

While I was fussing around with the shelves…I said out loud: Oh, if I can’t find an ampersand, I can put a plus in the middle of J and S and then an equal sign….with L and L at the end.
Oh, it would be like this: J+S=L&L.
Lindsay said: Gross.
Lauren said: Ewww.
Hey, I was just doing the math.

Actually, I should get credit because I restrained myself from saying: See those wine corks?

Well, J+S+wine=L & L. 
I know you were thinking this as well. 
Anyhoo….I would still need an ampersand for the gross/ewww equation.
And I need to get some people to pose for some new family photos too. I’ve got much work to do.
Do you have an ampersand I can borrow?

21 thoughts on “Can you spare an ampersand?

  1. Those pears are so cute! I really need to hang up my photos. My photo wall is pathetic, there are 3 pictures. They look haphazard! Yours looks terrific! If I had an ampersand I would send it your way, sadly I do not! Also if your middle initial was an O that would be awesome 😉


  2. I'm sorry that I don't have any ampersands to send down to you — I hope you can find one. I like the display you've created, and I'm sure you will soon have some new family photos.I like the neat pears.


  3. this is why i make you laugh… because you ALWAYS return the favor. i'm sure we can craft an ampersand out of… OH! let's make one out of SAND! you know, and glue or something. we haven't done an art project together in a while. and art is so much more rewarding than math. (oops, don't tell the girls i saod that!)p.s. i wish you had told me earlier that the candy was old. seriously.


  4. I HAVE ONE!!! but so does Hobby Lobby. And I think they are 50% off right now. They are the ugly gold… but I spray painted my letters… and my & sign, I just used craft paint and then sanded it a little so it wasn't so perfect.Glad you aren't tired of your actual family. Love your shelves!Well, I love you. So there. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every single day {that you post}.xoxo,me


  5. You are killing me! I think as a child I would totally be ewwwing over that thought as well. And your comeback with the wine was so funny!Surely somebody makes those ampersands!


  6. I love your ledges…decorated both ways. And I love those cute! I've seen a & at Hobby Lobby. So you might try there if you've got that store. : )


  7. No ampersand to give you… Sorry!!!! Hope you find one… Love L's pears…. Neat!!!! Your pictures are great and those shelves are so pretty…I always struggle after putting Christmas away. Our house looks so bare now… Maybe I need an ampersand also!!!!! ha Hugs,Betsy


  8. we are like twins. i have the same frames as you! i also have a collection of wine corks (in a goldfish bowl) but i hide them. don't want people to gasp when they see how many i have. i just say they are for 'an art project.' hic. unfortunately i don't have any ampersands left. we had a run on them recently. sorry.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&x


  9. As usual, you bring a big smile to my face! I like your math and love your ledges. I did the same over a fireplace – – all Christmas – – but have not put anything back there yet. I need to work on it but am ready to switch some stuff up!


  10. Those pears are lovely, as are the family photos. Ampersand…I confess I had to think about that, but I did come up with &, & you may have it.Love the girls' reaction to the + & = them. I suppose all of our kids can't stand the thought of us and the + ! I don't like to think about my own parents & +, so it's probably normal for them to feel that way!


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