Things I don’t want to see or hear or have people do.

Much like the sun damage from my youth, I need to get some things off my chest.

Prepare yourself for ComplainaPalooza 2020

Airport or restaurant check-ins on Facebook. 
Some peeps JUST post the check-in as their status. 
No one cares. Literally, NO ONE CARES.

I understand posting a pic of yourself with your people at a restaurant, or the airport because you’re excited about a trip, that is acceptable. (to me, but this is my blog, so my rules). 

DO not check-in. Not one person cares.

Honestly, I could go on all day about my FB complaints, but it’s futile. I just avoid FB when peeps annoy me.  For example, when someone shares 147 pictures from their afternoon at Chic Fil A having lunch with a friend. 

Has anyone heard of sharing just the highlights? 

Phrases that have run their course: 
*Current situation
*The struggle is real
*Said no one ever

One that has bothered me since the day I was born; I think I came out of my Mother’s lady 
kitchen being bothered about this one.
When you’re on the phone and you are giving someone your phone number or 
credit card number and as you are verbalizing said numbers (if you even pause for a 
second) they say OK, but they say OK WHILE YOU’RE TRYING TO MOVE 
ONTO THE REST OF THE DIGITS and then they don’t get the correct digits 
because they are saying OK while you’re trying to give them the digits. 

And exclamation points.
I mean, exclamation points!!! 
On texts, emails or notes written on homemade vellum paper delivered via 
messenger pigeons. 
We’re swimming in the sea of exclamation points. Are we really that excited? Are we angry? 
Are we cheerleaders? 
And it’s not just Millenials; I’ve corresponded with people in their 70’s. 
Why is everyone so darn excited when I thought most of the country was depressed.
Wait, maybe that’s just all the RX commercials I see. 

Ads on blogs. 
They slow the page load to the speed of smell. 
I understand you’re trying to make a few bucks; generally, a blog with ads is not one that
I’m going to enjoy so as soon as I see ads, I’m out. 

*Drops mic and heads to the laundry pile*

I’m sure you’re thinking now, wow, that Suz seems so nice and pleasant, and today she’s full 
of crap complaints.
Well, you’re right. 
But, once I purge my complaints, it’s all good in the hood. 

I’m Susie Sunshine once again, at your service. 

C’mon. YOU know you’ve got something to get off your chest; purging is good for the soul. 

17 thoughts on “Things I don’t want to see or hear or have people do.

  1. I like where you went with this. Recently I made a charity donation and was asked to enter my own credit card number and expiry date etc. That was something new kind of like checking yourself out at Walmart. Not sure I liked that. More like being guided through the steps while doing all the work.


  2. Yes, those Facebook check-ins always bother me too! Braggers! At work I have to deal with giving phone numbers and address's to people all the time and that always happens! Then if you say one number at a time you sound like you're talking to a 5-year old!


  3. #1 – Currently I just hate the affected manner that TV types talk very, very fast. They runtheirwordstogether, mumble and talk way down their throats. #2 I no longer enjoy going to the movies because the loud sound gives me a concussion. Why so loud? Even 'Little Women' was way too loud. Why?


  4. OMG. Those ads on blogs drive .. me .. CRAZY. I understand some people spend a lot of time and money on preparing how-to videos and they want a little reward for it. I understand but I'd rather put a coin in a Go-Fund-Me account than wait for those ads to load.


  5. Christine-I get that too.DEBRA!!!!!I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!Jeanette-I'm glad I'm not the only one.Eileen-We often have to pause the TV and go back again…it's hard. And yes, the movies ARE TOO LOUD for me as well. Barbara- I'm right there with ya.


  6. I agree on all of the points. Although, I do remember reading something, somewhere about the WHY of the excessive exclamation points. It boiled down to something about how curt/terse text can \”seem\” when it is being read. Which I can kind of see; I guess. But it is overdone! ;-)I despise those blog ads! If you want to have a static one tucked somewhere unobtrusively; fine. But when there is an ad in between every paragraph, one covering the bottom/top of the screen, etc. – it's just too much.Oh, and can we talk about those little pop up things that say Subscribe To My Newsletter/whatever? I hate those with a white hot passion. Why do I want to clutter up my inbox with something you could just as easily post? I suppose they want me to think I'm missing out on something by not subscribing; but I'm fairly certain I'm not.Phew! You are right…it did feel good to get that off my chest!


  7. Good golly – I feel like I missed the boat here – started reading this morning but then never got to finish till just a bit ago. I am not big on Facebook, so I have never noticed the status thing you refer to – it sounds annoying – BUT people that incessantly post shit on FB that no one cares about is on my radar. One of Coach's former PTs has 3 young kids. I want to strangle her. STOP POSTING THEIR EVERY WAKING MOMENT! Just go enjoy them. Top of my list: responding to 'all' in a group email or text unless it is relevant. Dear God . . . leave me out of it. I don't CARE why you are not attending. I occasionally look for new babysitting clients on this FB moms group. The people respond to me with a private message. I am UNFORTUNATELY also on a FB group for our very small Irish dancing school. Those moms find the stupidest crap to ask the group. Just text ONE PERSON – DO NOT INVOLVE EVERYONE! (bam – exclamation point – fully warranted if you ask me). Each little message they send the group notifies me the same way as when a mom messages me about a potential job so I can't silence it. It's a seasonal issue- sitting job searches ramp up in the summer.I have become incredibly sensitive to people talking on their cell phones or their wireless whatevers in WAITING ROOMS, or in an airport GATE SITTING AREA, or at the health club- confined spaces that I cannot escape. I do not want to hear their conversations. Tempting to close with a million exclamation points. Are movies loud? I don't go often. I think that is probably true and annoying.


  8. I'm not a huge FB person, I have an account and will post every so often and the only thing I like about FB is the sharing of photos, but when people get on their high horse with politics or other strong opinions I just scroll past all that nonsense. My favorite social media is Instagram. It's quick photo or two with a short description bada bing, bada boom done. I blog for posterity, it's like my journal. I'll hard copy it once I get enough stories, I probably have 3 books already. I don't mind exclamation points, it just shows excitement for their post. Talking on a cell phone in a public area is annoying for sure. It's like call the person back or sit in your car while you wait or find a private spot.So I followed your instructions on my settings, hopefully it worked.Have a great weekend!! :)Saimi


  9. Oh lawd, the Facebook complaints are spot on. There's a few people who post EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO with 40+ pictures. DAILY. And why is it so hard to sell items on Facebook?? It's like a game of telephone sometimes. Read people, READ! LOL! Oh, I could add many, MANY more complaints to your list. I love Facebook for keeping up with what's going on, but it seems it has sucked the common sense out of people and made them dumber. PS: I'm guilty of the exclamation point abuse, lol!! (see)


  10. What do you call it when someone on facebook throws out some bait like \”this is not going to end well?\”. What? What are you talking about? Once you realize it's the same person doing it over and over you just quit following.New to your blog,Peggy


  11. I agree with these 100%! Also when people check into church on Facebook like we need to know they are great people in church haha..also the ads…and can I add to that…millions of ads on sites where I'm trying to get a recipe and then I have to scroll down a major essay of how they came up with this recipe and then 6000 pictures of every single step….ugh kill me now….actually kill me now, seriously because I am currently sitting in the tiny physical therapy waiting room and there are these 2 ladies here carrying on the loudest conversation…I want to scream at them to shut up!


  12. I have a post series called Surly Thursdays that is specifically for purging complaints – big fan. I could disagree with one or two of these, but the point of a pet peeve is you don't have to justify it, so I won't. And I am a pretty complainy person, but naturally right now I can't think of anything, so I will momentarily pretend to be sweet and serene and imperturbable.


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