The One Where I Want You To Commiserate With Me.

*This is not a typical silly Suzanne post. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Last week I had bloodwork done per the orders of my Lady Dr. I’d postponed this from August because I was afraid; not only was she checking on the status of my menopause, (still Peri) we needed an updated count on my cholesterol.

Last October (2019) I was bragging that I’d dropped my overall numbers by 27 points over a six month period. Then pandemic; I slacked off big time. I upped my numbers by 41. FORTY ONE!

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Why would I share something so personal and embarrassing? I don’t know. A warning perhaps.

Did I just break HIPAA rules?

I knew I was on a slippery slope when I started baking cookies for no apparent reason, having wine with lunch dinner, not getting in my cardio as often, ingesting the bacon that the Coach cooks many days of the week, (FYI, his numbers are ALWAYS GOOD!)and generally eating whatever seemed to make me happy at the moment. My weight didn’t get out of control, but apparently my arteries were not appreciating it at all.

Lady Dr. called and gave me the bad news. She said I need to get into my regular Dr. and probably start on medication. I don’t want medication! This hit me hard. I’m down. (but not out yet) I feel like a loser which is ironic since I’m a gainer, not a loser.

I will do anything to not be on medication, so I’ve taken this extremely serious. If it has cholesterol in it, I’m not putting it in my mouth. I did 60-70 minutes of cardio both Saturday and Sunday; I have training three days this week with my fitness coach.

Does high cholesterol run in my family? I really don’t know. My Dad died at 52, (not from heart disease) so I have no clue and my Mom always had higher triglycerides, but I don’t think she had high cholesterol.

If only I’d contintued with the ‘beach sand diet’ I’d not be in this mess.

Anyone else struggle with this? I look like I’ve got it all together on the outside, but I feel like my insides are a ticking time bomb.


29 thoughts on “The One Where I Want You To Commiserate With Me.”

  1. Suzanne, I’m sorry. This is tough news to get, and very sobering. I’m sure your doctor gave you some guidelines or, if she didn’t, you can ask. Knowledge is Power in this situation, and knowing how to proceed to get to Wellness is going to be so comforting.

    I hate being on any medication, too. But sometimes, it’s the best answer, and thank goodness it’s such an easy one. (In my case, migraine prevention, for which I am thankful every single day.)

    Keep us posted; we do care.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words; I’ve been doing lots of research on how to try and lower my numbers. Again.
      I’m dreading my visit with her in person as she is a straight shooter and I’m looking for some softness in regards to this. *sigh*


  2. I’m a doctor’s daughter and as such I take all medical numbers with a grain of salt [so to speak]. I don’t want to be on medication, but I also realize that what the medical world thinks is healthy one year changes the next year. My approach is simplistic: if it’s good for your heart, it’s good for you. Do your best to live what you consider to be a healthy life, but don’t fret about numbers.

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  3. Oh, crap. Sorry about this bad news, Suz. Glad you decided to share with us.

    I probably can’t offer much advice since I don’t know much about cholesterol. I guess I would defer to the doctor’s advice. Will the doc agree to have you attempt to lower the numbers without meds for a certain amount of time? And if that isn’t working, then try medication?

    Coach is very opposed to meds. He frowns at those of us who take the occasional Motrin. *sigh* So, I am familiar with that mindset, but I also believe that sometimes medication is the answer. I hope you get the results you want with diet and exercise.

    Take care of yourself, my friend. Wish we lived closer (minus the damn snakes) so we could walk together. 😉

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    1. Thank you for your kind words; they mean a lot.
      I’m anti-medication too unless absolutely needed. I will discuss with my Dr. I’m gonna work my ass off in order to NOT take the meds as I’ve read there are many side effects.
      Can you imagine our walks? Would we make it far before we doubled over in laughter? Hey-AB WORKOUT!!


  4. Oats and oatmeal are good sources of SOLUBLE fibre (called beta-glucan) which works to remove cholesterol from your system. (Insoluble fibre does not have this effect, but is good for intestinal health too). Anyway, try adding more soluble fibre to your diet.

    Good luck with reducing your cholesterol! But if it ends up that you still need medication, it’s not the end of world. Better to take medication than not to take it.

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    1. Debra-YOU are so smart!!!
      Funny you mentioned oatmeal, I’ve added that in my breakfast circulation. Although it’s not the tastiest thing, adding some cinnamon and a few walnuts helps.


      1. Oh, hello – I eat oatmeal everyday. I eat GF oatmeal that tastes like barf, OK maybe not THAT bad, but it is not as good as my preferred Quaker Quick Oats. Anyway, I add a fistful Ocean Spray Craisins/ dried cranberries in my oatmeal in order to tolerate it. It’s like magic – delish.


  5. Oh friend, I am sorry. I had these kinds of tests done before too. I had a huge workup done years ago and my numbers weren’t good either. If you look on my blog, I think it’s under a post titled “my blood sucks” or something. I only tell you because it might help you to feel better. I eat so many bad things now because I don’t even want to think about it anymore with all that we have been through as of this year.
    But like Ally said above, take it with a grain of salt (but you probably need to watch your salt too I KID). Go with your gut, literally. Listen to what your gut says and you will be okay, I know it. Walk as much as you can, drink lots of water, get lots of sunlight, and keep your positive attitude. I know of people who did all the right stuff but had horrible attitudes and mental states and they didn’t fare as well. It matters what is in your head just as much as what is in your veins. 🙂

    LOVE YOU BUNCHES and I am always here if you need to vent.

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    1. Kari, thank you so much for your encouragement.
      I think this was the kick in the ass that I’ve needed for a while. (9 months?!) I’m already making positive changes without feeling bad about it all. I’m gonna keep moving onward and upward and I’ll have a discussion with my Dr. at some point, but before medication, I’m demanding a recount.
      Picture me on the floor of her office: GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE, PLEASE!!

      I’ll have to go and find your old post about your bad blood. Hey, that could be a song title.

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  6. Oh, and I forgot to say – love the sand-eating photo. Hilarious. Love how the photo-taker decided to just snap away and get the sand out of your mouth (hopefully) as an afterthought. You are pure-blood Floridian, apparently.

    You got this!

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  7. You can do this! I personally haven’t struggled with high cholesterol, but my husband has. I’m also a big believer in managing things best through lifestyle to avoiding prescription drugs when possible. He worked really hard with a multi-faceted approach – I developed it along with our naturopath, and he was diligent in following it;).
    1. Drastically reduced foods with unhealthy fats (chicken wings, chips, etc).
    2. Add good fats such as avocado, coconut & olive oils, daily.
    3. Every day consume foods such as steel cut oats, (we use a wonderful inulin based fibre supplement) – this type of fiber actually pulls cholesterol from your blood.
    4. Reduce alcohol to a weekends and look for low sugar wine
    5. Minimize red meat — go more for chicken or vegetarian meals. 5. daily exercise – losing weight leads to lower cholesterol.

    this may seem like a lot but I can tell you that my husband made a decision and went with it – His doctor was astonished at the decrease in cholesterol in just 3 months. It’s mostly continued for another 9 months — time for him to have another check. Good luck – you can do it!!

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    1. Pat, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I’m SO happy to know that your husband implemented these changes and he’s having great results….that gives me so much hope.
      I’m working diligently on it and I love your advice!
      Chips. *Sigh* Those were one of my favorite comfort foods. 😦


  8. Ugh..Im so sorry. I hear you on the pandemic eating. i lost about 25 pounds and now I’ve gained back ten. sigh! Maybe there is something natural you could take to help your cholesterol.

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    1. I’m not alone in this pandemic affecting my health, that’s for sure.
      I do take plant sterols which are a natural product that help remove some of the bad stuff. But, I think my lackadaisical approach to everything this year overcame any good I did. Onward and upward!


  9. The last thing I’m sure you want to hear – but sometimes genetics play a role and meds are the way to go. I’m not a scientist and don’t know much about cholesterol – but this is the case with The Husband’s blood pressure. Not to say you shouldn’t do all you can to lower your numbers. But look at it this way – you know there is an issue and you are being proactive.

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    1. Blood pressure certainly seems to affect many of us, right? Luckily mine is good, but my Mom struggled with high blood pressure most of her adult life.
      Thanks for the encouragement my friend!


  10. I literally JUST talked to my doctor about my bloodwork yesterday. She needs a blood pressure reading to interpret my cholesterol, but I definitely need to start being more mindful or what I put in my face and how much I move my ass. I am also fat, though, so at least you’ve got that going for you. 🙂 I’m also struggling with feeling embarrassed and loser-ish. I admire that you have a plan already. We’ve got this. Maybe.

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  11. I’ve noticed my cholesterol has been inching up over the years. It was fairly low and now it’s a bit under 200. Nothing has been said about it but I know I don’t want to see those numbers go too high. Good luck to you on lowering that number and keep on exercising!


  12. I am sorry to read this. I think this year has been difficult for everyone as far as food is. Concerned. In the spring, I had a bacterial infection and lost over thirty pounds…..the only good thing is my cholesterol numbers were good and I came off of meds. I have an appt next week and I am sure I have not been eating as I should, I dread the lecture, hoping you and I both can have a better new year.❤️

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