Flexing my botanical muscles.

This post is full of pictures and a few words too!
Last weekend our friends Kelly and Don (far left) came over from the East Coast for some merriment. 
Dinner, drinks and a concert (Zack Brown Band!) on Friday night with Joe and Tiff too.

We had too much fun!!!

How do you know you had too much fun? Sadly, you don’t usually realize it until the next morning. 
The boys left for a car show on Saturday and Kelly and I hit the garden center! And not even the depot or lowes-t place….we did the exotic place that charge$ more! (but they have a better variety!)
Kelly is my go-to girl for all things green….my own personal Martha Stewart. But without the ‘better than you attitude’ and criminal record. 
Remember all those apothecary jars from Christmas? Of course you do!
They (and some others) were the recipients of an update!
Our potting table. 
 Mmmmm succulents!
 We added some pretty rocks to the bottom and then filled the jars with sphagnum moss…then we plopped in the plant with it’s soil.
 Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
This baby went in our bathroom. Fancy...like ‘Four Seasons’ fancy. 
Now, when I shower, I start shouting orders to my non-existent maids.  They don’t listen very well,  so I fired them all. 
These three cuties adorn the dining room table. 
 Doesn’t this one look like a head of hair? Nice and full I’d say!
 We purchased these two little jars at Michaels. One of them sits on our kitchen bar and the other on our coffee table. It watches me drink my coffee. 
 This little succulent goes in the guest bath. I love him!
I’ve been keeping the plants moist by dropping an ice cube in every few days…so far they love it here…and who the heck wouldn’t? Well, those maids didn’t like it so much with all my yelling….
How was YOUR weekend? 
We’ve put our a/c on all this weekend. What the hey? Our heater has only run 3 nights since last winter. 
I think Al Gore knew what he was talking about. And that is inconvenient!!!
Happy Monday!

23 thoughts on “Flexing my botanical muscles.

  1. I love how you used the apothecary jars for those gorgeous orchids and plants! They look so pretty and fancy.I just got back from Germany this Saturday and after several days with freezing temperatures, our temps in the 60's seem like summer to me.


  2. Oh, you're such a yeller! Love this shout out about the little green things you feed ice cubes to, they do look happy:) And what's this about having too much fun? Impossible! Maybe too much liquid embellishments, but never too much fun…. Happy Monday to you too Suz. Try to stay out of trouble:)


  3. So much beauty made with a few simple ingredients – just lovely! And how much fun is it to say \”sphagnum moss\” over and over again? Pretty good weekend with friends, music, crafts and floral gifts, from what I can see. And your temperature? Oh my my…


  4. You may have had too much fun at the concert, but it looks as if you recovered well enough to come up with some neat decorating ideas. We like our succulents, too, but they are all outside.


  5. I love them! That said, being ever the skeptic, I challenge you to give us another look at the plants in three months. Especially since you fired all the maids. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your friends.And yes, I fear Al Gore is absolutely right.


  6. Hi There, Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. My Texas kids love the Zack Brown Band too…Love all of your new plants. Succulants are so pretty and SO easy to keep. We are 'house-sitting' our neighbors Orchid –which looks like yours. She also told me to put in 3 ice cubes once a week… This one has purple blooms…I'm one who doesn't believe a word out of the mouth of Al Gore. YES—we are warm here –but look how cold Alaska and parts of Canada have been this winter.. It's just the year it is!!!!Hugs,Betsy


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