Moving and Shaking.

It dawned on me recently, that I used to be funnier. This realization stunned me deeply. I pondered over this for days and days. Ok, minutes and seconds. I think I’ve figured out why I am not so funny anymore; it’s my eggs. My eggs are dying and my whoremones  hormones are out of whack, and along with them goes my humor.
It’s not documented in any medical books (yet) but I’m pretty sure this is the case with me.
I see my Lady Dr. this week, and I will ask her about it. I’m hoping she can fix me, cause I might be broken.  I think she might be helpful in getting my funny back. I seem to recall this is what helped Stella get her groove back, so watch out people. Or maybe that was some young hot guy for Stella? My darn memory is going as well…

After weeks of prep work {and much cussing and sweating} my garden is DONE. The cussing was over the insane dollar weeds that popped up minutes after I pulled their mangy little roots.
Just call me the garden goddess. Well, dirt goddess might be more like it.
I am so happy and excited, I keep going out there looking at it.
I might sleep in there tonight. Dirt is good for my complexion, no?
I planted cukes, peppers, onions, lettuce, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. I have 18 tomato plants in the garden and 6 more in pots on the lanai. Does that make me a tomato hoarder? I should search for a T.A meeting this week, but who has the time?
Plus, all these babies need to find a home as well. Free baby plants to a good home!! Could I do anything in life without a critter getting in the middle of it? Check out that Kanga pouch!

I’m feeling better today than I was last week. But with these mood swings, who knows what the next moment will bring. Hmmmm. I’m kinda in the mood to watch Mommy Dearest  or The Terminator. 
But I have much to do…no sitting around watching comedies today.

We are starting another renovation today; the playroom.  I’ll share with you peeps later. Oh, and the screen kitten; news on the kitten too!

How was your weekend? Did you find yourself covered in dirt and sweat at anytime?

17 thoughts on “Moving and Shaking.

  1. I should have known that this is why you've been crazy. I've seen my share of Nutso broads over the years. Usually they're after Fred and then when they realize they can't have him, they get all mad and vengeful. Please, don't get the hots for Fred. It won't end up pretty.And if it makes you feel any better, I think my eggs are already dead. I can't be sure but I am finally able to grow a pretty nice mustache these days.But you know what, renovating this \”playroom\” for you and The Coach should turn things around. wink!Okay, gotta run. I need to review a high school midterm paper.m.p.s. I hope some of my \”funny\” cheered you up. m.


  2. I'm so jealous – you already got your garden planted! I just got my seeds started this Saturday and can't even think about planting anything in the garden. Hey, your eggs might be dying, but mine are gone… But at least I remember where I left them. 😉


  3. Wow, I am coveting your garden! I would like to grow some tomatoes this summer, but we don't have a garden. What do you recommend I do? Hanging thingies? Pots? I really don't have a clue….you could be my mentor 🙂


  4. Garden envy! When I lived up north I had huge gardens – both flower and veggie. Unfortunately our house in Florida doesn't have enough sunny spots for good gardening. I would kill for a real, fresh tomato… Not those cardboard tasting things from the store. Loos good!


  5. Sua, you can't be funny ALL the time. We wouldn't be able to take it! I know your humor is in there. Maybe it just needs a little watering and fertilizing, like your garden?Yes, I did get sweaty and dirty, but I can't write about it here. And we did some yardwork, as well. 😉 Nod, nod, wink, wink.I'm glad you're going to see your MD. I am going to ask you what may seem like a silly question, but bear with me: do you have a juicer? Not a blender, but a juicer? Some folks swear by their fresh juices, every day. It might be worth a try, especially as you could grow lots of your favorite veggies and fruits right there in your garden of Eden! I know I feel really good when I make fresh juice, and at some point in the day, take a little bit of coconut oil melted in hot water with honey. Not kidding – delish.


  6. Anonymous

    Oh, the joy of hot flashes, facial hair, and ill moods!Can't wait to hear about the kitten.The garden looks great – oh, for a fresh tomato!Best wishes getting your funny back at the dr.I've been meaning to tell you…my new vet that I love suggested that I give Kaboodle 1/4 tablet of famotidine (generic acid reducer) from WalMart and she no longer pukes 5 times a day! She is so much better! I press the tablet into a soft treat and she takes it every time!


  7. your dirt looks great! i am thinking of all the delicious salads you'll be dining on! the lady dr, huh? good luck! i refuse to believe that your funny is missing!and a new 'do for the playroom? let me think… dance studio?


  8. Oh Suz. Yes you ARE funny! In fact, I was laughing out loud at your opening sentence.I'm assuming that given the age of your daughters the \”play room\” is not a nursery.BTW: the cat walking behind the tomato plants looks a bit familiar.


  9. Oh Lordy… you said Lady Dr. I hope they find your funny.Make sure they don't stop at your funny bone. Sometimes Dr's only search for the obvious. Duh.Your garden looks amazing. 😉 I wish I had one. I like cukes.Happy V-Day, Suz! xoxox


  10. I've never said this before but I will just put it out there. I'm jealous of your dirt! My groundis covered in SNOW. Cry.Maybe I need to see the doc about my whoaremoans too, because I'm Canadian, I'm supposed to love this cfrappy white stuff:)Hope you find your funny, but for the record I think your a riot!


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